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Default Suggestions before going to Medifast Center

Hello all

I am new here and seriously contemplating starting Medifast. I am lucky enough to have a center right near me. I have never been on a planned diet before but I know I need that along with weekly weigh ins to stay focused. I used to be ridicously healthy before kids. Weight training, a runner, healhy eater etc... Life has thrown me some curve balls (mom passed away, depression, SAHM, almost separated with husband) and comfort eating has been my thing. I have started to get plantar fascitis and feel like a 36 year old in a 60 year old body! Time to change is NOW! I want to lose about 80lbs (5'3 and currently 220lbs). I know once I see the pounds melt I will get into my groove.

What do I expect at the center?

The costs are more, correct? Worth it?

Lots of promising info here on Wonderslim but they do not have centers. I feel like I need a center! Has anyone tried other centers with prepackaged meals?

I have a 10 year old who is hitting the hormones/peer pressure/needs to be perfect stage. I don't want to call this a diet. She doesn't need to lose any weight but does need to eat healthier. Do any of you have kids? How do you explain it to them?

Thanks in advance!
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Well, I have no advice for you about a center - I'm doing Medifast on my own, but with a Take Shape For Life coach.

I can tell you that I feel your pain - in the feet, anyhow. I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis since 1 year out of college, and I'm in my late 30's, too.

I've been on Medifast since April, with several cheating weekends along the way. What I can tell you is it's strict, but it works. The strictness actually helps me not cheat, because it's so clear cut. I had success on South Beach diet about 10 years ago, but it was SO easy to cheat - hey, nuts are OK, where did that half can of pecans go?

I love that it's very structured, but I get to look forward to real food once a day. I can put up with the restriction most of the day if I'm looking forward to a yummy dinner. Tonight I grilled up a tuna steak and cooked up cauliflower - my plate was full!

I've also learned a lot about myself on this plan, which has never happened on any other diet. I've learned just how mental dieting is. I thought for sure I would be starving, but when I wasn't, the light bulb went on. I am a boredom eater, a mindless eater, a celebration eater, a stress eater, etc, etc. What amazes me is how much weight I've lost, and I'm still motivated to keep going.

Good luck! You can do it!
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I am using the medifast center program. The cost is based upon the amount of weight you want to loose. It included the first week of food, your vitamins for the 1st month(digestive health, vitamin B12, Omega), goodie bag with supplies including a device similar to the bullet, lab work, bmi testing, and after you meet your goal an additional year of weekly visits to keep you on track. The reason I chose to do the medifast center program is because I lack self discipline and probably would have quit the plan by now. My goal is to loose 47 lbs and they told me it should take 16 weeks with an average of 3 pounds per week. I am currently in week 7 and have lost 16 pounds. So far I am happy with the plan.

I have a 10 year old boy who knows I need to lose weight and I just tell him I am trying to get to a healthy weight.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
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You can save yourself a lot of $$$ and order directly from Medifast.
You can then join the online Medifast support group where you can get a "free" health coach.
You will be wasting your money at the center, it does not offer you anything you cannot do on your own.
I'm almost 15 pounds down in a month and two days - I'm right around your stats but I'm 37.
Medifast works wonders, it's extremely strict but I prefer that and need it.
The only thing that really sucks is the "Medifarts"!!!! Not sure if it's the sorbitol, soy, protein, or milk in their products but I fart around the clock and nothing helps - so that's a downside but I'm happy they have no smell.
Also, you will want to drink as much water as you possibly can handle or you will get hungry and/or dehydrated. You should take a Biotin vitamin to prevent hair loss which can happen with low carb/low calorie diets where people lose weight rapidly.
Please don't go throw your money away on one of those centers - you don't need it - everything is available online.
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Thanks for the responses everyone. I am ordering the food today. I really debated between Medifast and Wonderslim but since I have history of PCOS and insulin insufficiency, I opted for the lower carbs/strictness in Medifast.

If I can't tolerate the food, I will try some Wonderslim food

If I can't keep myself strict, I will consider a center. I know it seems like a waste of money but if I am not losing on my own or cheat, I feel like I have to make myself go there to get a coach that is in my face once a week.

I will update you all soon. My husband is doing it with me and we are just going to have our lean & green meals at dinner and give the girls (I have a 10 and 2 year old) some starches. They shouldn't know much of a difference.
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