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Hi all... I put my introduction in the thread but, the short story is, after 20 years of trying to lose the weight I put on in college, I finally did it. About the middle of August I started trying to maintain.

The good news... I have not gained and actually lost 2 lbs. The sort of bad, I am realizing that I can't just "wing it". I have never done this before. And it is showing. From August until now I have been kind of just doing what I think is best. Stumbling along. And there have been a few super cheats, and I don't want that.

So I decided to join and get serious. What are your best advices?

A little bit more about me. As a child I was always a bit chubby but I skated and my mom kept me on good food. When I went to college I was 155. Within a week, I quit skating, got my license, and started school. I didn't think I was being that bad. I just did what everyone else did. I got a hot chocolate and a muffin for breakfast, I went to the cafeteria for lunch and had dinner when I got home. I wore sweats (everyone else did) and I concentrated on my studies. In November of that year -- my brother asked what the lines were on my arms. They were stretch marks. I got on the scale I was 195. Devastating.

But I figured I could lose it. HA! No I couldn't. There were a few trys in college but, my first real try was in 1996. I went on weight watchers. Only lost to 180 and I couldn't lose anymore. Then tried again in 2006 same thing.

This time I got deadly serious and tired HMR. Decision free plan. Which is a very low calorie diet medically monitored. That worked. I lost 60 lbs in 6 months. My health has improved markedly. My blood sugar went from 90 most of the time to 75-77. My liver function is simply amazing -- the only thing is my cholesterol went up but, they seem to think it could be from the low calories. We are just monitoring it. I still have tons of HMR food.

Almost every diet I have ever been on, when I went off, I gained hand over foot. Literally in 2006 I got to 164 and had to go to work for a party --I had like 4 seven layer bars and gained 6 lbs. I never was able to lose it.

This time I haven't had that problem. I suspect that on other diets I might have lost weight and still been somewhat insulin resistant... but now, I am not... so I think that is why I doing better now.

As to exercise, I didn't do significant exercise on the diet. I have a pretty active job and one reason I lost weight was my feet hurt. But since about May I have joined gym and done weights -- I am considering joining a personal trainer. My feet still hurt but not as bad.

The plan to the extent I have one, weigh daily, write down what I eat... try my best to not eat processed sugar type foods / wheat, build back muscle and exercise and if I gain anything over 160.. immediately go back on HMR until the scale says 155 again. I refuse -- to regain this time.

I have a birthday coming up Friday, the bad part... this usually is a major stumbling block. Everyone at work is just insane about pushing food at me and despite my best intent... I know I am going to consume more than I want. Thoughts?
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So I decided to join and get serious. What are your best advices?
Advice? Never stop. Maintaining is just as hard as losing and if you stop the discipline you'll regain. We have a thread in here Maintainers Facing Fall Fearlessly--it's where those of us who did stop the discipline gained some and are trying to relose the weight.

Thoughts on the birthday party? Smile and say no when the food is pushed your way. You can do it! You've come this far and you don't need your pesky coworkers to ruin it for you. But if you do give in, don't punish yourself. We're all human, we make mistakes. Just get right back in there and reverse the damage.
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Welcome and congratulations on your weight loss. I find that maintenance is ongoing and for me it means I still weigh daily, I still count calories I still plan my meals ahead of time, I still keep a food log. This not nearly as difficult as it would be if I regain my weight and have to start over. SHort version, PLAN AHEAD and stick to it.
Good luck.
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