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Big loser!
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oreoparent, I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. Of course I will keep your whole family in my prayers, and you know you can always rant and rave to us all, on the MRC board, whenever needed!

I wanted to share my weekly email from my center, and I think it's pretty applicable to everyone, whether they had a stumble over the holiday or not:

“Getting back up after a knock or two is the real road to victory – it shows your true fire and determination to cross the finish line”

If the fourth proved to be a challenge for you just remember you have not failed, it is a small set back. Today is a new day and you can cross your finish line!!!

This is especially a good thing to remember if you are heading out on vacation or just coming back on vacation. No reason to beat yourself up if you didn't lose or if you gained, because it is only a small set back in the grand scheme of things.

Big to Danielle & Elisa! I have found this to be a very easy diet plan to implement into my life..not to say I don't miss chocolate cake, s'mores, fried chicken fingers or beer, mind you...

Mary V. I know you can do it! Remember, baby steps. We are learning how to eat healthy and be thin for the rest of our lives, so if it takes a bit longer than we expect, that's ok too.

Ok pals, I have FINALLY done IT!!! If you look at my new Chick avatar on the left, you will see it says "20". I frickin' FINALLY got to sign the 20 lb board this morning!!!

3 lbs lost at the WI...I guess my water finally 'broke'.
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Nan11 Good for you!!!!!!!

I was 1/2 a pound short of signing the 20 pound board! Ugh! I still lost a pound, so I am at a 19 1/2 pound loss... So, it was a good weigh in, but I SO wanted that 20 pound board!!!

Welcome to all newbies!!! You will love it here!

aszimmer are you back from vacation yet?? we miss you!

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!
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Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words. Mom should go home tomorrow, BUT she also now has pneumonia so she will be on IV antibiotics for another 10 days. We will start the first chemo treatment after the antibiotics have stopped.
God is very near. He has protected us and will continue to protect us. Here is his providence:
If she never would have lost her job, she never would have been trying to get food stamps.
If she never would have been trying to get food stamps she never would have accidentally ran her car into the Department of children and Families building (mostly due to neuropathy in her foot:-()
If she never would have ran into the building, she never would have had her back x-rayed and MRI'd to check the cyst on her spine.
While looking at the cyst they found the mass and sent her to a gynecological oncologist.
God is good. We would have never known until it had progressed extensively.

In other news, ..... down a total of 34 lbs as of Monday, 7/1. I believe I have lost a few more lbs since then. I have been making wise choices at the hospital cafeteria and it has paid off! Can't wait to wi next week.

We were supposed to be going on a little getaway for our anniversary this weekend, but Mark's Uncle died so we are heading to Atlanta. STRESS and SADNESS are great fat creators. I ward mine off with Cort-trim.

Best wishes to all on next wi's!!!!
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I went in for my instruction class today and was quite surprised to see I lost 3# in 3 days . I know it's only because I have stopped all soda, caffeine,creamer etc. That alone was huge for me I usually had at least 2-3 cups coffee with suger and half & half plus a good 5-6 coke's. It was a pleasent way to start the program
?'s What is the diffrence between the Meta Slim & the Meta Slim Plus?
Also what is the diffrence in the menu colors? ( ex. yellow,green,beige,blue etc.)
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I'm 'officially' starting the full program today! I had my wi and was down 3 lbs. I'm a bit disappointed that it was only 3...but I didn't truly stick to the pre-conditioning food list either. So I'll take the 3 lbs...and will work at being much better from here on out!

Danielle - 3 lbs in 3 days is AWESOME!

I think the different colors represent different menu plans based on where you are in the program. They started me on the Meta-Slim Plus Level 2 program. I think the only difference between this plan and the Meta-Slim Plus plan is that I'm supposed to have a snack at 2 p.m. (1 oz of cheese or 1 egg or 2 oz meat or 4 oz low fat cottage cheese). I think I'll be on this menu until I drop below 250. Then I'll be on the beige menu (3 oz protein in the morning/6 oz for lunch and dinner) to 199 lbs then it's another color after that (I cannot WAIT for that 'new' color!).

Today is my mom's 70th birthday. I'm going to pick her up a cake with whipped icing (I don't like those - she does...isn't that convenient??). I'll make a chocolate pudding and will eat that instead.
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Living Happily Ever After
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Default Back From Vacation

Hi Everyone. I am finally back from my road trip. For all the new folks Welcome. I just drove from Fl to Ny and back again with my 2 six year old boys and my 4 year old daughter. It was a pretty good trip and the kids traveled well. A movie every now and then helped alot.

I have not weighed in since June 18th. I am hopeful that I continued my momentum. Tom is visting now so I am glad that I can't WI until Tuesday when all the kids go back to ESY Summer School. I am responding to some of the things I would have if I were here when they were posted

I did start a new treat while I was away. We have all talked about how the puddings are hard to mix. We I now have it down. I use Choc Pudding with 4oz of water and about 4ish ice cubes in my mini blender. Make sure you stir the mix and H2O before blending in ice. I do not always use only 4 oz of water use whatever you like the texture to be. It turns out like a yummy Wendy's Frosty. I look forward to that with dinner. I had not used creamies until recently as I was afraid how I would do. Well I will let you know after Tuesday how that worked out.

