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Default F*** Calories by Krista Scott-Dixon. A free e-book. December 2011

This is billed as a book full of rude words and, yes, there are quite a lot in these 41 glorious pages of Krista in a kind of structured free fall.

Iíve known Krista Scott-Dixon for about 10 years now, give or take. You know, on the web. And Iíve been weight training, on and off, since the early 80s. I first met her when I took up lifting again after having a baby. I canít remember whether it was through her website Stumptuous or somewhere else. Anyway, it was good to read her enthusiastic words and see her demonstrations of form as I struggled through sleep dep. and all the rest.

I live a quiet life in the country but I do visit towns, cities and other countries. Up to now, though, Iíve never been to the Americas, neither North nor South, but voices from these places interest me. Krista lives in Toronto and sheís got some strong views and she lets people know them. I like this. Iím all in favour of people being assertive. And sometimes speaking their mind and taking others on. Oh yes, Krista has been known to do this, with vehemence and a vengeance.

Krista was an academic once upon a time and sheís got what she calls a Piled Higher and Deeper. She can write complicated sentences but she doesnít do that at all in this book. What she does is elaborate on 43 statements Ė and handily, she lists them at the beginning, in case you really are too lazy to read any more than just this page. Random examples:

If youíre a big person, use a big plate. If youíre a small person, use a small plate!
Get dirty!
Go ahead, put real cream in your coffee!
Seek nourishment. Seek sustenance!
You canít ďfixĒ your body because your body is not broken!
As you live, so you eat!
But letís just deal with the title of the book. Life is really too short to count calories so KSD advises us to be calorie-aware (and know which foods are calorie-dense and which arenít) and not calorie-paranoid. This is a stand which accords with my own so Iím on-board from the beginning.

Donít turn eating into accountancy. And donít try to defraud or embezzle your own body,í she exhorts. ĎCross calorie-counting off your to-do list. Now isnít that a relief?
Thatís the style of the book. From the pulpit chatty with excellent nuggets of information. Youíll have come across many of the nuggets before but that doesnít detract at all from their value. There are some very good one-line pieces of advice. I particularly like:

If you arenít physically hungry, donít eat.
The main theme is to get in touch with your body, to check in with your stomach, and to eat s-l-o-w-l-y Ė which is much the best way, as I know you know. And to eat real food, good quality food.

Krista also uses quite a few words to spell out something which many of us know but which is so rarely mentioned:

Whether itís your relationship with your partner, family, friends, coworkers, boss, mail carrier, or Starbucks barista Ė or most importantly, your relationship with yourself Ė your food and eating issues are almost always about your relationships.
Fix the relationships, and you go a long way to fixing the food.
So, to sum up:
19 f***
18 sh** (including bs)
3 a** on their own (but also in lots of other words like compassion, grass-fed and molasses)
3 g_d, one way or another.

Guaranteed to offend, surprise and delight.
True, I say. Do read this book even if you think it isnít your kind of thing or that it doesnít fit in with your tried and trusted approach. Go to Stumptuous and search the name of the book.
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Thanks for the link, very interesting reading on the Stumptuous site. I downloaded the book as well, look forward to reading it.

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. -George Orwell
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I am generally a big fan of hers as well. Hugely disagree with her on supplements - used properly and targeting certain deficiencies or conditions they can be a huge blessing - but for lifting and basic, sensible nutrition she is excellent and encouraging.

And chicks lifting big without needing or wanting to look like men - woohoo!
Taryl - http://www.aurorafiberarts.com/weightloss

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I'm going to check this out because the title speaks to my sentiments about calories!
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Thank you! Just downloaded it too!
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Actually, counting calories is the relief. After journaling both before and after deciding to do something about my obesity, I've learned two new things I previously was in the dark concerning:

1. How many calories it takes, based on how I live my life, to either keep me fat or make me fatter.

2. How many calories it takes, based on how I plan to continue to live my life, to make me less fat.

Everyone's different. To wit - I surfed on her website years ago but the amount of data backed tidbits did not outweigh the anecdotal tidbits by a margin substantial enough to keep me returning. And it's funny hah-hah that when I'm on a cursing streak, the only motivation I inspire in people is for them to actively avoid me. (:

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I agree about counting calories. It works!
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I sorta kinda count weekday breakfasts and lunches just so I know I can eat what I want for dinner. I know I can eat as much local meat and homegrown veggies as I want at dinner and still lose weight. I know that mayo, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and cream are high calorie but still have them in moderation. i know my body quite well now and have lost 30 lbs in six months with 30 more to go in the next six plus months.
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