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Default Counting Calories & Atkins?

Hello, I have noticed some of you have stated you needed to start counting calories or at least stay under I belive I read 1500 a day to be able to loose after going to Phase 2 I`ve watched a couple of shows on TV also and they said about the same thing, counting calories and doing Atkins helps to loose.How do I do that? I`m just getting use to doing the carb count and tryin to keep it under 30 grams a day I`m on phase 2 now. Any discussions on this would be very appreciated. Thank You
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Most folks use which is free. There is no need to count calories as long as you are still losing but calories DO count, even on Atkins.
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If your losing don't change a thing, its when your not that you really need to take a close look at what you are doing. I must watch my calories or I do not lose. 1500 seems to be working for me.

Good luck !!
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On a low carb diet just counting the net carbs, How much weight do you lose a week?
I know that counting all the carbs you can lose up to a lb a day. but since we seem to only count the net carbs how much weight loss occurs?
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Im confused with the losing a pound a day thing, a pound of what? Theres no way it can be pure fat *confused dazed look*. Anyway, counting calories and carbs is a double threat, id probably start counting them if youre stalling, or lift some extra weights. Good luck!

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There's no real 'rule of thumb' about how much you can lose and how quickly. There are just too many factors involved. How much do you have to lose? What's your metabolic resistance level? Are you exercising? etc.

And again, any 'diet' is destined to fail because eventually you'll go *off* it and return to the eating habits that got you where you were in the first place. You must find a lifestyle change that you can adopt and keep.
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