As for so many so much stress so many of you are induring, I am so sorry and my thoughts are with you. Oreo I really like the way you look at things. Everything happens for a reason. You are so strong. Your Mom is lucky to have you at her side in her very hard times.

As for favorite meals. Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs with a slice of cinnamon toast (slenda) Lunch- Chicken, Fresh Veggis Celery is a fav and Strawberry Smoothie with my HNS added. Dinner Chicken again but marinaded in Mrs Dash new 30 min Marinade, Broccolli steamed with Moll Mc Cheddar Sprinkles on top Melba Toast and Choc Smoothie I previously mentioned. I am a creature of habit so its the same daily. OCD really helps

Well I have rambled on hopefully No one fell asleep reading all this. I promise to keep it short in the future but 2+ weeks without you all was really a killer.
Glad to be back Glad to have so many new people to help me along my journey.
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Hey all...couldn't sleep, figured I'd check in with you all. We weighed in on Thursday (since Wed. was the 4th, we went late). Our center is all mixed up right people in, old people out...but most of the new people there are transfers from another location. So they were actually very helpful. I lost 3lbs this week!! Hubby lost 1lbs. We will both sign the 30lbs board next week, I'm sure. We are SO excited and so very proud of ourselves. Hope everyone has recovered from the 4th.
Oreoparent - thats an amazing story. My step-dad's is similar. He had what he thought was a hernia and turns out when they performed surgery on it, they found the main cancer in his body. God looks out for us, and its a good thing he does.
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Welcome back aszimmer! Glad to hear your twins didn't duct tape you in the back and take over driving! (I always have that fear when traveling with kids - even when hubby is there)...

I eat something different each lunch & dinner. For breakfast I always eat 2 eggs & toast. I do vary the way I make the eggs, (scramble, omlet from the cookbook, over medium, hard boiled), but it's always eggs. For lunch & dinner the choices are endless... Chicken, fish (we have so many different fresh fish available right now we it 2-3 times a week), buffalo burgers, tuna, turkey... Veggies - cucumbers - a lot because they weigh 8 oz sometimes! - lettuce (to make wraps with), tomato, green pepper. Cooked veggies for me always include spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus... Most of the time I grill all the meat (except the turkey it's either Boar's Head Deli turkey - or I make a whole one. then portion it out, then freeze it). I have cooked a bunch of chicken at one time also and done the same as the turkey. It makes life easier to do that for me, then I can grab any container in the freezer & know that it's already weighed for me and I just heat it then eat, or thaw & eat cold.

Wow - I didn't think I would be writing that much! Sorry if I became long winded! Have a wonderful Sat & Sun everyone! Wish me luck for Monday - I am anxious to sign that 20 pound board!!!
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Congrats on everyone's losses and welcome back to all that were on vacation. I haven't updated in awhile. I kind of been a little bummed as I was pretty much maintaining and was following plan to the tee. Well, it looks like I am over that plateau. I lost a total of 2.5 this week. I also am participating in our July contest to burn the most fat at my center. The winner gets $100 in MRC bucks, so that would be awesome. My total for the 8 weeks on program is 24 lbs and 39.25 inches. I am really going to kick butt this week and try for a good loss. I only need to lose one more lb to be in the 280's which is a huge accomplishment for me. i haven't see those days in awhile.

Everyone keep up the good work and have a great weekend!
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Nan11 - Thanks for the good thoughts!

I had a good WI on Friday -- I lost 3 more lbs. I'm hoping to sign the 30-lb. board on Monday.

Thanks everyone for all the food ideas.
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Fiber Plus Beverages?

Hey - do any of y'all take these? Yesterday I was looking at my Meta-Slim-Plus Level 2 sheet and I read that 'for best results' I can take up to 5 HNS ( friends I call these my 'nutritious yet delicious beverages') and "up to three Fiber Plus Beverages (Iced Tea or Mixed Fruit) per day".

I've never done the Fiber Plus before - are any of you doing them? Is this like adding Metamucil or something to the daily intake? How do they taste? Can you tell a difference with/without them?
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The Fiber Plus is excellent! I mix it with my HNS at each meal. I can tell the difference when I don't have it. Plus, it's included in the 5/$50.

UGH! I need to weigh in and get a body comp, but my job/school is taking up my time!!!!

I love MRC, but can't seem to get there right now...
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Registered Awesome.
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The mixed fruit fiber drink is so awesome. It tastes like kool-aid.

I spent the past week out of town... and I tried so hard to stay on the diet but when your schedule is not always in your control, it is nearly impossible at times. So I guess I will go weigh in on Monday to see what kind of damage I did.
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it's always something
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Next one up gets to start a new thread
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