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  • nevermind i guess its ok where it
  • Quote: All right, I checked into getting us a forum and I figured I'd read the FAQ before I just up and asked about it. Here is what I found....Hope that sounds good...I just kinda decided to speak for all of us. I doubt you'll mind. I'll let you know if I get a responce from her. Until then, we can chill out here in the General Diet forum
    Thanks Sam!! That message sounded perfect. I have to disagree with their rational for not starting new forums though. I had a really hard time finding this thread originally and when my laptop was down for a few days (with the bookmark to this thread) I wasn't able to find it from another computer. Finding a forum would have been MUCH easier for me. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong when I search....oh well, it's bookmarked so I'm good for now.
  • Quote: tHanks step i am excited i have a question for you how did you put your pic by your name i did the profile one but i was wanting it to show next to my name when i post.. can you help
    Hi Diana, I think you're talking about your Avatar, which you can edit in the UserCP area also. Good luck!!
  • Quote: tHanks step i am excited i have a question for you how did you put your pic by your name i did the profile one but i was wanting it to show next to my name when i post.. can you help
    Go to User CP and then edit avatar. That is where you can upload a picture to come out on the side rather than your signature.
  • Welcome Alexiah! I take MRC-6, Enhancer ( I buy those from MRC), flax, B6, B-12, MSM, and chromium picolinate. I also take triphala for occasional constipation (MRC calls it intestinal cleanser.)
  • I finally got it ladies thanks!!
  • I am a newbie
    Wow, this site is awesome. I am getting so much great information. I am currently on day 21 of the MRC program and have lost 11 pounds. This is such an exciting program that works.
  • Welcome Conny! - Glad you found us! Great progress so far!
  • Morning everyone! Welcome Conny and Alexiah! I just wanted to tell you a yummy chicken recipe I made last night. It was from the cookbook, kind of. I took a pack of chicken breasts and put them in a frying pan with the chicken bouillon HNS and boiled them until they were done. Then I sliced up mushrooms and sauteed them in the leftover HNS-- and put them over the chicken. Yum! I then put them into individual servings for later.

