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  • Quote: Hi everyone!

    Geez - I just can't seem to get on here enough to catch up with everyone's awesome progress and wins!!!

    Just a quick comment....Harry & David just got delivered to the office. And my most favorite - the little chocolate covered cherry things and blueberries, are in there.

    I am DEFINITELY not going to have one, but that is really the first tempting thing I've seen and actually had a hard time turning away since being on plan.

    Anyway - the plan works, and I keep seeing those numbers drop at the scale - Hallelujah!!!

    I work at Harry & David! And yes - everything they have is SOOOO good! I have worked there for 5 years so I'm really not tempted to eat anything anymore (unless I go for more than 4 hours between meals). I have tried just about everything in the store, and yes - very yummy!!! Keep the will power!

  • dkmd - I was told at my initial consultation that I could be on plan when pregnant (a big reason I am trying to lose weight is to get pregnant). But, they also advised me to go on medical hold during pregnancy and then begin the "breastfeeding plan" after I gave birth. They also said that I could go on the breastfeeding plan during pregnancy if I wanted to...So...I'd agree to talk to the doctor about it before beginning this or any diet during pregnancy, but she can definitely begin as soon as the baby is born. She could also just take a page out of your book, so to speak, and try to eat lean meats and veggies/fruit during pregnancy instead of all of the things that pregnant women are drawn to.

    As far as the salt issue goes, I don't use any of it at home. I don't freak out about getting it while i'm out to eat though. I don't request low sodium meals or anything like that. As far as I know, the reason we avoid sodium is due to it's tendensies to cause water retention which will slow your weight loss down. I chose to control what I can (home) and not sweat the things I can't control...I don't want to spend the rest of my life ordering low sodium meals while I'm out, so I'll make the change that I plan to keep for the rest of my life (a no to low sodium cooking style at home). I too use Mrs. Dash and McCormicks no-salt seasonings...I prefer McCormicks due to the fact that Mrs. Dash has cayenne pepper in all of their blends and I can't tolerate anything spicy.
  • LilyannasMom: Wow, 3 more lbs, that's so great, congratulations!! As for being sick, one possibility is that sometimes when you're detoxing (going from eating terribly to eating healthy and cleanly) or as you're losing fat, you can experience some flu or cold like symptoms as many toxins are stored in our fat cells and as they're released, sometimes your body has to process them again. That's what I've heard, not sure if it explains what you're going through or if you've just been unlucky. I know there have been a lot of viruses circulating around here lately. Hang in there. Also, I got a price list of all of MRC's supps at the Food Instruction class. You should be able to ask them for a list the next time you're in for WI.

    Cargirl: Take care of yourself and your family. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    TeddieBare: Thanks for the muffin recipes, those look great! Perfect breakfast idea especially for when I'm running late (which is like daily!).

    DK - awesome progress - 20lbs in 5wks!! Incredible! I thought I remembered hearing that they have a program for pregnant women - but I wasn't really paying that much attention (cuz I'm done with all that ). Check with your center.

    KrazyK: don't feel like you have to be extra good (too much pressure), just get back to being regular good And maybe you can get a little extra exercise today, that always helps me, but if you can't don't stress about that...

    Christybean: Wow, 5 lbs already, that's awesome!! Don't worry about plateaus or slow downs. It's very typical to see a slow down or plateau around 7-10 days. When I first started slowing down (around the 7-10 point), I stressed a lot which doesn't help at all. Now I've accepted that my body is going to lose at the rate it's going to lose and I'm at peace with the now. I've had several little plateaus, they usually don't last long. Another reason to not worry about a plateau is that your body is still burning/losing fat during a plateau. My center told me that during a plateau at your fat cells will start to retain water once some of the fat leaves the cell, but that your body is still burning the fat, it's just that water is replacing the fat in the cell until all the fat is gone and the cell collapses and then the water will be released and you will see a change on the scale. This explanation makes sense and fits with how I've lost weight in the past. The weight loss seems to be steadier with MRC than with past diets, but I still notice slow downs and then bigger losses.

