First week-Down 7.3! But really fatigued. Normal?

  • I was so happy to step on the scale and see that I am down 7.3 lbs. but I feel really, really tired. Anyone else experience this in the beginning stages of medifast?
  • I'm not familiar with medifast but when I started my low-carb diet, I was pretty fatigued for the first month or so. After one month everything started to feel more normal.
  • Thanks! I guess my body will adjust!
  • I was exhausted those first few weeks...especially if I was at all active. Your body will adjust, and it will get better! 7 pounds is AWESOME! Way to go!
  • Way to go!!!

    Exhaustion is totally normal in the beginning. Your body is adjusting to functioning on a much lower caloric intake and it takes some time to balance out. I think my energy kicked in around 3-4 weeks (which is also why they tell you not to start new exercise regimen the first 3 weeks).

    On a side note, I'm about 8 weeks in and have realized that I sleep like a baby. Seriously, I haven't slept this well in 18 years (before kids). I used to have to read for 1-2 hous to fall asleep at night and then I'd wake up several times in the night too. Now I'm lucky if I can finish 3 pages before I'm out, and I'm not waking until the alam goes off. It's awesome!
  • Yup like the others have said, fatigue is absolutely normal.

    Just to chime in that from my experience with low carb diets, some folks have reported that after the fatigue stage is gone, some may hit with bursts of energy!

    And another side note, you and I are at the same starting weight, lost the same in the first week and we're both starting our second week! Good luck to ya!!!