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  • Quote: I'm also finding it hard to get in to WI twice/wk. If it was a faster process, it would probably be fine, but it usually takes an hour or more out of my day to WI. I'm wondering what they'll say if I only WI 1/wk sometimes... Has anyone tried this?
    I rarely got in more than once a week - it was just difficult with the schedule I had. So I just didn't do it - it's probably one of the things that would've voided my "guarantee" since the contract says we should go in more than once a week, but heaven knows I had plenty of other issues that would've voided it!
    I suppose it depends on how much accountability you need (and I'm at an age where time goes so fast that the once-a-week WI seemed to roll around really fast!).
    Sorry about the carb cravings - I know they can be a bear (I'm dealing with the aftermath of Thanksgiving myself) - hope you find the solution soon. And when you get those lectures on perfection, just tell them you aren't in a race, you're happy with the rate you're losing (even if you aren't at times), and for that matter, you aren't perfect, just like 100% of the rest of the population! So there!
  • Hi everyone!! I'm on day 2 of Metaquick and feeling good. I usually get very hungry at day 3 so we'll see. Now I'm off to the gym!

    Mindy- Thanks for the support! The Beaverton center doesn't have long waits - in fact, I'm usually in and out in less than 30 minutes. Depending on where you live, you should try it. It's on Hall Blvd near Washington Square.


    Alexiah- They don't let you see the food plans till you sign up because people wouldn't pay the money if they could get the info for free. Still, I think from reading here that you can pick up a lot of information that they don't tell you before you sign up. You can also go back and read MRC Takes 1-5 for even more info. This is the best "diet" I've ever found and it really does work! I understand your hesitation - any weight loss is a HUGE commitment and you have to be ready. Maybe there's another center you could go to? If you do sign up, remember that Preconditioning is only 1 week and buy accordingly. I bought too much and then had a fridge full of food I couldn't eat once I started the green menu.
  • Thanks everyone for all the input about WI frequency. I'll give it some more thought, but as it's causing me stress trying to get in 2x/wk, I think I'll actually be better off weighing in 1x/wk. Plus I agree that seeing a bigger number 1x/wk will be more statisfying that 2 smaller numbers or fluctuations.
  • Quote: I thought someone here asked where i was from i live in Denver Colorado i am 31 years old have 3 girls a very supportive hubby and i weigh 237# at the moment.
    I'm not sure which one you went to in Denver, but maybe it's worth the extra travel time to go to one of the other locations around town? I'm thinking you went to the one on Wadsworth, but there is also one in Aurora and another in Westminster. Maybe that's an option.
  • Thanks again for everyone's support!

    I weighed in last night and lost 3 lbs so that makes up for the 2 I gained last week and then some! I am 1 lb from the signing the 30 lb board which I plan to do on my Friday weigh in!

    It was my TOM. It finally arrived yesterday and I was actually surprised I lost because I felt bloated as ever and I was sure I was walking into another gain but NO! Such a relief.

    You all were the best and uplifted me. You brought me out of my funk and I am so happy to have you all in my life.

    Thank you!
  • namaste - think how big your loss would have been if you haven't been bloated!! Welcome to the give and take of weight loss...little losses eventually lead to bigger losses. I'm glad your spirits are lifted and you had a good WI...keep us posted about that 30lb board!! (that was the first board I got really excited about...for some reason 30lbs sounded like a HUGE amount of weight to have lost in such a short amount of time). I'm excited for you.

    Holy cow Gazoo kicked my butt last night!! (Gazoo is my Gazelle for the non-crazys who don't name workout equiptment like I do) I could only do 15 minutes on the actual machine, but that was a hefty 15 minutes...I also did another 15 of other exercising, so I was ok with that. Today is aerobics at school so I'll be Tae Bo-ing all day...I'm gonna be so tired I was thinking about the other Gazelles like donuts has and I think with my Gazelle, I'm fighting against my own weight. If I move my arms to the upper position on the handles, I'm making my arms swing the weight of my body...thats enough resistance for me. If I bend my knees, it's even harder. I think I might die if Gazoo had resistance as well...especially since he kicked my butt without it. Well, when I conquer Gazoo, I'll go on to his big brother who has resistance (I know, not a Gazelle, but really fun little smiley, right?) before picture is now in my profile (click the chick). I have no idea what I weighed at that particular moment. It was taken in March of 2006...a little more than a year before I started program and I'm sure I weighed more when I started, but its close enough. This picture was on our Christmas Card last year from when we were in San Fransisco, so when we get out new picture taken for our card this year, I'll post that...probably in a week or so.
  • Nametaste- i think i might do that i am gonna look up another center and make an appointment ! I live in green vally ranch off of tower road near the airport so i am far out .

    SAM- Thanks so much for the e-mail address i sent one so i hope to hear back soon!
  • Sorry NAMASTE i got your screen name way
    I have not put in my contacts this morning!
  • I haven't been able to weigh in this week yet, so not sure if I've hit the 30 pound mark. I've been super busy at work. I should be able to get in tomorrow.

    Just wanted to share a moment with you all. I had to pull out my driver's license for a purchase and realized that I now weigh less than what is stated on my license! That made me feel good. I am also pretty sure that I weighed 10 pounds more than the stated weight when I got the picture !!!!

    Great job everyone!
  • COKimBee- that is an "ahha" moment, isn't it? I thought about that the other day when I was shopping and they asked for my ID. Good for you!!
  • cokimbee - I weigh FAR less than my license says now, in fact, I had someone do a double take looking at it the other day...they said "whoa, you've lost weight". I smiled and said "sure have! and still going...". That picture is horrible of big ol' face. I like me so much better now! Congrats on the AH-HA moment!

    Diana - She emailed me back and said she looks forward to hearing from you...I'm sure you'll hear from her.
  • Okay. So I go to weigh in today and have lost 3 pounds and I'm now on the green menu. I've graduated! I put on a blouse today that I've had to wear as a jacket all last year because it wouldn't button over my belly and, guess what! Today it's back to being a comfortable blouse!

    SAM: I'm so glad you posted a picture. I already felt as if I know you, but it's fun to be able to picture you. So why haven't I posted a pic of my own???

    NAMASTE: doesn't it feel good when the funky moods level out? Mine is slowly pulling out of the basement (this morning's WI helped). And isn't it something when you get through those times without eating everything in sight? (My own old M.O.).

    Keep up the good stuff, guys. You mean the world to me.
  • Has anyone looked into getting a forum created here for our group? Seems like we're active enough for one...
  • P.S. I'd upped my water to 100 oz a day this week which I think also contributed big time to my loss. I'm going to keep it up and keep up my 3X per week workouts at the gym.
  • Great Job, TexDoc! 3# is awesome! You are doing so well!

    I must be wearing something today that is making people take notice- three people at work have commented on my losing weight today. That is the most I 've heard! What a great day!