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  • Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I posted. November was not a great month for me with my family issues. I made 20 lbs loss right before Thanksgiving. I have struggled with staying on program, but am not recommitted and doing better. I lost a pound today, so feel good about that. My center's manager has been great! She spent an hour with me going over my personal difficulties as well as things I can do with the program. I need to reduce the stress to lose the weight!

    I was pretty down last week and then I got measured. I had lost over 8 more inches last month so that made me feel good. Then when I went to work on Friday, somebody I had not seen since starting the program asked me if I was losing weight! She had no idea I was doing MRC. That made me feel fantastic. It helped me get through my great-nephew's baptism and luncheon without going off program. Whoo Hoo

    There has been so much going on here. It was great to read everyone's updates and see all the progress!
  • (That's one of the downsides of MRC, I think, the goal weight & the weigh-in's, and our contract-ending dates, keep us so hyper-focused on the scale that sometimes we lose sight of the other signs of our success.)

    Meemo, how true!! I've had the same thoughts myself! One of the most important things I learned from a previous plan, is the scale may reflect a lot of things...not just fat gain. In fact, if your weight goes up a lb or even a little more overnight, its not fat. Most likely its water, etc. And for those who notice a slight increase after beginning exercising, I think thats normal. Anyway, just my two cents.

  • i appreciate all the feed back ladies i am gonna call and make another appointment for more info . I also wanted to ask which of the drinks you think are the best in taste?
  • Hi Friends,

    I'm just beginning week 5 on program and am so happy with how I feel. I keep thinking things are going slowly -- but 16# in 4 weeks is 4# a week -- yikes! It just feels so good.

    Alexiah -- the only thing you're required to do for the guarantee to be in effect is drink the supplemental drinks (the number you drink depends on your weight -- for instance, I have to have 3 per day because I was over 200#), and I usually drink 4. None of the pills are required and you don't have to buy any of them from the Center -- get them anywhere you feel is reasonable.

    Desi -- woo hoo, you made it through the football party!!

    Namaste -- I'm so sorry for how the temporary weight gain made you feel. The numbers can get to you once in awhile -- just try to focus on the fact that you're doing this!! You're taking positive steps to ensure your future health. You're doing awesome!!

    Donuts -- thank you for the advice about the Triphala at night instead of during the day --- one day and everything is cured!!

    I'm so glad I have this forum to read and be encouraged by! Thank you all so much.
  • Hi,
    I just wondered if anyone hadany advice to share about making the most out of MRC.
  • Quote: Hi,
    I just wondered if anyone hadany advice to share about making the most out of MRC.
    First thing is kinda obvious, but you've got to commit yourself to it, not just for the weight loss phase but for the long haul; if you don't make a long-term, lifetime change in your eating habits you won't keep the weight off. That doesn't mean no cheats ever (at least it didn't for me), but it did mean I had to hop back on the wagon after those cheats.
    Second - exercise. You'll be SO much more successful with your weight loss if you incorporate exercise into your daily life. And it doesn't have to be anything drastic, I walk & do light upper body weights. But I know it made a huge difference for me (especially with those cheats I mentioned!).
    Third - don't let the counselors get you down. They're all different & some are better than others. If someone ticks you off, turn it to your advantage! If you find some aren't motivating you the way YOU need to be motivated, try asking to see the ones you do like.
    Follow the rules (another obvious one) - measure & weigh your food, DRINK YOUR WATER!!!, take whatever vitamins & supplements you've chosen to take - no point in buying them if you aren't going to take them! Check your food lists frequently, I taped mine inside a kitchen cabinet door so it was always handy.
    And don't buy too many clothes as you're losing, especially out-of-season clothes. I found myself getting rid of clothes with the tags still on them because I misjudged & by the time the weather was right, they were too big for me. Not the worst problem to have, but I'm cheap so it was disappointing!
  • KrazyK! Welcome back!! I have been missing you and wondering about you. I am glad to hear that you are getting lots of support from the center. Sorry to hear you have been under a lot of stress with family issues! Life is not easy, is it? Hang in there.
  • alexiah - Which HNS's taste the best? You'll get different answers out of everyone on that one. I prefer the concentrates to the powder because I think they're easier to mix. And I prefer the grape and orange flavors. But...the best thing to do is see if your center has a swap basket. Buy a box (or 4) and then trade some in for a bunch of other flavors. Find out what you like best and then the next time buy that flavor. You might have to choke down some of them that you don't like by doing it that way, but I think its the best way to learn...better to choke down one serving of the flavor you don't like rather than an entire box (which is how I had to do it).

