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Default weightloss strategies

alrighty then i'm going to share my strategy to lose weight

check it out...this is what i'm planning.

goal:to lose 40 pounds in a year...5 gone.

-strong will or i am *insert bad word here
-gradually/slowly(so it isn't seen as a pain)
-long term so i don't gain it back.
-no sugar and no salt(at least not put into food by me)
-no processed food unless absolutely nothing else to eat.
-low carb if possible.
-5 meals if good stuff available then 2-3 that day.
-exercise walking 5-6 days a week. abdominals 3 days a week.

more details later... share yours? anyone wants to share what worked for you? what to avoid? going for a walk check you later.
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Here are my key points:
*drink lots of water (close to 64oz a day for me) and very little of anything else.
*track what I eat and weigh the quantities. (digital food scale = fantastic!) Average 1600cal a day.
*NO fast food. None! (Okay, maybe I get a McDonalds ice cream or a chicken fajita pita every once in awhile... but even that is rare.)
*Eat protein with every meal. Eat less carbs (not low-carb at all, but moderate.)
*Eat whole foods, no chemicals, and lots of veggies. (and I mean LOTS of veggies. I ate 25 different fruits and veggies last week.)
*Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks, spaced out over the whole day.
*Be aware of hunger levels and eat acordingly (ie Stop eating if you're not hungry, duh!)
*Consider this a lifestyle-change, not a diet. I'm can't ever go back to how I used to eat and, frankly, now I wouldn't ever want to! But that does mean that I'm going to have a piece of birthday cake, for reals.
*Take it easy and be patient - it's gonna take time and I'm gonna screw up. That doesn't mean I can't do it!

... Still working on the whole exercise thing! But I just committed to at least walking a 5k in April. The walking won't be tough for me, so I'm going to try to be ready to jog some of it!

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thanks for sharing,just came back from walking.

agreed on all of those...never used a digital scale. i don't want to get into calculating calories because i feel that i would see the diet as something stressful. errm i have been bought taco bell stuff by relatives.

a problem is that i usually don't cook, it's done by relatives or the maids. i pretty much accept what they make plus the food i buy for myself.

dividing 5 meals into:
breakfast 7am: apple+something else(no cheese here if possible)
snack 11am(if the lunch is coming late):tomatoes
lunch 1-2pm: meat,broccoli,egg plant or sweet pepper.
snack 4-5pm: oranges or more egg plant
dinner 7pm:salad and/or soup

after 7pm only water until the next day.

weekends can be a mess because my relatives invite me for i try to eat only 2-3 times a day then. same when people bring me foods that only have carbs. rice, rice or pasta, pasta BAD but not as bad as eating hamburgers+pizza+soda+cookies+sadwiches+rice like i used to.

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The best diet and exercise plan is the one that you can stick with over the long haul.
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