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Default Medifast center cost?

Can anyone help give me a ballpark figure for the cost of going to the center? I found an old post that said that it cost around $650, plus the cost of food? Does that sound about right?

I would rather start out with that level of support, if possible, but I want to know about how much it will cost before I go in there and am pressured to buy.

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What center are you talking about?
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Default Medifast Costs

There's 3 different packages on the website. Ranging from $300 to $353 for a one month supply.

i was looking forward to purchasing a 2week supply to begin with. there's a center a block from my home.

the rep says that the 2week purchases are only available online. what a bummer!

so i can't start tomorrow. I'd have to order the meals online and wait for them to arrive. that sure put a damper on my day
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It doesn't really take that long for the packages to arrive. Mine made it in less than a week(one month plus a free week). I can't think of what you would get outta the center that's worth $650. You get to use the MF Forums when you order, and there are usually coaches and experienced dieters for questions. But, that's just my opinion. If the personal, one-on-one support helps you, it might be worth it.

I do recommend doing a shorter trial period. I'm able to handle foods that aren't fantastic tasting for awhile, so I did OK with the two months/two free weeks to start out. But, this stuff is not gourmet dining for sure. Also, some folks don't handle the soy well.

For myself, I prefer to go on plan for a month or two then go off for awhile. I learned about proper eating while on plan and have been able to maintain in between. Something about losing 80 lbs. too quickly scares me, so I'm going at it in 20 lb chucks. It's working For Me, but, I don't recommend it for everyone.

Good Luck Everyone.

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I can't see what the center would do for you that you cannot do on-line and with a free health advisor. There are so many things to choose from that you will not always end up eating food you do not like. It really is alterable with spices and flavors, so it really is not that bad. It's pretty good and if you are okay with soy you get all the soy benefits. I would say order a week or 2 week supply to try it out. If nothing else, go with the month supply and get a week free. I just order off line; I've neer been to a center and don't even think there is one in this area. Good luck.
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yea i would suggest doing it online I havent herd of anyone going to a center
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Default I've been to a center

I started medifast from the website, ran out of food b/c and went by a center to buy some. They made me sit through an initial consultation before they let me buy food, and that consultation (a calendar with projected weight loss, etc) kept me pumped up for another 3 weeks. I lost a total of 26 pounds, but fell off the wagon. While there, I found out to be on their 100lb weight loss plan, it cost about $2100--I don't have my sheet anymore, otherwise I would tell you the exact amount. However, that included 50 weeks of weight loss and 50 weeks of counseling during maintenance. It includes all the blood tests, etc.

I have an appointment for Thursday because I must do something about my weight now (I'm only 26) and I like the convenience of the foods being prepackaged and some of the strange shake flavors work well with diet sprite instead of water as a base.

Things I remember--you must pay all within your first month (part of why I didn't join, that wasn't in my comfort zone). However, the Methodist weight loss program (in Houston), is about 800/month in the extreme weightloss phase.

Let me know if you want to know more as I will know more soon.
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