    leawood - Meemo hit it all on the head. I'll only add one more thing. Stay positive! If you look at the plan as being restrictive and something that gets in the way of what you want to eat, then you aren't thinking about it right. This plan works. Always remember that it works. If you have a week where you gain or stay the same (that was this past week for me) then talk it out with the consultant and head into the next week knowing you can conquer that. I've always failed before at losing weight (not that i really tried to hard) because I saw my very high weight as a mountain that was too high to climb. I thought there was no way I could ever lose that much weight. Well, here I am, almost halfway and feeling really good about it. It's totally possible and MRC is an excellent way to get there! Also...stay plugged in here. This group can help when the centers are closed. I think of alot of people here as my own personal experts to consult with. Hang around long enough and you'll learn who to ask about what. We're here for everyone that is committing to change through the MRC plan!
  • Good morning!!!

    meemo, maryv and nan11 - Thank you SO MUCH for still being here with your wealth of encouragement and advice to all of us still on this program!!! You are all SO encouraging, and you give us all hope for those of us still losing through MRC!!

    namaste - I just wanted to chime in with others and say "this too shall pass." I can remember after I had been on program for a little over a month, I hit an almost two week plateau where I only lost one half of a pound. Boy was that discouraging - but YOU, my friend, picked yourself right back up and were celebrating other people's losses, offering encouragement to others, and went on your way down this journey. That says a WHOLE LOT about you as a person!

    texdoc - I also wanted to say that I'm so sorry for your loss. I, too, am an emotional eater, but I can't even imagine what you must go through daily. Thank you for sharing your pain, and know that there are BIG arms surrounding you daily with this group. Congratulations on all that you are accomplishing in your daily weight loss journey.

    krazykk - WELCOME BACK! I, too, have missed you, and your candor is something we ALL can relate to.

    Okay, I got to sign the 30 pound board today!!!! I lost 3 pounds since Friday - how I did that, I'll never know. I'm not eating any differently, so my body just dropped it. I still don't know how that happened, BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!! I was at 28.5 pounds gone on Friday, then just kinda sailed past 30. I can SO remember when I first started posting here that I was at 14.5 pounds lost. I looked at SO many of you with hope in my heart that if you could do it, SO COULD I! It will be HUGE for me if I can go back to my home in Kansas for Christmas 40 pounds lighter - my newest goal. (Oh, and I'm only 2 pounds away from my husband's weight - that is huge, also.)

    I'm done celebrating here for now - onward and forward. Everyone have a WONDERFUL day!!
  • Congrats chopingirl! I am tasting that 30 pound board! I wi today, and lost .5 pounds, was hoping for a big loss, but I will take .5! So come this Friday, I hope to be signing it!
  • Oh, remember my candy cane craving? I took someone's idea, for a just in case situtation, I have cut up 1 mint chocolate protein bar into 10 tiny pieces. I am keeping it in a mini tupperware container in the back of the cabinet, and if I ever just feel like I am going to break, I will grab one of the mini pieces. I know not exactly the menu's way, but at least it is an op way of dealing with a major craving. As long as I know that I can only have 1 little piece just every so often if needed through out the week. I am going to see if that helps, just knowing in the back of my head, that I have an option. I hope to not have to touch them except once in a blue moon.
  • Hi ladies well i am gonna make an appointment today at mrc how do i tell the counsler that told me that the flax and the mr6 was manditory that i heard that it was not? Do you think maybe i should talk to someone else? I just dont want to be disliked because i want to by the pills elsewhere for a better price..any suggestions? Thanks
  • Alexiah...just talk with the counselor, and say, that you heard from a friend, out of state, that her center allows the purchase of flax and other vitamins from any retail seller. Flax is required, but you can buy outside of MRC. MRC6 is not a required vitamin, it is an optional vitamin. Just let the counselor know that you want to get the most out of this new lifestyle, but you really need to conserve your budget also. See what she says. If she is persistent, and kinda pushy, maybe you would want to ask to talk with a different counselor, or ask her where in the contract it says MRC6 as mandatory ( only says Flax and HNS drinks are mandatory). Hope that helps.
  • Thanks goal 4 life i will do that if you dont mind me askinf how long have you been on plan? what supplements do you take? have you lost any inches? I am excited about joing tonight hopfully they make my experiance a good one i hate when people get too i really need to do this and i am ! By the way will they give me a list of foods to buy? They also mentioned that i would be doing a cleansing phase befor i start what exactly is this ?
  • Quote: Hi ladies well i am gonna make an appointment today at mrc how do i tell the counsler that told me that the flax and the mr6 was manditory that i heard that it was not? Do you think maybe i should talk to someone else? I just dont want to be disliked because i want to by the pills elsewhere for a better price..any suggestions? Thanks
    Make sure they aren't talking about the Total Woman, which can replace three of your flax oil supplement capsules if they tell you you must buy your flax at MRC.
    Neither are mandatory, just tell them that you've talked to people on MRC who said it wasn't mandatory for them. They may be telling you that you'll have a better chance of success if you take those (and flax oil IS very good for you health-wise).
    Ask for a copy of the contract & read it over, if you don't see flax or MRC6 in the contract, there you go - it isn't mandatory!