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  • I have this shaker too and it is great for powder HNS and also measuring the liquid needed for other things too. I do suggest NOT making the pudding in them. I tried it once and I thought it was going to explode.
  • SAM: I loved your rant! I dont' know about anybody else, but I think that, for some of us, becoming assertive in the way you described is critical in terms of being able to keep weight off. What I mean is this: that I think that for some of us, getting and staying fat happened in part because we didn't often enough stand up for ourselves, value ourselves, make ourselves a priority. Just a thought and I sure loved your kick-*** attitude, Sam!

    P.S. Busy day on the thread! I love it!
  • Quote: goal 're paying these people a TON of money...get the most out of it. Don't let people take advantage of you...(this goes for all sales people, not just MRC).
    Amen sister!
    My contract did say that the HNS had to be purchased at MRC - but heck, you could buy a few there & most from another source. Which reminds me - someone asked about other places to buy the HNS - here's where I just ordered a bunch - & if you have a spouse or friend on MRC you can buy more & save more ;>) And shipping is free!
    BUT...notice that the Wildberry is listed as a "meal replacement" - it is NOT the same Wildberry powdered drink we get at MRC. Wildberry was my personal favorite so I was REALLY disappointed when I ordered it & found it was different - it's more like a creamy pink color - not awful, but not the Wildberry I like. And it's a few more calories - 100 total calories, I think, the MRC wildberry is 70. It does make a nice smoothie, tho.
    The orange, pineapple apricot, lemonade & creamy hot cocoa (the other flavors I ordered) are all the same as what we're used to.
    I'm using them these days because, like I said - I need to drop a few lbs I picked up with too much food & not enough exercise! And I ordered with 2 other friends, so the cost was around $7.50/box for us, I think.
  • It's been a while since I posted. My laptop died over Thanksgiving weekend and after getting it fixed, it took me until yesterday to catch up on this busy thread!

    I was 'okay' on Thanksgiving, I was mostly OP, but had a few little cheats. I got right back on track the next day and lost a couple pounds last week. But I think the cheats caused carb cravings. I've had alot of them since, whereas I didn't have any before. And this last weekend, I went on a trip with the family. All my meals were OP, but I cheated with some off-plan snacks. I don't know why I cheated, other than the extra cravings caused by Thanksgiving cheats and it being a few days before TTOM. I also started medi-quick for the first time last week and found I was hungrier and had more cravings. Also, I'd been taking Guggul pretty regularly until last week, so I'm back to taking that again today. It's been a little harder getting back on track this time, but I'm finally back 100% today. I didn't go in to WI yesterday as I should have because I didn't want to hear about how my cheats were going to slow me down (I know this) - not sure if that's what they would have said, but didn't want to hear anything negative - seems like the counselor I've had the last several weigh-ins points out how every tiny little mistake will slow me down. Makes me feel like I have to be perfect, which for me triggers an all or nothing mentality, which isn't healthy. I'll go in on Thursday and if it starts to feel more like lecturing or more negative than I like, I'll just tell them I was hoping for more support. At least I know I can come to you guys for the support!! You're all great. Just reading all your posts for the last week and a half has been huge.

    I'm also finding it hard to get in to WI twice/wk. If it was a faster process, it would probably be fine, but it usually takes an hour or more out of my day to WI. I'm wondering what they'll say if I only WI 1/wk sometimes... Has anyone tried this? What are your thoughts on WI 2/wk or 1/wk? For the most part I plan to WI 2/wk, but on busy weeks I might go in only 1/wk.

    Texdoc: thanks for sharing about your loss and eating habit discoveries. It's great you're figuring these things out and are doing so well.

    Mary V - Hang in there. That would be tough to gain when you're following the plan so well. I think increasing exercise sounds like a good idea. Have you been doing the medi-quick 1/mo? If not, maybe try that too. Maybe your body has adjusted to the foods/ammounts you're eating?

    Namaste - same to you, sorry to hear of a gain when you're OP, but I'm sure it's just water. I was looking over some weight journals the other day that I kept when I lost 15 lbs on WW last year and my weight was all over the place from week to week (3-4 lb fluctuations) - not nearly as much fluctation on the MRC program. But I was able to see a downward trend over the entire time. It made me realize that it's totally normal to fluctuate, but it's still hard when you're going through it.

    Hvnlymzic - congrats on the Gazelle - it looks like fun! The Biggest Loser competition at work sounds fun too!!

    Lilyannas Mom - Welcome!! I love this site and all the support and ideas here.

    Jantdieting, BrownEyedChick - congrats on your losses!! Way to go!

    CoKimBee: great job, you've probably made it to the 30lb today! Good luck.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Graduate and Goal4life to get to that 30lb board soon too!!

    Desi - great job, you're making great progress!

    Meemo - great job getting back OP even when your life is kinda hectic (understatement?) - that's encouraging to me! Thank you also for your notes on how to get the most out of MRC - that was really helpful.

