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Default Daily ~ October 3rd ~ Wednesday

Hallo everyone

How are you guys doing?

I went for some blood test yesterday, Cholesterol and Insulin something… will get the results tomorrow. This is the first time that I went for a real cholesterol test the previous ones they prick your finger and test it while you are waiting I don’t think they are very reliable. My gynecologist suggested that I go for the test after I told him that I am following the Atkins woe. I hope the result is good news, I don’t want to change form Atkins to something else.

What is the affect of asparteme on this WOE.

I hope you all have a lovely day!
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Good morning to all!!

Just got up and I am heading for the shower! Did not sleep well last night, tossed and turned....Oh well. Must get ready for work have a great day everyone.
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Come on Spring!
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Just first light here but I've been up since 4. I have no problem getting to sleep but wake too darn early! It's either my dairy farmer blood or I don't need more than 5 hours of sleep! Scooby, you and I should get together in the early morning hours!

Hensa - the blood tests are a good idea. When I was on Atkins, my cholesterol actually went down after three months. With some people, it is high at the start of the diet but then goes down. The insulin test is called haemoglobin A1C and measures the levels of blood sugar over a period of time - it sort of gives you an average for three months for example. On low carb, my levels have normalized - I was diagnosed as Type II diabetic a few years ago. Aspertame can affect the diet in some people.

I need to go hit the piano for an hour or so before my lesson. I mean to practice every day but life gets in the way! This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and I must get this house cleaned. Wonderful Gail, my super cleaning lady, had an operation for carpal tunnel syndrome and won't be back for 6 weeks! Sure hope I can remember how to run the vacuum!

Have a good hump day!
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Morning all-

Haven't been posting this week, haven't even gotten to the computer at all! I am rushing out in the mornings, as the traffic has picked up since school started and the commute is VERY LONG! I keep leaving earlier and earlier and still I'm late! And I'm the boss! It looks bad for me to be the last one in!

I am taking a business course 2 nights a week that keep me out til almost 10. That is bedtime for me and it is effecting my sleep! I was doing well low carbing for about 4 days, but switched over to Peanut M&M's and diet coke on Monday night. Not the best choice, but today will be better. I am going to have to come up with something to eat for these nights that I don't come home for dinner.

Hi to everyone; I wish I could go to chat, but right now, I just get to the computer for a few minutes, pay the bills and run!

Doesn't Linda's trip sound wonderful?

be good, chickies
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Am feeling better now. My nose looks like a red stop sign, but that too shall pass. I slept in the living room cause I am coughing all that stuff out now. Yes, I sleep great cause I rest better sitting up than in a bed. This old body isn't made to lay flat!
I finished the lawn yesterday and today the weather is suppose to get cold.
Ruth, as we age, we seem to need less sleep. I know cause sometimes I wake up at 4:00AM and do fine all day. Hubby could sleep 10 hours easily, but he's just a kid! With me, six is usually enough.
I see our friend Tigerhorse posted here! It's nice to see good friends again!
Well, I'm off to do the vacuuming thing and maybe I'll get some sewing done. Have a great day and take care everyone.
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Morning ladies!

It is a fine day here, again! Sunshine and 70s! We do have to prepare for a cold wet front coming in soon

Leaving work early to watch Darren preform a special skit in Music today, I can hardly wait.

Hensa, good for you having the tests done!

Scooby 2, maybe you can get some good sleep tonight or maybe fit in a nap today.

Ruth, Happy Thanksgiving week to you and all our Canadian sisters!

Dottie, Life sounds busy for you. I know about the Peanut M&M and diet coke diet, I was on it last week. At least it is better that the chocolate M&Ms!

Casey, Praying for a better October for you!

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Default :::casting about for duct tape::

Well, I'm climbing back up on the wagon again. Which of you chicks had the roll of duct tape last?

I'm in th emiddle of too many projects and too much work and with dh's job loss... well, it's starting to get that "spin" feeling. You know... like the "Merry-go-Round"?

I learned years ago that if I established a routine in the midst of the chaos that it would give me something to anchor to. So... sweet hens of mine, I'm climbing back on the wagon as a step towards sanity. I'm also targetting projects for completion - one step at a time.

I'll bring the mega-sized water bottle with me to work this morning, and begin with taking on the desk. Tonight can be something else.

:::raising coffee cup in salute:::: To you! People like you help people like me go on....

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Good Morning Chickies!

Had a rough day yesterday, headache and all and I hankfully slept another 2 hours after being awake far too early in the morning courtesy of the wee one. Ruth, I would give anything to be as fresh as a daisy first thing in the morning--unfortunately, my internal clock runs in 10 hour increments still!

Today is picture day at Miree's preschool--put on her very cutie new sweater dress I bought in Montreal for her, navy blue with a design around the hem. She's also wearing a bright red turtleneck underneath and those long woolen tights to keep her little leggies warm! I can't wait for the pictures to come back!

Still no baby from my sister-in-law, I suspect they will have to break her water and keep her in the hospital. She's walking around at 3 cm already, that kind of makes me nervous, know what I mean?

As for myself, my doctor called and I have an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday to figure out what's going on inside me. I hope it's nothing too serious so I can get preggers!

