Recommit Looking For Support

  • I lost 160 pounds on Medifast a few years ago. I was struggling with the new me and felt my coach pressured me into coaching. I had no business coaching as I was struggling with my life. I met a man fell in love got my heart broke and went back to binging due to all the stress with everything. Few years later here I am. I've gained all that weight back.

    Today's my first day back on. I've felt awful, no energy my arthritis has been killing me, I hate the way I look. I'm hoping I can do this. I've started and stopped many many times since I've gained the weight back. Is anybody else out there?
  • Hello, Findingkc!

    I was also successful on Medifast about seven years ago. As in your case my health coach also pressured me into coaching. At the time I was doing so well with the program and was only about 10 pounds from my goal. I enjoyed coaching a few people, but my coach kept the pressure up to sell, sell, sell. It was something I had been very clear with her that I would not do. Then my dad fell ill and when he was in the hospital the coach told me I should take my business cards to the hospital and pass them out to everyone. No way.

    Dad died and with that and being upset at the health coach, I ate a muffin. It was all downhill from there.

    I think you can be successful again. We know the program works and that we were able to do it before. I'm determined to do the transition properly and then maintain properly.

    Do you remember what it was like when you were on the plan for about a week? How the energy started gathering and you started to feel better? It will happen for you. You can do this!

    Ha ha - I sound like a health coach. I'm not, I'm just in the same boat with you.


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