    KrazyK: good to hear from you and what great news about the inches - what a great motivator.

    Chopingirl - congrats on signing the 30lb board!!! So many people are hitting the 30 lbs mark right now - I can't wait to get there myself!

    Take care everyone,
  • Moliver,
    I wi just once a week. Two reasons: 1) $$$ of gas - my center is about 30 miles away; 2) I was seeing too little loss. If I wi once a week I see a bigger weight loss number. At the beginning when I wi twice a week for a month, I kept hearing that my losses weren't big enough, etc. It got too discouraging. This way I am almost positive to see a weight loss and am sure that the loss or "gain" is just not water weight. If I am having big health issues, I do go twice a week, but otherwise, I wi once a week. They may not like it, but I cannot afford the gas $$$ to go twice a week.

    Went to Disney this past weekend and was not able to stay OP program the entire time. I wi tomorrow and hope to still see a loss. I was able to keep up my water content.

    Oh! for those of you craving popcorn and salt. Why not try the Parmesan crunch recipe in the MRC cookbook. Spay small frying pan with butter spray. Place 2-3 oz of shredded Parmesan cheese in pan and fry on low to medium until solid. It is soooooo good and makes me feel like I actually ate a bunch of potato chips. MMMM good. Replaces protein, of course.
  • fyi...the lizard has left the wreath LOL, just thought I would share.
    Have a great evening everyone.
    Thanks for listening to my blubbering today, as I was sooo bored.
  • Moliver - your name always makes me want to "oliver" from the movie/musical...anyway...thats just my music nerd coming out. I also WI one time a week. I live far away from my center too and also like to see the bigger numbers. The center will discourage it because it's technically against contract so the "guarantee" will be no free weeks if you don't reach goal. Not a big deal for me since I haven't done everything perfect anyway, but thats the only bad thing about it. If that doesn't bother you...then join the 1x/week group

    I love days when this board is hoppin!! Keep it up Ladies and Donuts!
  • Hey Everyone

    I wanted to chime in on the once a week WI. I only WI once a week. I made a deal with the consultants that as long as I'm doing well on plan, I WI only once a week.

    I also made the same deal with food journaling. I was getting bored with writing all my meals down. It was important in the beginning, but now I know what to eat like the back of my hand. If I start to slip or my WI seems to be off, then I will go back to WI 2X/week and food journaling.

    I choose to do the above because in real life I will do this to stay in my goal weight range.

    I want to emphasize that initially it is very important to food journal because it's the only way the consultants can help you if you aren't losing weight like you should.
  • Wi tonight-- had to wait 25 min. to get in...ughhhh. Our center is growing so fast, they are having a hard time keeping up. I did lose 3.5-- that is a week's worth. i was happy with that loss. I may cut my wi to one a week, I cannot afford to wait that long every time.
  • Hi ladies well i just got back from the center and after waiting 1 whole hour a was very dissapointed, the ladie that helped me was not very helpful at all! She was still very pushy and rude about the mrc6 and the flax and after that i felt she was annoyed with my questions so she never gave me direct answers.. i asked if i could get a feel of what i would be eating on a daily basis and it seems she was going to answer but then got interupted and when she got back told me i would get the info once i signed up i felt very rushed and so upset! Here i went in Soooo excited and left feeling very sad ... i dont know what to do i mean how hard was it to answer that question? I also asked about dairy and salt being allowed and again i was re directed and told i needed to sign up then i could get all the answers i needed.. i felt like all she wanted was my $$
    imagine that Well i am still in good spirits but very dissapointed. I thought someone here asked where i was from i live in Denver Colorado i am 31 years old have 3 girls a very supportive hubby and i weigh 237# at the moment .I really enjoy your thread u all are so supportive i really appreciate that, Thank you all by the way my name is Diana i just wanted to indroduce myself, thanks for listening ladies you are Great!!
  • Diana - I've talked to the manager of my center and she would be willing to talk to you either by email or on the phone about the program if you'd like. I want (and she wants) you to be successful. Did you actually sign up? I feel like if you signed up they should ahve told you whatever you want to know. I do know that they are kinda closed lipped about things until you sign...that protection of their buisness, but they should NEVER be rude. Let me know if you want to contact my center...Laura, the manager is great. (By the way that goes for any of you who have an issue with the center...I mentioned to her that some of the centers are kinda weak and she said "tell them to email or call!" So let me know!)
  • Hi sam that would be great ! What do i need to do?
  • I have a quick question, I threw the box for my cuppacino away, can someone tell me how much water to mix with the packet? Thanks a bunch!
  • Diana - I'll send you a private message...with her contact info.
  • Quote: I have a quick question, I threw the box for my cuppacino away, can someone tell me how much water to mix with the packet? Thanks a bunch!
    Hi Stephanie, it's 8oz.