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Default Ideas for sweet low carb snacks please.

Hi, I need ideas for low carb sweet snacks, I usually crave them when close to TOM and the cravings are killing me right now. It has to be something sweet and of course very low in carbs, so the atkins bars dont follow in that category, because they are ussually high in carbs and stall me, the shakes are ok but I want something "solid" not liquid any recepies are welcome.
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Hi im rosey from alaska and i had gastric bypass surg so im locarb all the time. check out the web site -theworldaccording toeggface- she had the same surg and has lots of recipes for sweets, like cake and protein ice cream etc. i use her site alot. good luck, dont you hate those cravings tho

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Hi...my name is Michelle and I like to have SF Jello w/2 Tbsp. of whipped topping, but lately I have found something that I really like and it tastes absolutely decadent...1 Tbsp of creamy peanut butter w/2 Tbsp. of whipped topping...the protein in the peanut butter is filling and you get that sweet taste from the both of them...hope this helps.
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I like to soften some cream cheese (soft or regular) in the micro for just a few seconds, add some stevia or splenda, cinnamon, and mix together for a tasty low-carb treat. Just make however much you like; I just mix up about a quarter cup. I've experimented with different things with much success! I've added strawberries, blue berries, and other low-carb fruit and fruit flavorings to mix it up. It does the trick and is really good!
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Plain greek yogurt- add stevia and cocoa powder or some frozen fruit or sugar free jam. If you have one of those frozen yogurt makers, throw it in there.

It's not super low in sugar, but it's reasonable and high in protein.

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I have made popsicles out of Atkins shakes and they are yummy!! Give it a shot, you'll love it!!
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Great ideas everybody.Thank you so much!
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I take a pear, cut it in half, take off the stem and take out the seeds, sprinkle with cinnamon and a pinch of stevia, put in a pan, add about a 1/2 inch of water and steam until tender!

Sinful stuff!

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I second the greek yogurt!!!

The brand I use has 5g of carbs per serving. I add in some sugar free french vanilla syrup and put it in the freezer for 1 - 2 hours. (It's best to use the full fat kind for this, so you don't get ice crystals.) It's amazing.

I like to add in slivered almonds, walnuts, or grated dark chocolate to change up the flavor and texture.
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Ditto on the greek yogurt. It's got some carbs from the milk sugar but there is so much protein in it that balances it out. Aside from the other flavor suggestions others have made, I like to use a little sprinkle of Crystal Light - I'm having some with a little bit of orange flavor right now! I can keep the packs of Crystal light at work and buy single size servings of plain greek yogurt. (the flavored ones you can get at the supermarket have too much added sugars). If you try this, just use a tiny little sprinkle - you can always add more but I find that a little bit goes a very long way! lol!
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I make sorbet from frozen fruit. I put in a cup or so of frozen fruit (I like strawberries best, and they also happen to be one of the lowest carb - frozen cantaloup is also very low-cal/carb but I hate cantaloup) into the pureeing gadget of my choice.

I now use a personal blender (mine is the Sonoma Cucina Rocketblender, which has a stronger motor than the more widely advertised Magic Bullet), but I used to use a food processor or a standard blender.

I put the frozen fruit into the blender (or food processor bowl), and then add some low-carb sweetened beverage. Sugar free diet lemonade or citrus soda of some kind is my preference. I usually use the generic store brand equivalents to Diet Sprite, Diet Mountain Dew, Sugar Free Minute Maid, Prepared Crystal Light lemonade or Margarita...

Even water will do, but water dilutes the flavor of the finished sorbet and doesn't have any sweetness of it's own so you then have to add artificial sweetener (which you may have to add anyway if the soda isn't enough sweetness for you).

If I want a frozen daquiri type dring, I'll add about 1/2 a can of soda or more to the drink to get a nice slushy consistency. If I want sorbet, I add only an ounce or so (and may have to add more).

Until you learn how you like it (and how well your blending device is at pulverizing the fruit) it's better to add too little and have to add more.

Turn on the blender or fp and pulse for a few times. You may have to add more liquid or stir the berries a couple times to make sure it purees nicely - or you may not have to. It all depends on the efficiency and strength of your blender/fp.

When it's the consistency you want (from slush, to soft serve, to hard-packed), taste it and add any sweetener you might want. I find that I usually don't have to add much if any sweetener if I use the diet soda or lemonade).

Almond or coconut milk also can be used instead, for a more icecream like effect - sweetener will probably be wanted then.

I also use Davinci syrups (sweetened with Splenda) to flavor the blend.
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