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what a wonderful perspective. It makes perfect sense.
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Thank you Scarlette13 for pulling this post out of history! I really like this.
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Originally Posted by megsmomma View Post
I ask my husband every day if he can see a difference. I know I'm probably driving him crazy, but I don't see it. I know my shirts and bras are looser. My pants are slowly getting looser too. I've lost 23 pounds so far, and can't wait to drop a size. My consultant said usually between 10-20 pounds is the 1st size drop, but I'm not even least it doesn't feel like it.

This analogy really helps bring perspective to what's happening. Thank you!
Ive lost about 20lbs..and some of my clothes are starting to get bigger..but I donít really need a new size yet.. I really think part of it is b/c I was already so much BIGGER than the size I was now I fit comfortably in my size..all though my shirts are a lil loose but I think a lot of them where a lil big to begin with.
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Smile Great Motivation

I started about 22 days ago and I love the story about the paper towels.
You look great and I will think of this story each time I go to the center.
Thanks so much for your input.
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awesome analogy! this helps my focus so much! and you do look amazing! : )
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Aloha nui loa
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This post deserves a bump back to the top for all the newbies like me
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I have lost about 15 lbs and really don't notice it much. I saw a reference to this paper towel analogy in another thread, and it really does make sense!
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One pound at a time....
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Thanks for the bump to the top! I love this analogy! I have been stalling (due to my own fault) for about a month! But I am getting my game face on and going back the the basics I used as motivation in the beginning.

= 5 pounds lost


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Really love this!
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Thanks! I've lost 47 lbs and I couldn't tell either! Nobody has said a word to me . I started at 251, so it seems like somebody...ANYBODY...would notice!

It makes me feel better seeing I'm not alone in this.
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