    Desi - glad to see your post - I was just getting ready to ask where you were! So sorry you and your family have been sick. Hope you feel better soon. Great job losing 12.5 lbs in 30 days!!!

    MaryV: Hang in there. I'm wondering about the Meta-quick program. I wasn't hungry before starting Metaquick...well I was the first couple weeks of program but not after that. But a couple days into Metaquick and I was hungry again, and then the cravings started - hadn't had cravings at all until Meta-quick. Then a few days later, a couple days after stopping the Meta-quick, I was still craving things bad and had my first cheat. I think what happened to me was that the meta-quick program has less calories than the regular program and it caused my hunger/cravings (or at least contributed to them), which then led to my cheats. I too couldn't figure out why I buckled but I'm suspecting the meta-quick program had something to do with it (along with being a few days before TOM and not taking my guggul). Anyway, hope this helps.

    Goal4Life and Namaste - Woohoo!! 30 lbs!!! I can't wait.

    Alexiah: Wow, 150 oz by 9:10am! That's usually what I drink in a day. I lost around 4 lbs on pre-conditioning (can't remember exactly now). And Christybean just reported losing 5! Look for Cortisol Support made by 21st Century Health Care - it looks the same as the MRC version except it doesn't have Bitter Orange. They may have others too. As for exercise, MRC definitely wants you to exercise, they recommend at least walking, up to 200 min/week. I also like to weight train a couple times/week. I take a multi-vitamin, flax, MSM, Corti-trim, Hoodia and MRC-6 (until I run out) with each meal. Then I take guggul and chromium btwn meals and Triphala at night (Triphala can also be taken btwn meals). I haven't heard any restrictions on tylenol or motrin. I prefer ibuprofen because Tylenol(acetaminophen) I've heard is tough on your liver, which means it could slow your fat loss (for the same reason caffeine slows your fat loss), but I have not researched that, just my own thinking...

    Graduate: WOOHOOO - 4lbs and the 30 lb board! That's awesome!!! Maybe take an extra Hoodia or two and drink some hot tea to help with the hunger. I'll be interested in knowing what 2 days of not eating will do. I'm wondering if your loss will slow a little bit because your body may dip into starvation mode or if it will actually speed up your loss? Hmmm, let us know...just out of curiosity... not because I'm thinking of trying it

    4my2ltl1s: I'm so glad you're back. I'm a little embarrassed to say after my cheats a couple weekends ago, I too avoided the board for a day or 2. Next time (which will hopefully be a long time from now or never) I'm not going to avoid the board or the center, it just makes the problem worse (for me anyway). But you're back and doing great! Great job!!!!!!
  • Hi everyone I'm back from the cruise. . . . . and I fell off the boat I was really good the first couple of days - ordering off the spa menu, but the portion sizes were really off - looked like about 3oz of protein and I was starving. Then came the wine tasting class, the next day the martini class and free drinks at the past guest party, it just gets ugly from there - too many "free days" at sea. I slipped into my old habits. HOWEVER, I made one very positive change this time. I brought exercise wear for each day. The time change really helped - I was wide awake at 6am every morning (and I'm not a morning person), so I went to the gym and did a stretching class for 30 min, then a core body work out for 30 min and then did a brisk walk around the ship for about another 30 min. I was really sore from the classes! And I was able to make it back to the room before everyone else was awake. Our shore days were filled with very physical activity - we walked instead of taking cabs, snorkled, swam, I even parasailed!!! That was one of my "things I'll do when I'm slimmer" goals. I'm afraid of heights but it was exlerating to be whisked off the ground like a rag doll! I did stick to the sea food items as a general rule. I was really starting to get concerned the lasts couple days and started reighning myself in. I had thoughts like what have I done to myself! I hope I don't gain back "all" the weight - very irrational. I knew my new smaller clothes were still fitting fine (I even got called up on stage the first night to teach disco moves to the audience!! which came in handy later that week at the all night disco dance party I attended). We almost got stuck in Denver on Saturday night - didn't make it back to Omaha until 1am. I was wishing I had some number of the colorado people to call and chat too. Sunday morning I very carefully stepped on the scale. : The first cruise I went on, I gained 2 lbs a day - 14 lbs!!! This was an 8 day cruise. Sunday morning weight was only up 4 lbs and I was swollen from traveling. Mondays weight was down 2 lbs and this morning I was down another 3 lbs. I didn't get into the center for an official weigh in because of the ice storm, so I'm hoping to show a slight loss tomorrow morning. I do have to say that this board makes all the difference in the world in my journey. You all keep me focused and I missed everyone during my alternate reality. The other thing I noticed was the focus of my trip this time was not the food. It was nice to be waited on and fun to try some new things, but the food was the back drop to great conversations and meeting new people, rather than the focus. So there has been improvement. I'm working on scanning a picture from last years cruise compared to this years so I can post it. I felt very different this year! Not just thinnner, but blended in better and felt like more opportunities were open to me.

