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Arrow trying low carb.Ketosis question

I am trying to eat low question is how much weight should I expect to loose each week through ketosis,and because my bmi is over 40,does that mean my body can safely go into ketosis if I eat low fat foods?
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Sorry, Baygurl, I replied to this on Saturday afternoon but it seems my post got lost!

The amount of weight you lose on a low carb plan depends on the plan, your age, whether you have dieted before and some other factors. What plan are you following?

Sorry, but I don't understand the relationship between a high BMI and safety in ketosis. Most low carb plans such as Atkins do not limit you to low fat foods; in fact, high fat food is encouraged because it makes you feel full. Could you explain what you mean a bit more?
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i agree the atkins is not a low fat diet and i am 49 and i still lose weight pretty fast if you stick to it and dont cheat you will lose weight
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Adkins was my diet of choice yrs ago. If I remember correctly, you need the high fat foods....especially for induction, or a prolonged induction(for the folks with more to loose) Lower fat foods were discouraged because they had a higher sugar content to make up for the low fat....and you know what the sugar would do. High fat somehow drives this diet, and you excrete the is not retained. I am sure it can all be expained in the Kreb's cycle, but my old brain doesn't compute that way anymore. Good Luck.
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Atkins and ketosis is safe for most people (except those with certain types of kidney disease - which is why you should have a checkup first, to rule out undiagnosed kidney disease). Ketoacidosis is a a more extreme form of ketosis, which can be very dangerous.

Drastically cutting both carbohydrates and fat is not safe (regardless of BMI, as I understand it), because it does increase the chances of ketoacidosis and other issues as well. Eating low carb, lean protein (without sufficient fat) results in what is sometimes called "rabbit starvation," or "protein poisoning." Ketoacidosis is one of the main risks, but not the only one, and as I understand it, the amount of body fat a person has, isn't necessarily protection against it.

It is called "rabbit starvation," because it was first noticed in early settlers, who during winter months were unable to find anything to eat except rabbits (which are extremely lean animals). Without fat and carbohydrates, people would die. It was reported at the time, that people died more quickly on a diet of rabbit than those who ate nothing at all, and that often the person who "starved" had not lose enough weight to look like they should have died(so excess fat reserves doesn't necessarily protect you against the ravages of the illness).

There's also some reports that reducing fat in a low-carb diet doesn't necessarily speed the weight loss significantly, so it makes no sense to risk death to end up losing little or no more weight than eating enough fat to make the diet safe.

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Originally Posted by baygurl View Post
I am trying to eat low question is how much weight should I expect to loose each week through ketosis,and because my bmi is over 40,does that mean my body can safely go into ketosis if I eat low fat foods?
I don't think you can "plan" how much weight you lose, that is up to your own chemistry, which you can only "somewhat" control.

Fat is somewhat invisible in Atkins. Eat the fatty meats, like the chicken legs and things with more oil in them, not just lean meat. Eat butter, and other high heat oils and also eat olive oil. Fat is extremely important to your health and too many people just take it out of their diets. Fat is used by the skin, the joints, the hormones and a lot more very important systems. It also keeps you looking young longer. Fat is not the enemy.
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