What's for lean and green? Suggestions.

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  • How about this with sf maple syrup?

  • Both the chicken ideas...Buffalo and maple-mustard...look awesome! Thanks ladies!
  • Tonight for dinner I made spaghetti and meatballs. I took a spaghetti squash and baked it for about an hour at 350. I made meatballs with Laura's Lean Ground Beef and baked those off in the oven while the spaghetti squash was finishing. Then, I took some of my Walden Farms Marinara and mixed it with the spaghetti squash, topped it with the meatballs and added a sprinkle of asiago cheese. It was good *and* my 3-year-old daughter ate the spaghetti squash. She thought they were noodles and didn't know they were a vegetable.
  • Help Magnolia!!!
    I really want to try your recipe... but could you explain how you prepared the squash... did u just put it as is in the oven? what do you do?
  • Lynk: Where do u find the noodles? I can't seem to find them...
  • When I cook spaghetti squash, i cut it in half, place it face down in a microwave safe dish, add 1/4 cup h20 (maybe a little less) and saran wrap the dish. microwave for 15 -20 min. It's done when you can easily pierce a fork through it. Then you remove it from dish and shred crosswise w/ a fork. That makes the strands. I use my "Ove gloves" to handle the squash. It's hot.

    I'll have to tweak this around but I've made a version of Fra Diablo using spag. squash and frozen shrimp, calamari rings and scallops (from Trader Joe's) Using fresh crushed tomato sauce, red pepper, garlic, EVOO.

    Tonight for my L&G, I'm using Trader Joe's frozen chicken fajita dinner. I'm adding 1 chicken tender (to total 6 oz ), It comes w/ onion and peppers and a season packet. Fry it up in pan and cool. I'm making a salad, adding the chicken fajitas and using salsa and sour cream (pre measured) Mixing together as a dressing. It looks so good.
  • Thanks judy!
  • Scrambled Tofu anyone?
    Hey guys!

    Here is a recipe that I cooked last night! It was delish and very filling! Your belly will be full for hours... Not kidding!!! The whole recipe (15 oz of tofu) makes 1 serving and not 4 like the recipe says... so it is a HUGE healthy dish!!!


    Of course do not add the extra toppings that are mentionned at the end (guacamole, bacon...)

    On mine I added 2 TB of FF sour cream, 2 TB of salsa, a spinkle of 2% cheddar cheese. It was delicious and kind of tasted like scrambled eggs... It does not taste like tofu, nor does it have the consistency once you are done cooking it...

  • I am going to have to try the spaghetti squash thing. I had forgotten about those and used to bake them all the time. I think I will use either ground turkey or MorningStar Farms ground beef substitute for the meat.

    When I am craving a good oldfashioned hamburger, here is what I do:

    2 Boca burgers(equals one lean portion)

    I defrost them in the microwave for 1 min then I put a Kraft FF single slice between them and one on the top. Back in the microwave for another minute or until the cheese is melted.

    Once out of the microwave, I top it with 1 thin slice of onion, 1 TBS dill relish, and about 1 tsp spicy brown mustard. I serve it with a green salad seasoned with one of the spray salad dressings.

    I log everything in mymedifast. I just add the cheese, onion, relish, mustard and the spray dressing from the "other foods" section.

    The Boca burgers taste great but I have one problem......they give me horrible gas. Does anyone else have this problem using veggie meat substitues?

  • I mentioned in the Feb thread that I use the Ziplock steam bags for most of my meals. I am slightly concerned about cooking in plastic so I ordered a silicone steamer. The silicone is supposed to be completely inert and not leach dioxins in your food like plastic. That being said, the Ziplock bags work great! Here are some suggestions:

    Talipia fillets...thawed or frozen....some Emeril's Essence toss in a steamer bag and shake. Cook according to directions on the bag

    Chicken tenders or breast...do the same as the talipia Experiment with other seasonings and meats.

    I basically stick to chicken, fish, ground turkey, and Boca or Morning Star meat substitutes.

  • Chicken Fajitas can be made using chicken strips, or MornngStar veggie chicken strips, some fajita seasoning, some smoke flavoring, and toss it in a Steamer. When done, add a little Pace Picante sauce, a dab of FF sour cream, and wrap it in a large lettuce leaf. Serve with a side salad or steamed green peppers.

    You can make Faux Tacos the same way using ground turkey, or meatless ground beef substitute with the seasonings and sprinkle with some FF grated cheese before rolling in the lettuce leaf. With the turkey, you have to brown it first. The meatless options are already cooked.

    I like to add garlic and onion powder to my ground meat options.

    Have fun with some spices but don't forget, spices do have calories and be sure to log them in your mymedifast for a complete daily calorie count.

    I have been thrown off my diet in the past and not known why until I saw how many calories I was consuming daily in the form of "little dabs" of seasonings.

  • I was just told about Walden Farms products. Anyone know if they are "OK" for those of us on Medifast when cooking "Lean & Green"?
  • I believe that WF products are perfectly fine. They have nothing but sodium in them. Well at least I know that is true for the pancake syrup.

    as for my lean and green today i think i am going to make an all white eggbeaters omelet and some morning star veggie steak strips with a caeser sald.
  • Quote: I believe that WF products are perfectly fine. They have nothing but sodium in them. Well at least I know that is true for the pancake syrup.

    as for my lean and green today i think i am going to make an all white eggbeaters omelet and some morning star veggie steak strips with a caeser sald.
    eating this right now. SO GOOD! i ended up putting the steak strips in the omelet. they didn't have much flavor on their own so i added salt and garlic powder. so yummy.
  • I made meatloaf tonight with Jennie-O lean turkey. I added egg whites, salt, pepper, mustard, low carb ketchup, and a few chopped onions. (Onions are pretty high carb, so they are not on the allowed list - I made sure to only use a few). I boiled some cauliflower and put it in my stand mixer like I would mashed potatoes. I added a little bit of half and half and salt and pepper and 1 tsp butter. I ended up with a pretty good approximation of meatloaf and mashed potatoes!!