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Hvnlymzic 09-29-2007 02:29 PM

nomoredonuts - I noticed your words to that particular moderator...I hope you don't get banned...if you do how will we know about all things health related? On that topic though...she has serious issues with MRC that I've read her saying on other MRC related boards. I always try to balance a little bit, because while she's clearly biased, she's not always entirely wrong...Hopefully you'll just get a slap on the wrist...Best wishes, friend!

Nan - I feel your pain. I was there 3 weeks...frozen, no gain, no loss. You'll get through it. Bump up your fish intake and stick to you water and you'll get to that 50lb board with no problem.

lucky40 - I didn't like the MAC either. We both took it for 3 months and I don't feel like it did anything. If you can handle the cayenne pepper thats in the hoodia then thats probably a pretty good deal for you. I switched to Corti-trim, which isn't an appetite suppressant at all, but I didn't feel like I need one, but I am liking the extra loss around my belly that the CT is helping push along.

jantdieting 09-29-2007 05:25 PM

donuts ~ bravo! I saw your post, too. I can understand them monitoring our thread; but, until they try MCR I don't pay much attention to the input. We have too many people posting with great losses and experiences with MRC, we don't need other evidence that it works! PM if you get another id.

ShineOn ~ I agree with the Nyquil, if 3 days of it can get you back to normal...you can catch up on the weight loss! Hope you feel better!

lucky40 ~ I take (2) Corti-Trim and (2) MRC6 30 minutes before meals.

At 10AM & 2PM I take:
(2) Guggul
(2) Enhancer
(2) Internal Cleanser (girl at work was told to take hers at night if she was constipated)

With meals I take:
(1) Total Woman
(2) Flax Seed Oil
(1) Metabolic 2000 (vitamin)
(2) B-12 (b'fast & lunch only)
(1) HNS

By mealtime, I'm full of pills....I shouldn't be hungry!!! Does menopause multi help with hot flashes???;)

ShineOn 09-29-2007 05:57 PM

Went to wi this afternoon and lost another 2 lbs :carrot::carrot::carrot: !

I'm really going to have to watch myself though. End of the month closings, and I slipped into my old habits. Went over 7 hours without food - yikes. Was caught away from the house unprepared and ened up getting a Wendy's chicken blt salad (didn't eat the bacon). No fruit :?: at 4:00pm for lunch!! I ended up eating dinner at 7:30pm. I've really got to get an emergency pack prepared - Melba toast in the car, remember to grab an apple or something easy to eat if I think I will be gone and stop to eat! I've been working hard all year to overcome this - little and often, little and often . . . . When I got so hungry, I was really tempted to cheat - but I didn't.

Ok, fish cooking questions. I made breaded red snapper last night - let's just say it didn't turn out that good. I love fish, but am afraid to make it. Other than tuna or eating at a restaurant, I never eat it. The MRC cookbook didn't give any cooking directions and after searching the internet and only finding complicated recipes, I just guessed at a temperature and cooking time. Since this is the fish challenge week (;) to nomoredonuts4me) does anyone have good receipes you can share. I am not an intutitive cook :chef: - I need directions.

nomoredonuts4me Just remember, she can bash all she wants, but the results are here. Don't kick the bee hive and they should leave us alone :D A lot of people just do not understand the importance of vitamins and supplements. I've been a huge vitamin user for over 10 years. Dr Mindell has been touting MSM for over a decade - nobody heard of it or knew what it was. I have literraly not been sick in over 5 years - and as a sales person, I'm in contact with a lot of sick people!!!! I put the chemical drugs away on Thursday and switched back to the natural stuff. I went back to Imudrops which has a combination of Elderberry, Echinacea & feverfew root. I'm already feeling much better. The congestion is clearing fast and the coughing is calming down - had a glorious nights sleep last night!!! I did check with the center today and they said it was ok to take a sugar free cough drop - just don't over do it. The center asked me not to take my Goji juice anymore. Well, after this bought of sickness, it's back in. I started taking 1 - 2 oz's at lunch this week with my fruit exchange and it did not affection my weight loss at all - unless you consider that I'm now losing faster. Vitamins and supplements are so very important - we can just not eat enough to get the amount we need in a day - our soil and the chemicals they use deplete the effectiveness of the food! OK, enough of my :soap: I've just been teased for years about my passion for vitamins and I just laugh to myself as I stay healthy year after year. This has been a humbling week for me. Hopefully they will not ban you!! :crossed: She can say what she wants, we'll just laugh all the way to the skinny section of the store!!! ;)

