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Welcome to Low carbing MsMagee. Why not have meat or cheese for breakfast? We have to think outside the box. I sometimes have soup or chili or stew from the previous day. Ham and cheese rollups?
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i quite enjoy a few tbsp of sour cream and atkins pancake syrup for brekkie or snacks. it tastes like maple yogurt. it soooo goood!!

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Old 08-24-2005, 12:25 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by mbscalise
Breakfast is undoubtedly the hardest meal for me because (1) I'm not an early-morning eater and (2) I am not willing to make time to make breakfast in the morning.

Do you experienced people have ideas for me for breakfast? Right now I'm just starting Induction, so if you can also suggest things for my first two weeks, that would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance!
I eat Atkins Advantage bars every morning. Quick, easy, and nutritious. And the bars are allowed during Induction, as are the Morning Start bars.
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I melted a little shredded cheese over canned white meat chicken chunks this morning... I am not a fan of eggs unless their poached and I am not a fan of kitchens or cooking either!

The string cheese sticks sound like a great idea. I can tuck those in my bag for breakfast on the run.

How about macadamia nuts and coffee with heavy cream? That's my plan for tomorrow (my day 2).
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On days I can't face eggs I usually just have a piece of Ham and cheese, or maybe a shake. In fact I drink alot of LC shakes in the morning. I put sugar free syrup in it and maybe some raspberries, splenda, soy powder and whipping cream in it. (YUM). Judy
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I like the Apple Cinnamon breakfast bars by Atkins. they're crunchy like rice crispies and have great flavor! and on the Atkins website, it indicates they are approved for induction.

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Old 06-13-2006, 10:58 AM   #22
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Today I had: One scrambled egg (I know you said no eggs, but bare with me) made in the microwave. I put on last night's leftover taco meat and salsa. I am still soooo full and it was sooo goood, give eggs another try and least once in awhile!
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I have half a peanut butter (low carb) jelly (sugarfree) toat on low carb bread.
I have special K cereal (low carb life style) or shrdded wheat (0 sugar) in fat free soy milk. and a huge cup of coffee!

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Sometimes I like to take a slice of deli ham and put a little crem cheese in the middle of the slice and add a pickle spear (or have it on the side_, roll it up and eat it.

Sounds kinda gross, but I promise, it's good.

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Once you are through with induction, you can have berries. So today I had Berries in a Cloud... just whipping cream with raspberries and blueberries. YUM!
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is coffee low carb? I havent had coffee in two days and im so addicted im so tired without my coffe lol.
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I've heard that melons and berries are not too high in carbs. I could eat that really easy for breakfast
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When I did low carb years ago, I often had deli canadian bacon or turkey slices slatered with a laughing cow cheese and rolled up. It's very good and very transportable.

Cook up some chicken tenders in advance. You can nuke and take on the run with some cheese.

Peanut butter celery (maybe not on induction)

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Default My low carb breakfast favorites

This is my favorite (if you can afford 8 net carbs) - pour into a blender (Or measure it all up night before into blender, poke blend jar in fridge and whiz it in AM to speed it up) 1 1/2 Cups 2% Carb countdown milk, 2 1/2 tsp instant coffee (I prefer Folgers Rich), 2 Tbs Vanilla Whey protein powder (sugar free of course), 1/4 tsp each vanilla and almond extracts, 2 tbs DaVinci chocolate flavored syrup (sugar free - kind you add to coffees - not the kind you pour over desserts), and 1 Tbs Splenda Measure. It takes a large glass to hold it, I like it over ice. I know it's a lot of carbs for some - but it's a glorious yummy 8 net carbs. REcipe is from Dana Carpender called Irish Cream Coffee Latte Smoothie.

I also eat the low carb hot cereals available online - hazelnut is my favorite. They make you quite full with so much fiber in them - add a side of protein and it's a big breakfast. I also top them with heavy cream, splenda, and big pat of butter. Throw pecans or walnuts into cereal if you are allowed them. Add peanut butter to the milk chocolate flavor if you are allowed PB.

Also, any leftovers are fair game - grab a low carb tortilla wrap and load it up with whatever is lurking in fridge - Roast beef and horseradish sauce is my current favorite - add a slice of tomato, some tasty cheese - oh yeah baby.

Those EAS Carbcontrol shakes - wonderful. A little pricey, but tasty and fast. I usually require a snack later though - they don't keep me full. The South Beach Meal bars - usually 3 net carbs each (if sugar alcohol isn't your nemesis) are also great - I stick to meal bars that use those soy protein nuggets (look like rice crispies) - they just taste better.

Those danish eggs - awesome. Might just do that today.

I get fed up with eggs too. When I do eat them, I like a loaded up omelet or over easy with steak ums to mop up the yolk.

Sometimes, in a rush, just a chunked up hunk of summer sausage, cheese chunks, and some low carb veggies (raw broccoli or celery etc) plus coffee. Poke it all in a baggie and you have a car meal.

Hope this helps.

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Default Fruit smoothy


I make myself delicious and nutritious breakfast from my great green powder (incl.complex carbs, minerals, vitamins...) fruit, rice milk, wholegrain cereal and flax seed meal.
It gives me all the goodies my body needs to stay healthy and lose weight

Green is Good!

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