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  • Hi all. I too have been lurking a while and signed up at MRC (finally!) last week. Thought I'd throw my two cents in on the supplements, in response to Lillyannas mom. I fortunately didn't find high pressure to buy from them (thankfully, because I couldn't afford to!). I was told that Corti-Trim and Relacore are essentially the same - Relacore sells two bottles for $34 at Sam's Club. The hoodia is also two bottles for about $34 at Sam's Club. They also sell LiquiMax at Sam's for $12 a bottle, which is a vitamin/mineral supplement. I bought flax and CoQ10 at Wal-Mart (they have varying milligrams/quantities). At Vitamin Cottage (healthfood store) I bought the chromium picolinate and 5HTP. I plan to add the all-day weight loss from MRC this next week but for the time being, I have to save as much money as I can - especially given the cost of the drinks, etc. I read other posts where they've looked for sales at CVS too.
  • Lillyannas mom: the bottles should have dose instructions on them, including when to take them. However, my consultant wrote on the top of mine with a permanent marker on when to tak them. The MRC-6 says to take 2 20-min before meals, and that's when I take the Enhancer as well (I never think of the enhancer a full hour before I eat). The Flax Seed and CortiTrim I take 2 with my meals (dosage may vary depending on weight). I take one ounce of liquid minerals twice a day (I happen to do it once in the morning and once in the evening). My internal cleanser is supposed to be 2 at 10am and 2 at 2pm but I take 2 before bed instead because that works better for me. I take my B-multi with the cleanser, and a 5-HTP. That's a lot of info, let me try to break it down:

    Liquid Minerals

    Before each meal:

    With meals:
    Flax Seed

    Liqud Minerals

    Before Bed:
    Internal Cleanser
  • Hi everyone. It has taken me a few nights of reading to catch back up. Congratulations to everyone who is doing well and hang in there to all who are struggling.

    TexDoc: I am thinking of you. I lost my little sister this summer. She was only 24. We were 10 years apart so she was a bit like my little girl. Anyway, this year the holidays are harder. I know that even when I am not directly thinking of her the stress of her loss it there with me. I find myself feeling sad for feeling happy. Just really strange mixed up emotions. Holidays are stressful during the best of years, but they are a really brutal during the bad ones. Hang in there. I am trying to do everything I need to do early so that I have more time to baby step through the actual holiday itself. I am usually a big procrastinator so this is a big change. I hope you are finding ways to help yourself too.

    Donuts 99 is awesome. You are just flying through that weight. Do you see a difference with the gazelle. Is it coming off any faster?

    I had my girls weekend. I did better than I would have done in the past. I didn't throw caution to the wind, but I did cheat. My friends can really cook!! I wish I could learn how to just taste or eat just one, but that knowledge hasn't come to me yet. I have had so many cheats now that I am really going to need to get tough for awhile to get rid of the cravings and thoughts. It will happen though. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

    I got home to find my 5 yr old with the stomach flu. She was terribly sick for 4 days and then my 3 yr old started in with a lesser version. Our house is so gross right now. I have gone through cans and cans of lysol. You would think that this would keep me from eating, but instead I have found my hand in the saltine cracker box. As I hand them out to the girls I am back to the one for you one for mommy habit that helped to send me to MRC in the first place. Bad bad habit. It is really just that I need to run to the grocery store and restock, but all I have wanted this week is the hubby to hurry home and sleep and showers.

    Everyone seems to be on the mend now, so I should be able to jump back on the horse. I am considering going back to my first menu and starting over. I feel like the strict layout might be good for me for a little while. I asked at the center and they said I was fine and should just recommit to the green menu, but I am not fully convinced that three days of yellow and three of blue might not just get me back on track. Have any of you tried that?

    Glad to hear the flax and MRC6 answer. I agree with Memmo that it seems they want it both ways, but it sounds to me like it really doesn't absorb the fat. I will continue it for the other benefits and because I have liked my results up to now when I am not cheating.

    An ice storm is heading this way. I hope it is smaller than our last or shorter lived. I was scared to go get "no power" foods like I did last January. That is where my diet breakdown really started. I allowed lots of yummy granola bars and snack foods in the house that didn't require cooking. I remembered how much I loved them and my house of cards really came tumbling down. My husband ask several times tonight if we had everything we needed. I answered yes, but I may be in trouble if it really hits. Oh well. I am sure we won't starve.

    Take care all and have a great willpower day tomorrow.
  • Does anyone know when ShineOn is coming home? Given, my house of germs is making time move incredibly slow, but shouldn't she be back by now? I am wondering how the cruise went. ShineOn if you are out there tell us all about it.

    Janet, you are leaving for one soon too, if I am remembering right. How are you and are you excited?
  • Oh one last thing. On the subject of getting organized, I am with Memmo about the pill caddy and posting your menu. I look like a crazy old lady, but I bought the giant day of the week one that has 7 spots. I put 2 breakfasts, 2lunchs, and 2 dinners in the first six and combine 2 bedtimes in the last compartment. Between that and the HSN it is good that I have a really large purse. I feel for you Donuts, where do you stash all of this stuff?

