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Christian Cyster
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Question South Beach VS Atkins

What do you suggest is the better diet of the two. Because they are pretty much the same, besides the fact that the SB is low Fat aswell.
Please i need advise on this because i am SO confused which one to follow.
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Red face Lifestyle Change


I'm sure its strictly a matter of opinion & preference but, for me....Atkins all the way! What I would suggest to you is getting both books, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution AND South Beach Diet. Read both books & base your decision on which program you can do as a total lifestyle change. A "diet" only works as long as you do it but, a lifestyle change, works for a lifetime.

Honestly, I am not real familiar with the South Beach program although, I do understand it incorporates lowfat & low carb. I may get flamed for this but....prior to going on Atkins, I tried many lowfat "diets", they didn't work for me. Personally, I am not a believer in eating lowfat products due to them containing so many preseratives. On Atkins, I can enjoy real butter, real mayonnaise, heavy cream, real cheese....all in moderation of course. And I am living proof Atkins works.

All the best to you!!

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South Beach is NOT low fat or low carb - it's good fat and good carbs. Even on Phase I, carbs such as legumes and dairy are allowed.
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Carolyn, they seem similar to me too. I've been asking my hubby, which one do you want to do (b/c he has to do it at dinner with me) and he said whatever one has meat, lol.

Anyways, I agree they seem similar, esp after induction as you add more carbs back in. I guess maybe the difference would be in atkins you can have mayo and butter (fats) which you can't in south beach I think.

We're trying South Beach (if I ever quit eating those stinkin' chocolate eggs), but for some reason I keep reading over here too b/c they just seem so similar to me.

Good luck to you!
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I don't think they are that similar. The only similarity is that they don't allow fruit in the first 2 weeks. Other than that, they are VERY different IMO.

Personally, I'm not on either but I have read both books and I think Atkins is way better. At least he picks a side and sticks o it. Instead South Beach tries to make everyone happy by going low fat and sort of moderate carb. I don't think it's healthy fats, either: canola oil and margarine are in my "avoid" list. I think you are better off going on Atkins and making usre you don't overdo the processed products and franken foods. In that case, I think Atkins comes pretty close to being a GREAT diet.
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And do not forget the Stanford study which found Atkins to be most effective.
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I borrowed the book "The Low Carb Bible," from the local library. The book gives brief summaries/reviews of various diets generally considered low carb, and includes both Atkins and South Beach, as well as several others.

I liked it so much that my husband and I developed our diet plans from the book. How far you can or are willing to go in restricting carbs, I believe is a very individual thing. And if you are diabetic, insulin resistant, or on medications or have health issues that affect blood sugar, you need to talk to your doctor and/or pay attention to how going "too low" (or too high) affects how you feel. On the reduced carb spectrum, my diet leans much mor towards SouthBeach/Weight Watchers Core, and my husbands leans more towards later stage Atkins (though he's only at about week 3). We both skipped induction phases. Though there is not the huge initial weight loss that many find motivating, we're doing very well.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
And do not forget the Stanford study which found Atkins to be most effective.
I think that statement was misquoted by some of the media and led to some confusion in the study results. They didn't compare Atkins to the South Beach Diet, calorie counting, or even Weight Watchers which previous studies showed was more successful long term than Atkins. It was only compared to the Zone, Ornish, and something called LEARN. According to CNN: Scientifically, the 12-month results were not different enough from the Atkins weight loss to rule out the possibility the differences occurred by chance. ...After 6 months, most began regaining weight, a trend most noticeable in the Atkins women.

Plus, the Atkins group only lost an average of 2 pounds per month for the first 6 months. After that, they either slowed loss further or regained. Many dropped out of the study.

Christopher Gardner, one of the authors of the study, said "There's not a ton of weight loss here. Atkins isn't the solution for the obesity problem".

That said, I know a lot of people that have been very successful on Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and calorie counting. The trick is finding which diet plan fits your personal lifestyle, because that's the one you'll stick to. Good luck with your decision
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I am new to all of this SB stuff but 8 days ago I said ok a change is needed. I started the SB diet went to the library got the book, shopped for groceries and have been on it since then. Its crazy how quickly I adjusted to not having so many cravings etc. I am not sure of the wt. loss this week as its not scale day til friday but I can say the clothes are fitting better and my body has more energy. I actually am not as tired as in the past after work etc. So that being said I think this good carb, good fat is okay and working so far. I think its really important to read the whole book. Last time years ago I tried this and lost learned some new things but went off of it I took the short cut and didn't really read the book. Now I have a better understanding why we are to eat certain things at a pt. and time of the day and how our bodies react to some foods we eat etc. Well that said good luck to you what ever journey you decide to take. On this I had one slip up day of two little cookies and nothing since that is something for me.
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I tried both in the past and you will lose weight in Atkins but in my case, ketosis gave me insomnia and I was restless. I think the best diet is the one you can do for life. A lot of people lost a ton of weight here on Atkins, others on SB, others calorie counting, others with WW. TO each its own
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I was told by my doctors (both body and mind docs) that Atkins is really bad for folks with mood swings or depression.

That being said, if you like veggies I recommend South Beach. BUT if you don't want to eat a lot of veggies my understanding is that Atkins is probably a better choice.

ANY plan you pick and stick with FOREVER will work.

I have friends that have "been" on atkins for years but they keep "falling off" because they keep eating stuff NOT allowed. Oh I couldn't help it I had to have a bun with my burger... kind of stuff.

Well with South beach you CAN have that bun with your burger and not fall off the beach...

I really loathe the misconceptions about South Beach Diet. It's good fats and good carbs and it's all about the veggies. Yes the first two weeks only you dont' have fruit or complex grains or starchy veggies but after that you add them all back.

I know that my doctor approves SBD totally and my cholesterol went from 213 to 166 in less than a year on the beach. My blood pressure and blood sugar are now normal.

and i never have to tell anyone i'm on a diet....
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