Passing the duct tape over Casey, fell off too hard during the crisis and just now getting comfortable again in my seat.

Hope you feel better really soon Tippy, isn't illness the worst when you've got a hundred things to do?

Have a good day everyone!
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Hey there! It's good to see everybody's posts.

Hey Tiger - good to see ya!

Tip - glad to hear you are feeling better!

Ruth - are you vacuuming right now or playing the piano??? what a busy gal you are!

Cin and Hope both emailed me and cannot get into the chatroom since they changed servers - they may have to start posting here to keep up with everybody.

The weather is still beautiful here in Louisiana, so I went for another walk yesterday afternoon when I got home from work - it is soooooooo nice out.

Plan to go walk at the mall during lunch today.

Hope everybody is well and has a great day!

Hugs, Cathy
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Another binge/purge last night.
I really can't do this to myself any longer & I think (hope anyway) that I've hit rock bottom & can only go up from here. I have to accept that I am not perfect & punishing myself by bingeing and purging for the least little thing is not the way to go. So, I have made a commitment to be as patient with myself and my shortcomings as I am with everybody else's. I really feel that I have a new attitude and am ready to be kind to myself. I am going to start Overeaters Anonymous tomorrow night in addition to my weekly therapy. If you're the praying type, please keep me in your prayers. Thanks for all of your support, & sorry to be such a downer.

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Hi Everyone!

It sounds like everyone is busy on this beautiful wednesday morning.

Yesterday I had the strangest cravings for munchies. ANY kind of munchies. I overcame and DID NOT cheat, but gee whiz! I wasn't sure if I was goign to make it or not.

I think this ravishing craving happened due to stress. I found out the my favorite girlfriend is cheating on her husband. How do I know you ask? SHE TOLD ME. Ugh. And, I do like her husband. This is the first time in our 25 year relationship that I'm glad I live hundreds of miles from her! I guess all I can do is be supportive, but geez......she's got THREE kids (all under 6) and you'd think that she would think about them. Now, I'm not saying that her husband is perfect (far from it) and they are on their way to the big D....but that's no excuse to not try to work on their some type of stabilazation for the sake of their kids. At least wait until the papers are filed!

On a brighter and sunnier note: My DH called last night from an undisclosed location. For those of you who don't know, he's in the US Coast Guard and has been deployed since June. He's not due home until Christmastime and this is the first time they've pulled in to a port since July. It's so nice to finally be able to hear his voice. Especially after all the unrest in the world.

I've yambled on and on. I won't have time to address you individually, like planned. I've got to get dd off the preschool. I hope you all have a great day. Enjoy yourselves!

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Jenniwookie, Glad that you have heard from your dh. I did not know of your situation. You must have been on pins and needles.

Hang in there JHP, I am praying for strength for you. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel during my b/p years when I told my husband about it. He was very understanding and once I knew that he knew I seemed to have extra accountability for my actions. I guess I feared getting caught and did not want him to catch me. Also, maybe you need to take a look at your woe. I know the times that I b/p-ed, I was following my diet plan very strictly, maybe to strictly. You may need to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy other foods, in small amounts. You will need to beat the b/p thing before you can concentrate on loosing weight. Hugs to you.

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Hi Guys--it is the long absent poster!!! Will you still let me post with you all???? Things are so darn hectic---all of the time---I love being busy like this, wouldn't trade it for the world--only complaint is I can't fit in everything I want to do in 24 hours!!!! In fact my insomnia has flaired up so bad that I am using MANY of the 24 hours of each day. Eating has been going pretty well except for today when I couldn't resist a chocolate chip cookie someone brought for birthday treats in the teacher's room and on weekends I enjoy a few glasses of wine in the evenings. I haven't been weighing myself, but my clothes are all looser than they were this summer. That makes me happy. I suppose I will weigh myself some day and find out I really haven't lost an oz.!!! My son is still doing football. He is still playing varsity and starts on defense. He is also still playing QB and defense for fresh/soph. The varsity team is SOOO much better this year and has a chance of being the first team EVER to make it to the playoffs!! Fingers crossed for Friday's game. I am still an anxiety ridden football mom, but I am SO PROUD!! He didn't take anyone to the homecoming dance, but then neither did any of his friends--that is FINE with me---plenty of time. My school is going well--my 30 kids this year are a delight-which certainly makes it easier. Yesterday we had 14 Japanese teachers come and visit our school. I had taught my kids how to count to 10 in Japanese and also some other phrases and did art projects with the Japanese numbers. The visitors were delighted when my students greeted them with "kon-nichi-wa"!! You have to remember this is a SMALL town in IL!!! Then we counted for them and they couldn't have been more pleased. Really an enjoyable afternoon. The kids are still caught up (as we all are) with what is going on in NY. One of my teacher friend's husbands is a fireman and he just got back from NY where he worked mortuary duty. He is going back in a week and has asked us to write letters and draw pictures for the firemen to read during their time off at the hotel. We have some really touching messages to send them.
Okay, I have written a book, but I wanted to catch up with you all and let you know that I was still around and kicking!!!! I am going to try and catch up on some of the latest posts and see what you are all up to---I KNOW I have missed a LOT!!!! You are always in my thoughts!!!!!!
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