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Default frozen meal for lean & green meal?

I do GREAT all day. Until I get to the my lean & green meal which I reserve for dinner. Please, can anyone tell me if I can use a frozen meal. I know the official website says no (calories, lots of fat, salt, etc). But I'm sure someone has done it & has been successful. No, I cannot plan ahead it is impossible for me. Can anyone suggest a good frozen meal as a replacement?? Please?
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I can't imagine that you will find a frozen dinner with the correct amount of L&G. You say you can't plan ahead. I have a problem with that I keep it simple and cook ahead of time where possible. Her are some simple meals that keep me on track

1. cook 4 chicken breast on sunday. Have 1 for dinner. refrigerate the other 3 so that you don't have to cook for 4 days. just heat up in the microwave and grab a can of green beans...or spinich...or whatever...

2. Grill 2 pre-formed turkey burgers. Use lettuce leaves as your bun.

3. My George foreman grill is my best friend. Cut your veggies and grill them. Yum! and grill a porkchop. Squash and mushrooms are my favorites to grill.

4. cut up cucumber and tomato, mix 2 TBS vinagar and 1 packet of splenda, stir the mixture over the cucumbers and tomatoes. No cooking! Add whatever meat you want for the night.

If I have to find a bunch of new ingredients for complicated recipes, chances are , I won't come home from work and do it. So these meals are very simple and tasty for me. Hope this helps or gives you some ideas that you can use.
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I have to agree with djay. If you weigh the meat you will see it is a huge amount! no frozen dinner will have that much meat. I do what djay does. I make a lot at a time and eat it for days. I cut up a salad (huge bowl) and it lasts me 5 or so days. good luck
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Check the time savor gourmet. Google it. She has wonderful ideas for the 5 and 1
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This isn't my thread but I've just started and having a hard time with meal ideas. Thanks for the web links
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Another thing that we have found is a good steamer. While I grill the chicken or turkey burger, I can grill some brocolli in the steamer. If you start them both at the same time you can usually have them cooked within 15 mins.

A few more ideas and you can swap it up a bit. Salad mixes are great too for time saving if you don't like brocolli.

Good luck!
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I use frozen salmon, plain without any sauces or anything on it, but I have never seen a frozen meal that would really meet the requirements. I also use Boca Burgers, which are in the "official" MediFast suggestions, I believe. I have yet to find a full meal that would meet the L&G requirements. On busy days I do the salmon and prepackaged salad, pretty easy.

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Oh Yes, I use Frozen food, but not frozen meals. LOVE Boca's! Tons of wonderful On Plan Frozen Meat and Meatless Options to choose from! Medifast Rocks!
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"Make ahead meals' or "frozen meals" are an idea to replace the frozen prepackaged, meal idea. I want to try those. You make a bunch one day, freeze them, and take them out when needed. I've been trying to search for recipes, but then get busy. If you just did some meat, you could change it up by the veggies or spices that are allowed.

Of course if you find a frozen prepackaged meal that doesn't have enough meat or veggies, you could add those (most don't). But you need to watch for carbs and sodium as they usually have a lot of those. So read the labels carefully and compare to the MF guidelines. There use to be some low carb/high protein ones but I think they're gone now, but you could check for those.

Also you could double your L&G for one night, put it in the fridge or freezer for another night.
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Use the Birds Eye "SteamFresh" line for your vegetables. Avoid the ones that are "lightly sauced." Just use the ones that are vegetables only. You'll have to add the protein, but you can do that at Costco by buying a bulk bag of individually flash frozen fish or breast meat chicken.

Fast, easy to prepare, and lots of variety.

You can also do this yourself by buying the microwave steamer bags. Put the meat in the bags with the vegetables and you can cook the meal all at once.

Birds Eye isn't the only option here. Green Giant and even generic brands have a version of the self-steaming microwave bags.

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Costco and BJ's have bulk bags of pre-cooked cut-up roast chicken breast. Combined with the frozen vegetables, there's a wide variety of almost instant meals that could be made. Check the salt content when you buy -- some brands might use more salt than others. (Some of the pre-cooked pre-cut chicken breasts in the refrigerated section are actually too salty. That might be true in the frozen section as well.)

So I agree with that thought of "frozen foods, not frozen dinners."
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My fast meal for L&G is topping a BIG bowl of lettuce/greens/salad veggies with a pouch of Tuna (there are some great flavors out there.... Starkist has a smoked one that is yummy) then topping with low carb dressing. A lovely summer meal, takes about 2 minutes.
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