Question about Lean and Green

  • Hi everyone!

    I am so far one week into TSFL using medifast. I have lost 7lbs. I actually lost 2 more but last night I overate on my lean and green so this morning...the scale was not kind to me.

    I have two questions:
    1. Do you guys use a food scale to weigh your protein? I'm having a hard time gauging how much 7oz of meat really is

    2. From the quick start guide, it looks like I can actually eat 14oz of tofu in one sitting? Is that even accurate?

    Thank you!
  • I ALWAYS use a food scale. I have a big one at home, and a small travel size I use for eating out. I also usually split my lean an d green. 5-7 oz is really too much for one sitting.

    Yes to the can also have 2 CUPS of egg beaters, which is HUGE. I never make it with more then 1, and I have 1/2 serving of something else later.

    Congrats on your 7lbs! Awesome!
  • I weigh or measure EVERYTHING!!! I split my L&G into 2 meals daily for the first several weeks. Now I'm okay eating it all at once, as long as its my dinner time meal. It's too much food for me earlier in the day.
  • I also weigh and measure everything. I do have a food scale. Remember, you measure it COOKED, not raw. There's a difference!

    When I do egg beaters, I usually split it up into L&G meals during the day of 1 c each.