La Carb Ice Cream on Atkins

  • I just purchased some La Carb ice cream and really enjoyed it, but am not sure how many carbs to count it. The package says 6 grams for 1/2 cup, but then says there are 3 grams of glycerine in it and I was wondering if anyone knew how I should be counting this. Thanks, Caci
  • Caci, glycerine technically is removed as a carb from nutritional counts, so if you are following a low carb diet that deals with 'net carbs' then you can take the 3 glycerine carbs out.
  • Hi Jennifer, Thanks very much for the information on the ice cream. I have 3 cartons sitting in the freezer and just couldn't bring myself to use 6 carbs for a half a cup, but for 3 carbs, that I can handle. Caci
  • hey caci~
    yummmmmmm............enjoy! write soon!