Books that have helped motivate you or helped you lose weight

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  • I really like any of "The Biggest Loser" books. And it might be strange, but I love just flipping through and reading cook books. I really like the "Hungry Girl" ones. I don't know, somehow seeing that food can be good and healthy makes me want to try harder.

    Has anyone read the "Skinny B*tch" series?
  • i second the recomendation for Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. just a fun read about one funny lady's weight loss journey. made me think, if she can do this, then so can i!
  • Regarding podcasts, I found that Renee Stephens' Inside Out Weight Loss series to be really helpful to me. It's free on itunes. Even though I may not like her personally, she appeared on Wife Swap to disasterous results, this past winter, I still find her message invaluable.
  • Another vote for Mindless Eating--reading that now. It's really great. Helps you not only realize what triggers you to eat more junk, it helps you learn how to trigger yourself to eat more good stuff!
    Also interested in the Skinny B series, if anyone's read them? I've heard that they're extreme and promote an unhealthy diet, but only from one person.
    Oh, and, I don't know if it counts but right now I'm reading/doing the 28-Day Yoga Exercise Plan by Richard Hittleman. Not a diet book but very helpful in learning yoga if you're interested.
  • Robin, of course you thanked thanked me just now!
  • you can heal your life - louise hay

    for all of us with low self esteems, and who feel worthless in this world, and terrible about the way we look.. this book has been helping me ALOT ALOT ALOT .. please try reading this... the exercises it has in the book are really eye opening.. it made me realize alot of the things I think about myself are because OTHER people told me so.. this book helps you erase what other people told you as your beliefs, to creating your own beliefs about yourself...

    my yoga teacher suggested it to me because i kept being too hard on myself when i couldnt do the postures, and i kept hating me, and in result i would get dizzy in class.. it has def helped me alot with my confidence and believing in me.. and my weight loss.
  • I just read a great emotional eating book called, I think, "Life is Hard, Food is Easy". If you struggle with emotional eating it might be really helpful for you!
  • FYI - The Thin Commandments by Stephen Gullo sounded very interesting to me and my local library does not have it. I pinch pennies so I hated to order it through Amazon without being sure that I wanted it. I found it on Google books and started reading it while eating my lunch. The entire book will not be online but a large selection is.

    Just thought that I would share.
  • Not a book, but watching the training scenes in Rocky III (and Rocky I) always makes me want to get out there and workout hard. I have both movies and have watched those 10-15 minutes thousands of times to get myself going.
  • I have SO many motivational and books about dieting that I can't even think of them all.

    Lately I am really enjoying books on eating more mindfully. Like the "Martini Diet" and "French Women Don't Get Fat". I also just ordered "Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat" and just got out my old "The Okinawa Program" to read again.

    I go thru stages and re-read them all the time.

    I was excited to find this thread because there are books mentioned I Have not read!

    I think for me constantly reading keeps me focused and motivated.
  • Finished Half Assed, and LOVED it. Now I'm reading Fat Girl by Judith Moore. I don't like it as much, he mother ( if you can even call her that, was awful to her ) I have about 100 pages left, then I have Skinny B*itch lined up and Moose. Anyone read any of the 3 I just mentioned?
  • Skinny *****
  • i browsed the skinny b*tch book. i didnt read the whole thing, but i did read the chapter on not drinking milk. i little too much 'tough love' if you ask me. i dont need to spend 15 bucks to be berated about being fat. i can get that for free in the outside world.
  • I just finished Moose, as a long island girl it was all very dead on for me although the sleep away camp I attended was not a fat camp, I found it extremely relatable. I definitely recommend it.

    Also "confessions of a carb queen" was truly extraordinary
  • Loved, loved, loved Skinny Bit*h and Jen Lancasters Such a Pretty DD said...I think she stole our lives, lmao!