    So many great successes - it took 2 days to read everything! Donuts - YOU ROCK! I remember when you broke into the 200's and look at you now!! Cargrl - my prayers and thoughts are with you - take care of you and enjoy every second of your time with your Mom. Sam, it's great to finally see a picture of you - is this your new one or last years? And thank you for those new yummy recipes TeddieBare - I can hardly wait to try them. JanT & Hoochinellly - I get you two mixed up :-) have fun on your cruise - and I only participated a little in the chocolate buffet - just had some with my fruit. That's going to drive me crazy, please let me know which one is going to be off having fun very soon! I think DanaDB is off to Hawaii by now.

    I look forward to getting back into my normal routine. As soon as I walked back into the safety of my home, I was right back OP! There wasn't much to choose from since I needed to go shopping, but I managed. I'm already feeling better too. BTW, I picked up a major cold while I was on the ship - i'm sure it had nothing to do with my bad eating !!
  • MOLIVER-yes i usually drink about 170 oz a day but today i was up walking at 430am so i got a headstart! I was wondering you say that you are on the corti-trim is it the one from mrc? Have you tried the 21st century by i herb? i ordered that today so i am a little nervous that it wont work as well as the mrc version?Moliver how long have you been on plan/ how much loss? Have you changed clothing sizes yet?
  • shineon - That was the old me The new me has now been posted!! Click the chick and see my before and after. Welcome back, we've missed you!
  • Quote: shineon - That was the old me The new me has now been posted!! Click the chick and see my before and after. Welcome back, we've missed you!
    Wow what a difference! You look great! Keep up the hard work!
  • ShineOn..Welcome Back! Sounds like you managed your cruise really well! I think it is great that you had so much exercise and physical activity! I am sure that helped you not gain like last time! Your center is going to be proud of you, and you should feel great about some of those positive changes that you have made in your lifestyle!
  • Graduate! Yeah for joining Namaste and I on that 30 pound board
  • Thanks Moliver It helps to know what is going on! I am sticking to this.
  • It has been a while!
    I am posting before I play catch up!! It has been since before Thanksgiving since I last posted. I am still OP and I almost to the 20lb mark!! Yeah!!

    I stayed OP through Thanksgiving and WI the day after. I was up 1 lb and it messed with me a little!

    I was fustrated because I cooked all this good food for my family and I had my MRC meal. I was great with that! Then a gain!

    Anyway-I then fell off for a while and then got sick (that time of the year)

    I am now feeling confident in all this again! I haven't been perfect, but I am actually doing better now, not stressing about everything being perfect.

    If we go out and I can't be perfect-Oh well! I just do the best i can!! It has worked!!! I can't wait to WI on Thursday I am hoping for the 20 lb rock!!!

    Welcome to all the NEW names!!!

    Congratulations to all the VICTORS!!

    and Congrats to all who have overcome!!!