    I take all day, mrc6, flax, multi vit at meal times and internal cleanser and all day at bedtime. I did buy the guggle and liquid minerals, but I have had a hard time remembering them. I never forget a meal or going to bed. I need to link them to something like that.

    Anyway, I will stop gabbing on and on. It is great to be back. See you all tomorrow.
  • Does anyone take the enhancer with the protein drink? I am wondering if the two together would counteract. I tell ya this board helps when you feel a little discouraged. I am so proud to hear of the successes with everyones weight loss! Way to Go! I am right behind you!
  • I know that there are people out there struggling like I am. I talked with my Center about it on Friday. I told them how hard I am trying but that I always seem like I fail. That the scale stopped moving for me etc etc. The support was amazing. They said that this is the time to use the MRC center for thier support. They said that I could come in everyday if I need to talk. They said that I could weigh in everyday if it would help. That they would do whatever they could to help me. They suggested a book to read, since I like reading. My local store didn't have it so I ordered it online. It is called:

    Life is Hard, Food is Easy: The 5-Step Plan to Overcoom Emotional Eating and Loose Weight on Any Diet

    They said that they have all read it and that it is a really inspiring book. How food can be our best friend, but like all things it can hurt us too. I should be getting it this week in the mail. Just thought maybe someone else might be able to use this inspiration.
  • I'm A Newbie!!
    Hey Everyone!!
    I was searching the internet for some information on Metabolic when I came across this awesome website. I am currently on Day 2. This is a really good site and you all are such great inspirations and support! Anyways, I was wondering if you are supposed to measure your food before or after you cook it... I was thinking after but I'm not really sure. Also, how many of the HNS's do you guys take a day? Thanks everyone and keep up the awesome work, you guys are doing great!

  • Quote: Hey Everyone!!
    Anyways, I was wondering if you are supposed to measure your food before or after you cook it... I was thinking after but I'm not really sure. Also, how many of the HNS's do you guys take a day?
    Hey Torrey,

    Weigh your food after you cook it. That way you get your full measurements. As far as HNS I think that it depends on how much you have to lose etc. I know I have to have 3 a day. One with every meal. I can have up to 5. I am thinking that I might have to do 5 to get going on the right track again. Anything to boost that metabolism!!

    I hope this helped!

  • Hi Islandweightress! Welcome. This site is Awesome, I am a newbie as well. I am on Day 2 of the Program. I finished my preconditioning week on Friday. I was told to weigh everything so that we know how much to eat. I weigh my veggies after they are cooked and my meat as well. I weigh my salads and cheese as well. That is what I recall to do. I was also told that the more HNS's you drink the more you lose so, I was told I could take up to five in a day. ( So I AM!!!) Glad to see you found this site. It is absolutley wonderful!
  • Welcome Torrey, We are glad you're here!

    I made the parmesan crusted tilapia for lunch today-- wow! Loved it! Thanks to whoever posted that recipe. I liked it so much I had it for dinner, too! LOL

    Busy weekend here, had a sleepover for my DD birthday! We made individual pizzas- the girls got to shape their own dough and add their toppings-- I survived and did not eat one bit! Whew!

    You know, my name graduatethin refers to the fact that my son is graduating from HS this spring and I want him to be proud of how I look and I want to feel good about myself, too. Anyway-- we got notice yesterday that he has been offered an academic scholarship to UNL! Whoo hoo! It will pay his tuition for all 4 years! We were so excited! I did celebrate with a glass of wine last night- made that choice and if it slows me down, so be it! That was a nice early Christmas present!!
  • What does everyone do about the family? do you cook the same for them as you do for your self or are you cooking 2 different meals? I am finding that it is hard to prepare for them and for me. tonight I tried to combine them, but by the time i removed mine and finished theres mine was cold... any suggestions?
  • I do cook two meals and it does stink-- but I have just decided that this is what has to happen. I know it is best if you can get them to eat what you are eating for the most part. I usually eat after I have their meal prepared.
  • Cooking for the family and myself has always been the battle with losing weight for me. My Hubby and the kids are all very thin and actually are trying to gain weight!! I have decided this go around to utilize the crock pot as much as possible for them. I have made many recipes that satify their appetites. I put in on about mid morning and then tell them to help themselves. I cook my meal, while they dine by the TV! I am letting the rules slide for now until I get the hang of things! I prepare my own meals and have a peaceful dinner at the table! The family knows my battle with food and they are a-okay with this little plan for now! Especially the kids! When they are done eating, I just take the pot and put it in a fridge I have in the Laundry room( out of site out of mind!) and great leftovers for them.
  • Congratulations Graduatethin to your son, and to you. That is awesome to know that he has acheived such a great thing in a world that is really tough for our teenage children. Super Job! I bet you are the Proud Parent hands down. I wish him and you the best of luck for his venture into college. And I bet you will look great for Graduation! I'm sure he is proud of you already, keep up the great work!