Mary V :woohoo: 50 lbs board!!!! That is great news, I'm so happy for you!!

jantdieting 4.5 lbs!!!!! :dancer: That is amazing - great job!!

lucky40 Meausre, weigh, water and stay true to the plan. Don't let the plateau get to you - it's just your bodies way of gearing up for a big loss. I stumbled along pretty slow the first couple of weeks, now it seems like it is picking up steam and I'm losing pretty fast. Just think of Hvnlymzic, plateau'd for several (was it 3 wi's?) wi's and then BAM, 8 lbs! Don't get discouraged. Just keep pressing on.

krazykk - I love your enthusiasm! :cheer2: You are going to do great! I gained during pre-conditioning too. But, they really don't give you a lot of guidelines, except drink more water. You are on your way now. Let us know if you have any questions. My first couple weeks were filled with questions!! I'm going to wi againn on Tuesday around 9am. Hope we can run into each other sometime!

smgyorkie Great job! Any weight loss on vacation should be celebrated!! In a non-food way of course ;)

Nan11 Here's to the 50 lb board :hat: - I know you can do it!!!

Angelhealer You are smokin' girl!!! :flame: Sounds like this plan is working great for you! Keep up the good work!

Have a great weekend everyone and let's remember not to poke the moderators. They are volunteers and have the power :judge: to take away what is so important to us - our wonderful little family of support :grouphug: Just remember, sticks & stones . . . . . .

Hvnlymzic 09-29-2007 06:20 PM

ShineOn - I made some tilapia this week that actually turned out good. I was impressed with myself. I laid out a piece of foil on a cooking sheet and sprayed butter onto it, then added a couple drops of lemon juice and then sprinkled some lemon pepper Mrs. Dash (or the McCormick version) into that. I then laid the fish on the foil and added a little more lemon pepper to the top of the fish. I put the oven on broil and folded up the sides of the foil (so the juices wouldn't run off the pan) and broiled it about 5 minutes on each side. Turned out REALLY yummy. Hubby even liked it. My best advice is to throw the foil away in a baggie or something air tight so you don't have a kitchen that smells of fish for the rest of the week (or until your take the trash out). And yes, I plateaued for 3 weeks...but I now only have 10.5lbs left to reach my goal before my plan ends on October 24th. I'm sure I can do that :)

Jantdieting - Wow...lots of pills! You're almost up there with donuts. :) I take all of my pills (mrc-6, corti-trim and flax) with meals...not before...never hurt anything for me. I couldn't maintain the 30 minutes before as I don't get a chance to just do that working in the school I work in. I do also take a daily vit. and MSM in the morning with breakfast. By the way...if anyone doesn't already take MSM...get it! Its fantastic! "Beauty in a Bottle" is what my center calls it. You only take one a day so the bottle lasts forever. I mainly take it to improve the health of my skin, so hopefully I won't have a bunch sagging after all the weight is gone :)

ShineOn 09-29-2007 06:38 PM

Hvnlymzic - Thank you! I'll try that tonight. That sounds a lot easier than what I tried. Did you use the "I Can't Believe it's not Butter" spray?

krazykk 09-29-2007 06:58 PM

Went to the store today to stock up on the right food. First to Sam's to get frozen Broccoli, Green Beans, fish and chicken as well as MSM.