    Good to be back-I am only 25 pages behind!!!
  • I wanted to share a list that I found in one of the older threads. It helps me to know that I have some flavor options if I ever need them. I am sure it will help some of the newbies, and those who are getting tempted by the holidays. These are all with the meal replacement shakes, not the HNS's, I am sure we could try some of them with the vanilla or chocolate creamy HNS's instead. I personnaly want to try the chocolate mint, I checked with my center, and they said it was fine, one of the girls even said you could put it in the freezer for a little while, and it would get like the texture of sorbetto. If you use the creamy HNS, you would use water and ice and any other ingredients all in the blender until smooth, I haven't tried the meal replacements yet, so not sure how the recipe would change, but I know that the final outcome with the HNS vs: the meal replacement is less creamy:

    Dreamsicle - Vanilla Shake, Orange HNS
    Pina Colada - Vanilla Shake, Pineapple Cocktail HNS and coconut extract
    Peaches and Cream - Vanilla Shake, Peach Mango HNS
    Purple Cow - Vanilla Shake, Grape HNS
    Rootbeer Float - Vanilla Shake, rootbeer extract
    Lemon Drop - Vanilla Shake, Lemon HNS
    French Vanilla - Vanilla Shake, Cappucinno HNS
    Kahlua and Cream - Vanilla Shake, Cappucinno HNS, Kahlua extract
    Raspberry Mocha - Chocolate Shake, coffee extract, sugarfree raspberry syrup
    Mounds - Chocolate Shake, coconut extract
    Almond Joy - Chocolate Shake, coconut extract, almond extract
    French Silk - Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Creme HNS
    Orange Tootsie Pop - Chocolate Shake, Orange HNS
    Banana Split - Chocolate Shake, Strawberry Banana Jello HNS
    Chocolate Berry Passion - Chocolate Shake, Wildberry Passion HNS
    Turtle - Chocolate Shake, sugarfree caramel syrup
    Chocolate Mint - Chocolate Shake, mint extract
    Mudslide - Chocolate Shake, Cappuccino HNS, Kahlua extract
    Chocolate Suicide - Chocolate Shake, Double Chocolate HNS
    Chocolate Covered Cherries - Chocolate Shake, cherry extract
  • Welcome back ShineOn we sure missed you here. Glad you are back safe and sound! Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow! You will have to show me some of those disco moves!

    Graduate, Goal4Life and NamasteCongratulations on the 30lb board! I am getting closer and closer!

    Molliver thanks for the kind words. I have had a fantastic day. Not really tempted to go off program which is rare since I was home all day. I tried a few new recipes. The Butter Rum Muffin that TeddieBear gave us. It was okay, kind of like a souffle, but I really wanted more of a muffin texture! lol...guess this just not meant to be. I did not mix the vanilla supplement with water first, but did mix the oats with a bit of hot water to moisten. I felt it needed some splenda added so I sprinkled some on top! For lunch I made a "cheese pizza" but I did not use tomato supplement, I just put mozzarella and Parmesan cheese on a low cal tortilla, added some garlic/herb mix and baked in oven until golden and bubbly. Awesome! It was fun to have the time to try new things out!

    For those of you on plateau's or slow downs. Don't get down. My manager says we have to have plateaus. I found a handout they gave me on them when I signed up. Sometimes they last a long time, but your body is still doing something. I was so frustrated this last month, but "shift" happens and all of the sudden you start moving again. If you get really frustrated have them measure you again! When I complained to my manager that I should reach a plateau so soon, she politely asked me why I thought I was special. She said it happens to everyone, and just because I had a lot to lose, didn't mean I would have them also. My center has been great during these times and boy they all celebrated with me on Monday when I had my big loss!

    Believeinme We are so glad you came back! I did the same thing last month. It was so frustrating and I didn't want to comment, however, I did keep reading, just not as often. If anyone understands the ups and downs, its us!

    Have a great night all!:flo w2:
  • Heavlny Forgot to say how wonderful you look! Thanks for sharing your picture with us! Someday I will get brave and post mine! You are inspiration and MRC Queen!
  • Hvnlymzic: Your picture is awesome-- how cool to see the difference! We really don't notice the change so much since it is pretty gradual, but wow- you can't miss the changes in those two pictures. Good Job!