Which is easier to follow?

  • Has anyone tried both Adkins and South Beach? Which one did you find easier to follow? Thanks
  • For me, the answer is definitely Atkins. Even when I'm out in a restaurant, I can always order some type of meat, chicken or fish with a salad & a veggie or an omelette without toast & hash browns of course.

    All the best to you!!

  • I've done both. I lost my first 20 pounds on Phase I of South Beach (which is VERY low carb in and of itself), had a year of losing and regaining the same five pounds counting calories on a high carb, low fat diet, then I've lost the next 13 pounds on Atkins. I really like Atkins, but I also like meat, veggies and eggs. If you're creative, you have all sorts of food options on Atkins. Hope that helps. I'll be on Atkins until I'm at my goal weight, then I'll slowly transition into the maintenance plan, where I can eat more carbs.
  • Thanks, Im reading the book now. Do I need to read it clear thru before I start? Ive never done Atkins before.
  • i dont have the book - but the site is very helpful. i lost 9 pounds my first 3 wks - then stalled because of atkins bars so be careful - im now trying to lose the weight i gained and its not coming of easy
    all the best to you!
  • Quote: Do I need to read it clear thru before I start?
    Yes, you definitely do need to read the book before you start!!! Do NOT rely on the Atkins website. A lot has changed since Dr. Atkins death & "Atkins Nutritionals" taking over. Like any other company or business, their primary concern is to make a profit so, they are advertising Atkins bars & shakes are "appropriate for Induction" DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!

    Knowledge is power, read the book and become as knowledgeable about this way of eating as you can be!! You'll be glad you did!!

    All the best to you!!!

  • I've never tried SB but have seen many who have and just from what I've seen and heard I would prefer Atkins. For me it's been the easiest lifestyle/diet change I've ever done.
    I also agree to get the book and read it through or at least the basics I kinds skimmed through the medical stuff I see the book at every thrift store or library I go to, I got mine for like .50 and used look at it all the time.
  • Personally I think South Beach is much easier. I read the book not once but twice. I am not following SB or any diet at this time though, just trying to make healthy choices.
  • I am popping in from the SB section to say that I've been doing SBD since May and found it very easy to follow. To me, it's just basically healthy eating that I can keep doing forever. It does require a lot of planning and cooking, but I've found lots of simple recipes that my family likes. And, same as Kim said, I can order a salad with meat or an omelet, etc. when eating out. I will say that the first time I tried to do SB, I followed the plan in the book to the letter. Phase II carbs are re-introduced too fast IMO, and my cravings returned and I went off the diet. The SB forum here helped me this time to ease into PhII very slowly, and as a result I have not had any return of cravings this time around.

    I haven't ever tried Atkins though, so I can't say if SB is easier or not. I had a friend that did Atkins and lost a lot of weight, but then gained most of it back, which can happen with any diet if you don't have a lifetime plan. I guess it just comes down to finding the plan that suits you and your likes and dislikes - as long as you are eating healthy food and getting all the nutrition you need.
  • I have tried both diets, and I think it depends on what you prefer personaly. I'm currently doing atkins and like it. You should read the book It was very good, I also read both books and enjoyed them. I think the thing I didnt like about SB was some of the fat restrictions, eg.. I couldnt have butter on my vegg. and skin on my chicken. But there are advantages to both, and both seem to work. If atkins stops working for me I'll probably try SB again. Good luck to you what ever you chose.
  • I didn't find South Beach any more difficult than Atkins, except it when it came to restaurant eating. I kind of went through a process of creating my own lower carb plan by incorporating guidelines from both, as well as the Duke diet, the diabetic exchage program, and Volumetrics.

    The process began when I saw the Duke Diet in the library I checked it out, and they advocated an exchange diet in a traditional (food pyramid) and a low (they say moderate) carb plan, as follows.

    Duke Diet Traditional Program

    Calories 1200 -1400 1400- 1600
    Starch 6 8
    Protein 6- 7 6-7
    Vegetable 3 3-4
    Fruit 3-4 2-3
    Milk 1-2 2-3
    Fat 2-3 3

    Duke Diet Moderate Carb Program

    Calories 1200 -1400 1400- 1600
    Starch 2-3 3
    Protein 11-12 14
    Vegetable 5 4
    Fruit 3 3-4
    Milk 1-2 1-2
    Fat 1-2 2-3

    I decided that with an exchange system, I would be able to balance my diet a little better. I choose whole grains as my starch servings as much as possible (and usually regret it when I deviate from it), and use the principles of volumetrics when I can (trying to make choices with more bang for the buck in terms of volume. Foods with a lot of water and fiber in them. Adding low carb veggies to recipes and meals to load up the water/fiber content...)
  • Oops that didn't space out like I'd planned. Anyway, you get the idea.
  • I did Atkins to lose my weight and I didn't think it was too hard to follow. Some people hate feeling restricted, but I do best with a very structured plan. I did eventually tire of this way of eating and switched to Counting Calories after 6 months of maintenance. I did find with the calorie counting that I indeed had started eating way too many carbs. I love bread and certainly went overboard with it. My Dr. has now put me on South Beach diet and today is day4 for me. So far, so good now that I am learning and adhering to the plan. I have Insulin Resistance and my Dr. believes this is how I should eat for life. I'm willing to give it a try.
  • I have done both and now I do a version on my own that's very similar to Protein Power. There was an excellent article in this month's Reader's Digest about how all of these "plans" basically are now leaning towards the same principles...restrict refined carbs and sugars, lots of protein, fruits and veggies and everything in a bit of moderation.