Then on to Whole Foods for the meat. I bought ground Bison, a Bison steak (to treat myself since family went to K.C without me for the ball games), bision roast and ground turkey. Made a bison burger for lunch and it was great! It is so hard for me to get all the food in since I am on Meta-Balance. I have not been hungry and my craving for "naughty" foods has been minimal.

I plan on making turkey sausage and freezing for quick meals.

I have not tried a creamy yet, perhaps I will make some pudding for supper. I bought some flavoring for coffee online and I want to try them!

This group has given great ideas for meals. I am going to try the fish this week, so count me in on the challenge!

First WI is Monday. I am so glad we can weigh in 2 time a week. I don't have a scale at home and waiting a week always drives me nuts!!!!:dizzy:

ShineOn- I have to WI in the evenings since I work in a school setting. Perhaps we will meet at class sometime. I signed up for the Funnel cake class on the 4th.

Can't wait to try my steak!:hungry:

lucky40 09-29-2007 06:58 PM


I had hysterectomy when I was 28 and am now 40 I could never take hormones due to the fact I had ovarian cancer and lots of complications anyhow I have had hot flashes for 12 years now but have notice like a 50 percent decrease since starting the multi menopause vitamin so it does help but as for my situation I still have hot flashes but not as bad, so if your on the first stages of hot flashes it will work great

great mrc colleagues

thanks for the encouragement I almost threw in the towel but I realize i did not put this weight on overnight and taken it off will take some time:hug:

Hvnlymzic 09-29-2007 07:07 PM

ShineOn - actually we use the parkay spray here at my house...but the I can't believe its not butter spray would work just as well.

krazykk - when you make pudding...be sure you measure the water right or it will be runny...I've found that the vanilla and the lemon need a little less than a half a cup of water, but the chocolate is good with the recommended amount. I also use a whisk to mix it (someone here suggested that)...it makes for less lumpy pudding. I put the powder in a tumbler (a small cup) and then add the water and whisk...I LOVE my pudding.

lucky40 - YAY! I'm glad the support worked well for you...thats what we're here for afterall :)

Can you all tell I'm bored today? This is post number 3 or 4 for me today... :)

ShineOn 09-29-2007 07:16 PM

krazykk - Yeah! I signed up for the funnel cake class too! See you there. :wave:

lucky40 - I'm glad you're staying on the journey with us. :hug:

Hvnlymzic - Thanks for the tip on the pudding. I've tried the "brownies", but not the pudding yet.

Well, I'm off to get my 10 lb goal reward - a pedicure. My phone is quiet with the Husker game today - so I'm very chatty today too :D

Does anyone read the Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove series? I just picked up 74 Seaside Ave. Hoping to curl up for a good read tonight. My goal this fall was to cut tv down to a couple hours a week.

krazykk 09-29-2007 07:51 PM

shineOnWhoo Hoo:woohoo: It will be great to meet you!

Hvnlymzic Thanks for the water tip on the pudding! That is what is so great about this board, we can share what works and what doesn't, saving new people the time of figuring some of these things out!

I have been on here a lot today also, but since my family is gone, it is my friend. I should be cleaning, but........:shrug:who is here to care? Will have to do that tomorrow!

Time to go make the pudding!:cloud9:

oreoparent 09-29-2007 08:51 PM

Glad we have a new thread. Ww on Friday. No gain, no loss. Look forward to better results next week.

Donuts don't leave! We have had many negative people "lurk" since I joined this group. We just let them say their things and they eventually go away.

Let's all stick to it!

BahamaDreamz 09-29-2007 09:50 PM

WI today
Hi all! This is waaayyy overdue. I haven't posted in at least a couple of weeks. We went out of town to a wedding last weekend, and I wasn't too bad. I did have 1 peice of wedding cake-but the rest of the time I didn't cheat at all! I had a 3.5 lb weight loss this morning at wi. That always makes me feel better. I have started walking on my lunches the last couple of weeks, and it sure makes me feel better.

