• hi peoples

    I am doing really good on my high protein woe.
    But I have been having a problem with constipation. It seems to get worse as time goes on.
    If I have prune juice in the morning ( which is 32 carbs per serving) will this cause my body to produce insulin, and jump out of ketosis?
    Please give me some low carb solutions.

    P.S I have tried MOM and Correctol.. havent worked

    USA lady

  • Hmmmmmmmmm

    Try some fiberCon it might take a day or 2 to kick in but I think this will help.

    Love Leens
  • Have you been drinking enough water? As you ingest more protein, the water you ingest becomes more important. You need to flush toxins out of your body and only by drinking a lot of water will it help you out. Your bosy is also still adjusting to low carbing so it will take some time for this to happen. So get yourself some water and drink drink drink
  • Ditto the Water!!!

    Magnesium is a happy thing too

  • Hi right back at ya', Ms USA Lady.

    Yup, you have one of the real problems some people have on this way of eating. Some have very little problem, others beg for answers as it becomes a major concen (not to mention the discomfort).

    Water is very important. You need lots to keep your kidneys flushed and to keep your... (nurse talk here) ...stool nice and soft. Sometimes water consumption is very high and still there is the constipation problem.

    Here are some other suggestions.

    Use fiber from packages. Get whatever fiber you like in pill form, in powder to be mixed in water (watch the carbs in all of these products - some have sugar free products as well as the high carb ones), fiber in liquid form, or whatever you like. Be sure it is fiber and not a laxative. I prefer Citracil - it comes in sugar-free form, it makes you drink at least 8 ounces of water with it, and it does not have psillium, which causes me to bloat. But you may need to experiment a while to find what is best for you.

    Increase your fiber in vegetables. Start eating more vegetables that have lots of fiber, such as celery, jicama, kale, and such. Depending on which low carb diet you are doing, try to increase your fruits too. It could be possible to add in prunes if needed and allowed. Most diets don't allow any dried fruits, but you could find a way to get prunes in if they help.

    If these ideas don't help and you are on Atkins or some other diet which is strict about not eating fruits, you may need to investigate other low carb diets which will allow fruits, and try a different plan for a while. Some lc diet plans allow a little fruit, others allow quite a bit of carbs, which should be as fruit or high fiber vegetable almost exclusively.

    This can be a problem, but I think it is solvable. Especially considering the benefits compared to the problems.

    Good luck.
  • My addition to this thread is Magnesium. I take a mag cap every morning and have no problem. mag is whe M in MOM so it sttands to reason that it wouldhelp. as magnesium is im portant in muscle function. try taking a cal.mag.zinc combo. that will give you the needed calcium and the zink is good for the metabolism and the mag for muscle function and constipation.
  • Thanks for all the advice :)

    I am sure I will be ok.
    I appreciate everyone taking time out of their day to give their advice .
    I will keep you posted

  • One last thought --

    I've found that in addition to the water, exercise helps. The day after a good wo session my "system" cleans itself right out.

  • usually a lurker, had a bad experience years ago when i posted the first time to a lo-carb board.
    anyway, i'll try again..i had suffered with constipation all my life, tried everything..once i ended up in the hospital after a bad reaction to a laxative.
    all i was safely advised to ever take was "fiber prodcuts" help at all. especially when i was on lo-carb...finally gave up.
    then a friend suggested a cure she found in a book.
    but, just take VITAMIN mega-doses...i take at least 6 thousand mg. a day. 3 in the morning...3 in the evening...i'm like a "real" person now.
    i read that too much vitamin C can give a "regular" person diarrhea..but it just helps a constipated person become "regular"..
    i just buy a big bottle of 1000mg. pills at Wal-Mart.
    i started induction again last week.. this time taking my vitamin C...and what a diference!!!!! no constipation at all.
    it might take a few days for it to start working like this for a new person...but hey, it's not a bad doctor is even suggesting it to other patients.
  • Just to add to SKyBookie's post, excess Vitamin C is excreted by the body. I think there is no danger of everdose.
  • I drink coffee. I know Atkins is all "oooh, no coffee" but I've always found it helpful in those situations where I'm uncomfortable. Give it a whirl. OR hot tea. I don't know why, but my mom swears hot tea can cure anything!!!

  • Sky verry good idea. and vit C is very good at capturing your free radicals. so that is a wonderful idea. one thing I also take is much omega 3 (I usually eat tuna daily or clost to it) It is an essential fatty acid and well i find that when i eat that it does make me looser. there is the YECCH cod liver oil full of omega 3 and well it does wonders at lubricating the insides. I have heard that it can be takein in a much better mode called Carlsons cod Liver Oil. it is nicly lemon flavored. I will say that I personally have not had any of that, as I do not have any here and can not affort to buy over the net. But may folks that I have talked to have said it tastes good.
  • Omega 3 oils
    Flax seed oil is a much tastier alternative to fish oil, in my opinion! Rob and I joke sometimes when we drink it, "ooh, a mild, nutty flavor", so says the bottle! Really, it isn't that bad at all. Pure liquid is much cheaper than capsules. Mix it in with smoothies and you will never know the difference. It is very heart healthy, too, as it helps to keeps fats moving in the bloodstream, so they can't stop and take up house in your arteries! There is also research that it can help lose weight, as an anti-fat. I haven't read too much about that, though. A couple of Tbs a day will keep you moving! We call it Flaxative in our house.

    Oh, about the Vitamin careful what you mix it with. I take Alpha Lipoic Acid. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market these days, and it is supposed to help with insulin resistance. It is also a Vitamin C and E recycler, so I don't know if that could cause damage or not! I don't know if there are any other recyclers on the shelves or not.