Books that have helped motivate you or helped you lose weight

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  • "Fat Families Thin Families"

    This book really spoke to me, because I feel like I was "raised to be fat". I'm not one of those people who was thin at one point and got pregnant, got married, aged, etc and gained weight. Losing weight to me means changing most of the lifestyle habits I was raised with, and having a new perspective on life. The book talks extensively about nutrition and exercise but it also denounces diets, gimmicky weight loss schemes and it talks a lot about the psychology of "fat families". Most families like this (including mine) are in denial about their habits, and how they are risking their children with diseases, conditions, depression and social stigma, because they refuse to accept the reality of their situation and change. This book inspired me to lose weight and to make sure that I don't raise my own (future) children the same way that my parents raised me.

    I also want to read "Mindful Eating" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Total Nutrition". I think losing weight is mostly psychological, so I like to read books about the psychology of weight loss/health. I also want to learn more factual information about nutrition, because I admit that I am not that educated about it. Most diet/weight loss books are not worth the paper they are printed on. Most promote some kind of diet, product or gimmick. I actually think the diet industry in general helps people advance one step, only to go back two steps. A lot of people think it is impossible to lose weight because they've tried so many diets and have become so demoralized with them, failing one after another. I also think this trend of books with titles like "Skinny B*tches and How to Be Like Them" and "What Skinny Woman Know That You Don't Know" are very aggravating. I have thin friends who have been thin all their lives, and most of them dislike being called skinny constantly. The women who write those books try very hard to be skinny, and are very self-righteous and condescending about it. I also dislike Oprah/Dr Phil type of books... it's complete nonsense to me. I don't like being talked down to when I read books.
  • Quote: I'm currently reading The Thin Commandments by Stephen Gullo, as recommended here on 3FC by RockinRobin or Meg, I think. I really like it; it's got some very unique ideas I haven't come across before.

    Just picked this up hardcover new at B&N website for $5.38
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  • Quote: Wanted to bump this awesome thread

    I'm reading The weight loss diaries by Courtney Rubin.
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    I'm reading The weight loss diaries by Courtney Rubin.

    I also made a request for it to be a sticky, so fingers crossed
  • Super good thread!
    I have a tower of books beside my bed and many of them are diet books. I often pick up books at discount stores and am surprised when many of them are actually good. One of these is "Winning After Losing" by Stacey Halprin.
    She offers great advice on maintenance and uses her story of losing 350 pounds and keeping it off. A very down to earth book. Another discount book that I found fascinating is "Gaining, The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders" by Aimee Liu. A great read and very illuminating.

    I just finished "Break Through Your Set Point" by George Blackburn, M.D., Ph.D. His theory is that the success is achieved by losing 10% of your weight, taking a long break, and then losing more. Strangely, that is exactly the way my weight loss journey has ended up due to life circumstances.

    I second both of the Beck Diet Solution books and Dr. Phil's "The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution." Also on my stack: "You on a Diet," by Michael; F.Roizen, M,D. which was a New York Times Bestseller when it came out.
    In the past, I've also gotten good info from Stephen Gullo's books and from Geneen Roth.
    I read everything with an open mind, sucking up bits and pieces as I go to put together my own wierd construct of what I believe about this subject!
  • Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters by Courtney E Martin helped me understand my body and mind a lot better. I could really relate to some of the chapters in it.

    Here's an excerpt from it
  • Mindless Eating, why we eat more than we think - Brian Wansink
    Look good, feel great - Joyce meyer
    The weigh down diet
    The complete idiots guide to running/jogging - Bob somebody I can't remember his last name LOL

    I have too many books to admit but i cannot think of any others at the moment sorry.
  • The Overfed Head by Rob Stevens.
  • Geneen Roth's book, When Food is Love, spoke volumes to me. I highlighted so much in this book and even wrote in the margins. I would highly recommend it.

    Jared Fogel's book, Jared, the Subway Guy: Winning Through Losing: 13 Lessons for Turning Your Life Around, was very motivational for me. It was a quick, easy read, but something about it motivated me into wanting to lose weight more than any other book I've read on this topic.
  • I haven't read books like these. I did read a memoir titled Fat Girl that was quite moving and beautifully written. I wish I could say it was THE thing that ultimtately got me on "the path" again to get to a healthy weight, but it didn't.

    I've gotten inspired from recipes.

    I'm posting here to ask if anyone has read the Paul McKenna book (and tape)? Someone on 3FG posted about it, but I can't recall who or where. I'm wondering about it.
  • I'm re-reading Diary of a Fat Housewife by Rosemary Green.

    First read it when I was about 16. Glad I kept it to re-read. Very motovational book, and a good look on the struggles of losing weight, but ultimitley knowing it truely is possible!
  • There are some really great book ideas on this thread!

    I liked the G.I diet by Rick Gallop. The book is based on the Glycemic index and is really good for losing weight. The book was recommended by a diabetic friend of mine.
    more here:

    Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide (2001) is another book that I really enjoyed. Deepak Chopra looks at the mind/body connection and how we can become healthy through living in tune with nature and other alternative healing paths.
  • any new books out there? making a book trip today.
  • Thank you for this thread. Many good book suggestions here that I will look into.

    The latest one I've read that inspired me is Japanese Women Don't Get Fat or Old. I found it entertaining the way she discusses her weight gain and journey to lose the weight. I enjoyed the recipes in it; although finding some of the ingredients was not easy in my neck of the woods.