So glad that everyone is doing so good. I am going to make a point of checking in more often-I miss all of you!:hug:

ShineOn 09-29-2007 10:11 PM

Hey krazykk - I was in your neighborhood tonight - The walmart at 72nd. I went in for my 10 lb victory pedicure and decided that I have been so good that I would get a manicure too (they're very cheap there and nice too). My daughter's friend was there, so I got busted :D My daughter and I usually do this together, but she is away to college. That didn't stop her from calling me and pouting! Anyway, they have a 4lb box of Tilapia fillets there for $9.99. I just got home and opened the box and they are individually packed . . . . in 4 oz portion sizes. That's perfect for us (well, I do get 6 oz of protein, but that just means I have room for dressing or something else). It's just the boys home this weekend and they are in a WOW tournament so I picked up a chick flick - Catch & Release. Whoa, this is a all fish week :D

oreoparent - You can't get away with posting and not giving us a Mom update. How is she doing???

BahamaDreamz - Phew, your back. We missed you. Glad to hear you had a good vacation AND you lost weight. WAY TO GO :carrot::carrot:

oreoparent 09-30-2007 12:33 AM

Mom had 4th chemo treatment yesterday. We decided to go ahead and do two more treatments as long as the doctor agrees. Her CA-125 marker came back at 7. :carrot: 21 or lower is a normal, non-cancerous indicator, but we just want to be sure. Every chemo treatment weakens her more and more.
We signed the Realtor papers yesterday. If we can sell the house and the car soon we will survive financially. I am going to have to start substitute teaching to help with the bills. My mom has drained Mark and I of all of our reserve $$$$. My health is still not great, but with substitute teaching I can decline jobs if I am ill or need to be with mom, etc. I will apply this week and hopefully begin soon. Anybody in NE Florida need a car? :dizzy:
Glad to see all of the hard work going on here. My sister finally got to the 50 lb mark again. She had been on the program for over a year, but keeps falling off the wagon. :devil: I hope to encourage here to stick to it. After all, I am soon going to surpass her losses. She still wants to lose about 30 lbs.
Anyhow, I'll keep you updated about mom. Have a good night!

4my2ltl1s 09-30-2007 12:52 AM

I would like to just say I really enjoy reading all of your posts!

I am not a big talker and I inevitably forget to congratulate the people who have done well. So tonight I am congratulating everyone here. You all have been doing awesome!
Because of you all, I am checking the board three or more times a day just to see how everyone is doing.

I tried the chocolate pudding tonight and I was very surprised at how good it tasted. I am not a big chocolate fan because of the sweetness, but this seemed like a nice mix between milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Did anyone else here have a slow start? I know I have years of bad eating habits to cleanse out of my system. If you did have a slow start, what did you do to change it?

I think I mentioned before that I have not told my husband I am doing this program. I am pretty sure he has figured it out after all, have all my supplements taking up a full cabinet in the kitchen and he knows I am eating healthier since my trip to the ER. If he does know, he has not said a word to me. I will talk to him about it if he asks, but I think I am waiting until I lose 30 pounds before I talk about the “pink elephant”. I would probably describe him as supportive yet skeptical.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Tomorrow starts a new week and this week I am changing two things, the first is to get more fish in my diet (thank you for the idea) and the second is to be in bed by 9:30 every night. I really have no excuses for staying up so late, I have my kids to bed by 8:00 at the latest. I think I am too addicted to me time and I don’t want it to end. Another very good reason for going to bed early is so I do not do what I am doing now. I tend to talk/type too much when I get tired.

Oreparent – That is great that your mom is doing well with her chemo. I am sorry to hear about the financial drain. Do you go to MRC in St. A.? I am in Jax.

I wish you all a goodnight and slender dreams.


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