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This is my 12th day on induction. Almost 2 weeks. I have been having bad side effects this week for some reason instead of last week. I thought that was weird. I have been so moody and tired this week. Almost to the point that I can't stand it anymore. I feel like if someone says the wrong thing I could just snap. I feel so depressed and unhappy. I am thinking this is carb withdrawal.

Help! Any reasons why I am like this and will this go away? I thought week 2was going to be better! Any suggestions to help me out? I am also feeling very dizzy today. I dont want to give up...But I can't keep feeling like this.
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Hi peaches, I'm sure it will pass. Are you drinking all your water? Are you taking a good multivitamin? since you are almost done the two weeks you could start to add a few more good carbs and see if it helps. Hang in there you'r doing so good.
PS. If you are taking anything with cromium in it this can cause dizzyness (he recomends it in the book) It made me feel very sick.
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I was like that my first week of induction. I really think it was withdrawal symptoms because it did pass.
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It's very likely withdrawal, especially if you ate a lot of sugar and sweets. I find that when I'm feeling moody if I up the amount of protein I'm eating, as well as keep my liquids high, it helps.

Also, it's just important to recognize it for what it is--you've made drastic changes in your eating habits, and your body is fighting some of the changes, affecting your blood sugar, energy level and emotions. Try to see it that way and you will be kind to yourself and be able to ignore some of the symptoms rather than letting them take over.

It will pass as you get used to a new lifetyle of eating, and as you see results.

Good luck!
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