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Angry Low carb

Hi Ladies! I have not been following the atkins diet 100% because truthfully I dont like the fact that I have to cut all the carb out of my diet. I think there are certain foods such as sweet potatos that are complex carbohydrates that are actually good for you. BUT for the past 2 weeks I have cut ALL refined flours, the majority of breads I have cut out all high sugar content fruits such as watermelon, and all those disgusting snacks that are so called labeled low fat but are so full of preservatives, pasta and rice. My meals are : 1 lean breakfast pocket (bacon egg and chesse) because it is the only thing that will keep me full until past noon with a cup of tea with equal. Lunch: Chicken salad made with lean white meat grilled chicken all kinds of lettuce, cherri tomatos and lite rasberry vinagrette, Snack one sugar free low carb cup of DeLite ice cream
Dinner is whatever protein I am making for my husband (steak chicken etc) with a side order of my favorite salad (spring mix and rasperry vinagrettte) an plate of steamed veggies, and a half a cup of black bean soup or any kind of 98% fat free soup (excluding the stuff that comes with pasta)
OK the results are here (drum roll please) in two weeks I have dropped 7 pounds, OMG my skin looks GREAT its like a rosy colored which I have never had, my energy is up 100% I actually feel like getting home from work and excercising right away, and I am NOT bloated constantly. The only thing that I have noticed is that I am a little constipated. But a little of my miracle tea can solve that...
I totally agree with the low carb plan it works!
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Woohoooo Claudia! That's awesome!! I've too notice my complexion has greatly improved. I"m not totally carb free, but trying to omit the white stuff. If i go totally carb free, my gall bladder gets very upset---trying to keep from having to have surgery!! Anyway--i'm feeling really good, except for a dang headcold, but it's going around here in ole tennessee. I tried on a skort that i bought at the beginning of summer and refused to take it back cause it was too small. Today if fit!! YIPPEEEE---Thanks to all of you for the support and inspiration!--debyj
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Angry Low carb

Hey Deb!
I must tell you that I really enjoy all these encouraging boards. I hope you feel better there is nothing worst then a head cold.
I dont know about you but I actually dont look forward to having carbs because I feel so drugged out afterwards...has this happened to you?

Have a great day!
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I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to decide if LC is the way to go. I have PCOS and I have heard that LC is good and so is SB.
With the Atkins diet you seem to consume a lot of fat. How can that be healthy?

Maybe it's the brain washing that's been happening for years about eating low-fat, I don't know but, I don't see how eating a lot of fat is good for you.

Also, I live in Canada and it's hard for me to find LC stuff up here. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but I need to watch my sheckles.

I look forward to any replies and thanks for listening.

P.S. I have been doing the low-fat thing for about 3 months and have had good results, but now I have noticed my hair is falling out and I wonder if its from the low-fat WOE. One more thing, what kind of vitamins should a person take on the Atkins plan?
I can't find what he's talking about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.
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Come on Spring!
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Hi there Hizgirl. Welcome to the best weightloss support site on the Net!

I'm Canadian too. I do not buy any special low carb products at all! They are incredibly expensive here and hard to find. Also some of the products DO have carbs that can screw things up. There is always a real food substitute for any of the commercial products.

Hair loss is one of the side effects of the low fat diet. Our bodies need at least 20 grams of fat to utilize fat soluble vitamins we ingest.

We have been brain-washed about eating low fat. I have been low carbing for a few years now, off and on. Unfortunately, every so often the "old" teaching snaps in and I start to eat low fat again. Believe me, I feel better on low carb. I have not lost a lot of weight but am steadily going down - being 63 makes loss very slow. My blood sugar and cholesterol results are excellent when I low Carb.

Check out the PCOS forum on this site if you've not already done so. And please do join us on the Low Carb! daily where we whine, giggle and generally just chat about life - and sometimes our diets!
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