Program - How to Be Slim

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    I ran across a program that was originally on BBC entitled "How to Be Slim". What impressed me is that the information they presented was based on a myriad of scientific studies.

    The link to the show is here:

    The link to the website related to the show:

    There were numerous studies they brought up. The general points I got from the program were:

    -Overweight individuals generally have a higher metabolism not lower
    -Calcium can help the body process fat better
    -Evidence of what an individual has already consumed can deter someone from eating more. Food diaries are a form of evidence that can deter overeating.
    -People consume more if they are given a large portion size
    -Protein is better at staving hunger than carbohydrates and/or fat
    -Drinking water doesn't have a lasting effect on hunger but adding water to food to make a soup definitely does.
  • Thanks so much for the link. I found it very enlightening.
    Sarah in MD
  • Interesting - they repeated a lot of the studies Brian Wansink led at the Cornell Food and Brand lab and wrote about in "Mindless Eating"...the popcorn experiment, the chicken-bones experiment...fascinating stuff!
  • Good read. Thanks for the link