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Question Carb withdrawal?

OK. I just started a prepacked food plan that is low cal and low carb. I am feeling hungry though I am feeling like I am eating a lot. Could it be carb withdrawal? [FYI: I was living almost exclusively on cereal, waffles and ice cream (with the occasional soul food dish thrown in for fat-fill variety) before I started this.]
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Probably!! Your body does some wonky things when you let go of refined foods. Hang in there, it'll get better!
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Absolutely could be.....sugar and carbs, and the insulin reaction they cause-signal the brain once they're gone that you're hungry (for more sugar and carbs!). Lots of people have that reaction;it's part of the withdrawal. When you start low carb, it can take up to 4 or 5 days to get the excess glucose out of your system, then the monster cravings should subside. It can also cause headaches and fatigue for those first days too, but not for everyone, just be prepared with some tylenol just in case. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
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Definitely!! Your body has to get used to not having that stuff....dont be surprised if you get headaches and other odd happenings for the next couple days. I would suggest tho, dont worry about your calorie intake until you get over the carb cravings and withdrawals.
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Are you drinking plenty of water? Does the plan you're on allow for things like celery or something to munch on if you feel hungry?
How are things going now? better?
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It could definitely be carb withdrawal. I had it that first 4 or 5 days. I wasnt' too pleasant to be around. I lived on cereal, bread, Pizza and fried foods before. Not to mention all the sweets I was used to. I gave my system a real shock.
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Absolutely it took me 4 months of withdrawls. I almost gave up, but I'm fine now. Judy H
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When I first went off carbs it took me months to feel normal again. I almost figured it wasn't worth it. Hang in there it will get better. Judy Ps I tried to delete this duplicate post and the system wouldn't let me

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Default fatigue

this is my second day on atkins and i feel totally drained of energy.
could this be the diet or i am getting a flu?
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i wanted to start the atkins diet today, but i woke up yesterday feeling like im getting a cold. i've been drinking LOTS of spicy v8 juice, and have to wait til i get better until i start my new diet. sucks. i really wanted to start during the weekend, so i wont have to deal with all of the withdrawl while im at work during the week days. i bought 3 bags of frozen shrimp and have eggs on hand. just sucks that the cocktail sauce has lots of carbs, so i wont be using that... hopefully i can keep up with the diet and it will work.
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I felt tired, hungry and a little sick for the first few days, but much better once I got the carbs out of my system. Now if I stick to my plan I'm hardly ever hungry. Drink lots of water and you'll feel better soon. Good luck!
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Yeah, not looking foreward to the withdrawl symptoms that i know will be coming. Had to start all over again ( stupid entemens ), and this is day one. i get some headaches, but mostly really bad moods and the carb cravings get REALLY strong. Just gotta push through them.
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Hello to all in this area Today is Friday and I dont know about you but that usually is lets go out day. But lately I have felt so fat that I didnt even want to go out. Well i started my Atkins and Its day one and I did not cheat

and I drank lots of water Im proud of myself !!!!!!

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Way to go Bitty! Keep it up! You can do it gal!

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Default me too

im glad you posted this. im on day 1 and was really hungry right after i ate dinner. i had a salad, 2turkey patties, and some green beans. i didnt eat though and it actually went away. try chewing some minty gum s/f of course.
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