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Default Exercise and motivation issues.

What are some things I can do for exercise that don't involve equipment or the outdoors? I already try to do sit-ups, push-ups, leg presses (I leg press my bed), but I can't run. It's winter where I live and that means 5+ feet of snow and ice and below freezing temperatures. I have some trouble running also because of my knee. When I was a wee child, I fell and sliced it open so far that you could see my knee-cap. My grandmother was watching me at the time and she just folded the skin over, cleaned it and taped it shut. And that's how it healed. So now, my knee gets really sore, and pops a lot.

Also, how do you keep motivation? I have a hard time motivating my self with everything I do in life, not just weight loss. I always put it off just one more day. The only thing I have any drive for is finding love and that hasn't worked out for me so far.

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If you have some cans of food, you can use them as hand-weights. You can do lite yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi (my favorite) -- you can find free videos on or YouTube for them i.e. Eccentric Arm Yoga -- don't be fooled, it's harder than it looks but a good workout. Look at all her videos; she's awesome and Canadian and very cute ... OK, I'm biased just a bit.

Here's my list for people with challenges (I also have a bum knee) -- chair aerobics (look on the net for this too); leg lifts (side & back), knee lifts, calf lifts, butt squeezes, tummy tucks, thigh presses, do arm press & shoulder presses with cans, and sit-ups (you are already doing).

I was gonna suggest skipping rope but not sure if you can do that or not. I also do mock flags (I actually have mini-Canadian flags for this) -- you know the kind the airport guys do; good for the arms & shoulders (I also do these to bouncy music).

And hey, don't forget dancing (don't laugh, it's good exercise; try western style line dancing, if inclined). Besides, it's good practice for when you find your lady love.

You can also try MOCK Boxing; it's where you pretend to be boxing and hitting the bag, but no equipment. You can also try "Walk off the lbs" videos: Leslie Sansoon is good (you might be able to find some free on YouTube too).

You can create your own exercises and have a whole indoor routine in no time -- you are only limited by your imagination ...

As for MOTIVATION: you pretty well just have to make a commitment to getting healthier; and the best way to do that is by scheduling & planning your goals. I find that helps a lot ... good luck!

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Shovel the driveway! (I grew up in MN)

I love shadow boxing in the morning to get my heart rate going, you dont need to move your feet if you dont want to but can still get the heart rate up!

But I have the same issue on the motivation side, so I use finding love as the motivation! Im sick of seeing friends happy and me hiding that im really down about things. And as wrong as it is, as I continue to workout and get healthier I try to find people in the gym that are just starting out or are at the same level I was and ask my self if I really want to be that person AGAIN!

The biggest thing that keeps me motivated is I took the picture of myself that I hate the most, blew it up on a sheet of paper wrote A NEW YOU on it and made a grid on the bottom half of the paper. On the grid I write down the date and my weight and I have a copy taped to my bathroom mirror, my fridge, and inside every door in my kitchen. This way every morning and night I see my progress and every time im in the kitchen im bombarded with "don't do it" PSA's
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Buy a pull up bar and some resistance bands.

The resistance bands serve several purposes. You can attach them to the door and use them to "lift weights" and you can use them to help assist pull ups.

Add pushups and your upper body is done.

For lower body you can do lunges and start holding heavy things while you do them as you get stronger.
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