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EssieHsnx 06-12-2014 04:57 PM

Medifast Day 1!
Hi everyone! As stated in the title, this is my first day on Medifast!! I'm super pumped and VERY motivated upon this startup, and my goal is to keep myself, mind and body, in this motivated and eager state. I am currently at a weight of 328 and I have reached the point that I am unable to do a multitude of simple, everyday acts. I had finally reached a point of deciding to accept that I will just always be fat and unable to do things like most people. I had a horribly sad outlook on life in general, knowing I would likely be dead in a few short years because of my physical well being... or lack thereof I should say.
Anyway, to get to the point... I purchased medifast and decided to make this change immediately.
I am in day 1 and I'm HUNGRY!!! I realize this will subside after a few days and once I enter ketosis, but man... it's tough today!
What I'm most happy about is that even though it's a bit of a tough day, I am still so excited!! I am thrilled to be feeling this way, just knowing what is in store!
I have read though many of the posts on here and have gotten great info and advice, but I just hope to keep the conversation going on Medifast. I have spoken with my Dr. and others who are familiar with the program, and it seems to be a safe way to lose. If anyone has any info that you feel is good to know when you're a new "Medifaster" please let me know! Any advice is welcome and appreciated! Thanks for listening all! :)

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