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Meg 10-03-2004 09:45 AM

Wow! I havenít checked here in a while (Iím really sorry :o ) and you all look MAH-VEL-OUS! I just love all the before and after pictures ó keep Ďem coming, people, even if youíre not at goal yet. Show us how far youíve come ó strut your stuff; youíve earned it! :D

Heaven ó I agree with Ilene ó you look like your own daughter now. I know what you mean about the energy now. I used to think it was all about how I look ó now I know itís all about how good I feel! And Lydia, thatís such a great picture of you and DH ó you smile alike, you know? Katey, my dear, you are ALWAYS welcome to post here! You are just the cutest little thing. :) Yeah, the weight loss does slow down, sometimes WAY down. Donít let it bother you ó youíll get to goal, donít worry!

You all have just made my day with these great pictures! Any more out there?

almostheaven 10-03-2004 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Meg
Heaven ó I agree with Ilene ó you look like your own daughter now.

::sigh:: I actually wish that were so Meg. My daughter will be 20 in 2 days and was weighing over 260. :( When I went for a visit the first of September, I got her motivated and bought her a set of the Walk Away the Pounds videos. I'm hoping she sticks with it. She's lost 7 pounds so far.

I was raised in a family that believe in eating out as much as possible and she was then raised the same. I've moved away from family and away from that lifestyle. She's still near family, and I know how much our family can hold a person back. So it's going to be doubly hard for her.

almostheaven 10-03-2004 01:50 PM

Thanks Meg! Though I was only there a week, we will be moving much closer next month. We'll just live 8 hours away, so I'll get to see her more often. And I think it's seeing me that motivated her this time. I'm just worried that the family will unmotivate her. So by being closer, getting to see each other more often, maybe it will keep her motivated.

She's so self-conscious now about her weight that although she really wanted a set of those videos (I'd taken one with me to work out to daily while I was down there), she won't do it in front of anyone. So she tries to get up before anyone else does and do it. She also has a lot of health problems which keeps her down. The biggest problem is that she's had surgery on her knee a couple years ago. Now she has cysts forming on her knees. And some of the medications they've had her on for various medical problems also added to her weight problem.

I know if my mom does her like she did me, she's going to have a time of it. I had open heart surgery as a child and mom wouldn't let me do anything. If my face got a little red (since I was white as a sheet anyway) from activity, she'd make me sit down. And she's the great guilt tripper if you try to do anything she sees as self-serving. Taking time for yourself to exercise is a no no. Not wanting to go out to eat with the family means something's obviously wrong with you. She'll say one time won't hurt, but her one times turn into 5 days a week time. :(

karynlee 10-12-2004 05:23 PM

I love all the pics here. Everyone looks so much younger and happier in their afters!

Hope this work...here's a link to my before and afters:


nelie 10-12-2004 06:31 PM

Karyn, that is awesome. I was thinking just yesterday "I wonder what I'll look like when I lose weight" since I've always been overweight, I don't know. I've noticed though that I think I'm starting to look like my cousins and my mom's youngest sister.

Meg 10-12-2004 06:41 PM

Karyn -- those are AWESOME! Thank you for posting them! You also look so much younger and happier! :D Make sure to take lots of photos in Hawaii in those cute little outfits to share with us.

Nelie -- I didn't have any idea what/who I'd look like when I got to my goal weight and lots of people, including my own father, didn't recognize me for a long time. It's really weird when you walk up to someone you've known for twenty years and they act like you're a stranger. Heck, I didn't even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. :lol: But now when I look back at pictures of myself, it's like I'm looking at a stranger -- a sad and obese stranger -- and I feel so sorry for her, but now I have a hard time remembering looking like that. It's all very strange ... :dizzy:

Ilene 10-12-2004 08:10 PM

Karyn -- Those are awesome!! Congrats! It's so nice to put a face to the picture...

DH and I went for a walk on a trail this past Friday and we brought our new digital, so he took a pic of us... When he downloaded it I was shocked at my face compared to last year's pic in August!

I'll try to attach it here goes...

It didn't work very well the pics were all blurry! But I'll try again later...

Ilene 10-13-2004 07:40 AM

Boy you're quick Meg!! :lol: That's exactly what I was thinking of doing, ahhh, great minds think alike!

Ilene 10-13-2004 07:55 AM

Done Deal! :D

Meg 10-13-2004 08:33 AM

Ahh, MUCH better!

And you're right - there's a big difference in your face! (and it's such a cute picture of you and DH :) )

lyndaann 10-17-2004 10:43 PM

Lynda's transformation
4 Attachment(s)
Photo #1 Summer of 1978 135 lbs
Photo #2 Christmas 2000 275 lbs
Photo #3 June 2003 285.5 lbs.
Photo #4 June 2004 151lbs

Ilene 10-17-2004 11:27 PM

Great pics Lynda!! Hard to believe that was you a little over a year ago!..

Keep those pics coming I love pics...

srmb60 10-18-2004 10:00 AM

These are soooo great. I tried to upload some but they're too big. I have to go read the instructions!

srmb60 10-18-2004 09:11 PM


How about a link? I'll get some good afters and then figure out how to post properly.

This is the difference between 162 (in April 2003) and 125 (in August 2004).

Meg 10-18-2004 09:21 PM

Susan! Lynda Ann! Great pictures! Susan -- you lost quite a few years along with the pounds. :D And Lynda Ann -- I'm speechless! You went from looking like the mom to looking like the sister! :eek:

Weight loss must be the Fountain of Youth!

These pictures are fabulous, people -- let's see lots more!

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