dumb question by the new girl....

  • hi ladies and gentleman!

    my name is Leda and I am totally new to the 3Chicks website----I am 23 years old (a college student), 5'3" and 140 pounds since I weighed myself today.

    I feel dumb for asking this question, but I can only hope that someone would have an answer for me!: I am considering going on Atkins since I've seen such an immense success by the people doing it on this site. I have access to all the books and info, but my question is....would Atkins work as well for me, since I am at a "normal" BMI? I want to go on it because I DO have excess weight on my body that I am uncomfortable with, and it is more obvious due to my short height.
    So, do you think Atkins would help a girl like me lose weight?

    thank you for your time and help!!

  • Certainly, especially if you exercise along with your diet plan.
  • Yes, It will work for you, I have seen people who have done it with only 10 pounds to lose and they did it with no problem. You can do this and everyone is here to help you.

  • Shoot, you'll make goal so fast you won't realize you were dieting. Just remember whatever you changed to drop the pounds has to stay changed (or modified so you don't drop to a wt of zero) or you will return to the start wt pretty fast. Kel
  • everyone,

    thanks so much for your help!!!! I've decided to start Atkins as soon as my groceries/money allow. I still have to pick up the RIGHT book. I went to the book store but there were so many options!!
    does anyone recommend ONE book to help me with all the Atkins rules, so I don't mess up??

    thank you!!!

  • Get yourself a copy of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (I use the 2002 version). In the meantime, here are some links:

    Hope this helps!

    All the best to you!!!


  • Go to Amazon.com you can get a used one in like new condition really cheap and they send it pretty fast.
  • you sure can !!! jump right in there and do it !! good luck on your journey!!
  • Hi Leda, Im in a similar situation as you. I have what the charts consider a normal weight but would like to shed a little weight to look and feel healthier. I have been doing atkins for a month now and its been great. Actually when I first started I didn't read the book and didn't loose much. duh! So definatly read the book. And make sure it's the 2002 version, this was published before Dr. Atkins death in 2003 and it works the best. The newer versions have changed the rules to allow "atkins" products I dont suggest using them until after weight loss If you have any questions let me know.