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  • Thanks Lanaii. That's an added benefit of losing the weight, I dropped years along with it. I certainly feel younger. I was in my 20's in that first picture and I was always so tired after just getting in from work. Now I go to night classes twice a week and I'm always on the go when I get home from work, between exercise and a newfound joy of shopping. I used to absolutely hate shopping. LOL And I started going to a tanning bed for the first time in my life. I could never tan before and never saw the need of putting that large body into one of those little pancake machines.
  • Almostheaven, let me just say ROWR! and Wowsa!
  • Heaven,
    You really do look great!! Isn't it fun to go shopping for clothes now that you have lost all that weight? Although I have lost close to 30 pounds nowand am at goal weight, I just LOVE to shop now for all the stylish clothes. Having gone from a size 12 to either an 8 or 6 depending on the outfit itself, I enjoy the "new me" sooo much more! The old confidence level sure goes up when the weight comes off, doesn't it?
    Congrats again on all the weight loss, Heaven.
    Have a great day-
  • Definately! I have more confidence and am more outgoing than I've ever been. People have commented on the change. And I certainly have a lot more energy. Just had a 19 yo intern at the office asking me how old my daughter was. When I told her 19, she said "No way! That's my age! You can't have a daughter that old." All I could say was "Bless you". LOL!

    BTW, here's yesterday. I modeled my latest new outfit for hubby to take a pic.

  • Quote: Heaven!! WOW!! That first pic could pass for your mother!!!!! You look lovely and much much younger!!
    My thoughts exactly, you look much younger! You are very inspiring to someone who wants to qualify for this maintainers forum like me!
  • Let's see if I can make this work!


    After (last year, need to lose 10 lbs to get back here)...
  • Wow Lydia, awesome transformation!!!!!! You look so happy in your after shot!
  • Lydia: Stunning!


  • Lydia, WOW!!!! Absolutely fantastic, congratulations!
  • Wow, all these amazing pictures have really inspired me SO much. Everyone looks so amazing, and really happy in their after pics!

    I've been in a bit of a funk lately, my loss suddenly switched from 2/3/4 pounds a week to just one, which I know is ok, but it has been getting me down.

    But your photos have shown that it can be done!! I hope you don't mind me sharing my pics, even though I'm not a maintainer yet!!

    The first two are me on holiday in Greece last October, and I put on about 15 pounds after that trip, and the second two were me about two months ago - I've lost 12 pounds since they were taken.

  • All of you look TERRIFIC! Congratulations on all of ya'lls weightloss.
  • Katey what a cutey you are!!! Keep up the great work and post here anytime...
  • Wow! I havenít checked here in a while (Iím really sorry ) and you all look MAH-VEL-OUS! I just love all the before and after pictures ó keep Ďem coming, people, even if youíre not at goal yet. Show us how far youíve come ó strut your stuff; youíve earned it!

    Heaven ó I agree with Ilene ó you look like your own daughter now. I know what you mean about the energy now. I used to think it was all about how I look ó now I know itís all about how good I feel! And Lydia, thatís such a great picture of you and DH ó you smile alike, you know? Katey, my dear, you are ALWAYS welcome to post here! You are just the cutest little thing. Yeah, the weight loss does slow down, sometimes WAY down. Donít let it bother you ó youíll get to goal, donít worry!

    You all have just made my day with these great pictures! Any more out there?
  • Quote: Heaven ó I agree with Ilene ó you look like your own daughter now.
    ::sigh:: I actually wish that were so Meg. My daughter will be 20 in 2 days and was weighing over 260. When I went for a visit the first of September, I got her motivated and bought her a set of the Walk Away the Pounds videos. I'm hoping she sticks with it. She's lost 7 pounds so far.

    I was raised in a family that believe in eating out as much as possible and she was then raised the same. I've moved away from family and away from that lifestyle. She's still near family, and I know how much our family can hold a person back. So it's going to be doubly hard for her.
  • Thanks Meg! Though I was only there a week, we will be moving much closer next month. We'll just live 8 hours away, so I'll get to see her more often. And I think it's seeing me that motivated her this time. I'm just worried that the family will unmotivate her. So by being closer, getting to see each other more often, maybe it will keep her motivated.

    She's so self-conscious now about her weight that although she really wanted a set of those videos (I'd taken one with me to work out to daily while I was down there), she won't do it in front of anyone. So she tries to get up before anyone else does and do it. She also has a lot of health problems which keeps her down. The biggest problem is that she's had surgery on her knee a couple years ago. Now she has cysts forming on her knees. And some of the medications they've had her on for various medical problems also added to her weight problem.

    I know if my mom does her like she did me, she's going to have a time of it. I had open heart surgery as a child and mom wouldn't let me do anything. If my face got a little red (since I was white as a sheet anyway) from activity, she'd make me sit down. And she's the great guilt tripper if you try to do anything she sees as self-serving. Taking time for yourself to exercise is a no no. Not wanting to go out to eat with the family means something's obviously wrong with you. She'll say one time won't hurt, but her one times turn into 5 days a week time.