    We had a busy news night here in Omaha with the shooting at the mall. Very horrible! My son went to HS briefly with the shooter- said he was very strange. I feel so awful for the families. What a selfish, senseless act....
  • Well...had my WI last night. First thing I told her when I sat down was that I had purchased Gazoo the Gazelle and she said "you know that will probably affect your WI tonight". I told her I knew that already and was prepared for that. On top of my own workouts at home I had just been through one of the hardest workout days at school that we've done yet. It wasn't as much cardio as the tae bo was, but it was a strength day...lots and lots of squats and lunges and things like that. So, there was no suprise for me when my weight was up 3lbs this week. We were doing inches and body comp as well, so we ran that and looked at the numbers there and I am very proud and excited to say that they are looking great! I've lost 12lbs of fat since my last comp (a month ago) and have gained in the non-fat weight, which is also good. My BMI is down 12% since May and I've lost *drum roll* 60 inches off of my body! My ribbon to show that length went from the floor to above my chin! Thats 5 feet of space that I no longer occupy! It works out to about 10 inches in my waist, 12 in my thighs, 3 in my back/bust, 5 in my ribs, etc. No wonder my clothes don't fit. She kept trying to make my feel good and not discouraged about the actual weight gain and I eventually had to say that I wasn't even worried about it. She said, "good, because that just your muscles swelling (retaining water) from all the working out". She said, "You next weigh in you'll probably show a big loss". I told her I know now, that its not all about weight. I don't care what I weigh as long as I'm healthier and all of those measurements and the working out are leading to a healthier Sam and thats what I'm wanting for myself, so I'm a pretty happy girl! (I added the weight back into my tickers, but left my 80lb chick...I thought 3lbs was enough to go ahead and update the tickers, but that 80lb chick is still mine! Can't take my name off the 80lb board can I? )
    Welcome Conny! - we're glad to have you. Feel free to make yourself at home and dive right into conversations!
    Graduatethin - whoa, talk about your 6 degrees of separation! I can't believe I know someone who knows someone who knows that guy (that puts that shooter like only 3 degrees away from me!) This world is a crazy place and it's sad that he felt that was his only option. Makes me really pray that I'm showing the kids I teach enough love and support that they'll always know there is another way. Nothing is that bad! On a different not, I hate that his suicide note said "oh, well, at least now I'll be famous." Isn't that sick? Felt like a nobody all his life and said that in a letter that he wrote knowing he was going to kill innocent people...people he didn't know. I don't understand that, but then...I'm not in his mindset, so I am glad I don't understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you grad and your family as you try to get through the holiday amidst the sadness.
  • Quote: Also she said after the pre-conditioning the menu would get more strict does this mean everything will be cut out of the menu i have now? I ask because i want to go shopping but not buy more then i need! I really appreciate all of your support i am so happy i have found you all !! Diana
    Glad you found a better center - you might want to drop the first one a note & let them know WHY they lost your business to another center. Maybe they'll make some changes.
    When you get your new menu you'll find you get less bread & fruit than on the pre-conditioning menu, so don't load up on those. And some of your veggies choices will change. Just get enough "pre-conditioning" food to last this week or 10 days. You'll probably start your actual first menu a week from Monday (at least that's how I was started).
  • Good morning, all! Welcome to our new folks, glad you're here. I don't have anything exciting to say today. Concerned for the Omaha folks in the wake of their losses yesterday. I'm just checking in because you guys have become as important a part of my day as HNS and flax seed oilto all as you go through today the MRC way! (I know, I sound like a bad commercial, but hey, this is the zippy side of me--quite a change from last week!)
  • Graduate...I think I ate the same thing as you last it called Elegant Chicken in the cookbook? If so, that is to funny!

    Sam...way to go on all of those inches lost! Amazing! Don't get discouraged over the scale number. I keep hanging around this weight I am at also. I am trying to power through this number, I keep just losing 1/2 pound here, 1/2 pound there. I know it gets discouraging when you are doing so much, I am right there with you. Keep up the GREAT work on Gazoo!
  • Welcome to all the Newbies. You'll love this site! Lots of great info and support out the "GAZOO!" Speaking of GAZOO- Hvnlymzic you are awesome! I'm glad you're ok with your gain. That 3 lbs will go off next week.

    Well I weighed in on Monday and lost .5 lbs and today another .5 lbs. For a total of 19 lbs. I'm working hard to get on that 20 lb. board and I've hit a plateu I guess. The counselor told me to switch up my menu some that my bodies getting used to what i'm eating. I eat alot of turkey and chicken, so I need to get my 2 days a week in of beef or pork. She mentioned giving me another menu for a few days to get through plateus, she said if I don't come out of it by next WI she'll give me the menu. I'm still losing-just slower than I was and that's a bummer! My husbands customers are starting to give him Christmas goodies and this time last year I was eating all that yummy stuff. Real homemade fudge, brownies, divinity should I go on.... So he's been good about hiding them from my sight. I think Christmas will be tougher for me than Thanksgiving so you guys shoot me some !! It will only take one taste and I'll be a goner! My center is selling gift certificates for Christmas and I'm telling my Mom that's what I want for a gift. Good luck to all and thanks for letting me talk.
  • New to MRC
    Hi All. I am sooooo glad to find this site. I have just started my pre conditioning with MRC. I have been reading thru the posts on this site, and your sucesses are really motivating and helpful! I hope to met some new friends on my venture to finally dropping the pounds! I go in Friday for my class and to get my protein drinks and what not. I hope they help with curbing my appetite a little! I am a caffeine freak right now and really have the withdraws. I am down to just a small cup of coffee in the morning and a good dose of advil in the afternoon! Anyway, thanks for all the posts gals, and I will keep you posted on my progress!