The end of overeating

  • Last night I finished "The End of Overeating..." by David Kessler. I recommend this book to anyone with obsessive food issues like myself. I think it is going to be very helpful for me going forward!
  • Agree. It's a very good book. For me, understanding the way that the brain responds to food stimuli has been very helpful in developing strategies to resist cravings and make better choices.
  • I will be reading this. I've seen good things about it throughout the forum.
  • The End of Overeating was the book that got me started on this journey -- and helped me kick my junk food habit, cold turkey.
  • Huh, that does sound interesting. I bet it would really help me because that's how I like to handle things: by knowing how it works. Thanks for mentioning it.
  • I just got an email from the library that they have the book waiting for me. Can't wait to see what it's all about.