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Angry September SUCCESS ~~ Let's Review

We're now at the end of September and we're geared up to enter our October S-U-C-C-E-S-S Challenge. I thought it may help us move forward in our SUCCESS's by reflecting on our September goals.

My September ~~ GOAL
To honestly address my weight issues-physical and emotional.
* I am far from conquoring my issues but I do believe I am beginning. I am a stress eater/drinker. Outwardly I appear to be dealing with issues in my life. It is hard for me to open up and share my true feelings as I seem to feel as though mom should be the "rock".

My September ~~ DIET // WOE
Allow my program to work for me instead of me working the program.
* A bit of success here. But I still need to address my evening portions and perhaps more aware of the calories.

My September ~~ WATER
S-U-C-C-E-S-S ful

My September ~~ EXCERCISE

My September ~~ SELF PAMPERING
I made some progress but I DEFINATELY need to stop feeling guilty for taking some time for myself.

I plan to put some real thought and re-evaluation of my goals. In looking over the past month I can see where I need to improve.

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Default Dear Me!

I'm afraid September was a wipe-out for me. Between the world situation and some physical problems, I managed to gain instead of lose. However, I did start HONESTLY recording every single cheat - mind boggling experience. I also discovered the why of the cheats in some cases and have started to intercept.

October will be better! I'll re-evaluate and post with the new challenge.
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I too was a wipe-out Ruth!!

Tommorrow is a new day October 1st. I am determined to get some exercise and get moving!! I did do better in the pampering deparment!

Dh and I took in dinner and a movie last night without the kiddies, it was a rare treat and we are going to do it every other week!!
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I would have to say this month was mixed bag, I was doing so well up until the 11th and then it just all fell apart. I have managed to recover somewhat with the onset of TOM and doing really well the last few days and I have had some drop, although how much is unclear until I weigh in tomorrow morning.
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I have to admit that from the 11th on I didn't do as planned either. But that's what I mean about understanding the real life issues that detour us! We can't give up!
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Trying to find my way.
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I too had a huge derour after the 11th. i managed to hit KFC so many times i learned what heart burn was again. I did exercise as much as i wanted and did drink at the begining now i am havng a hard tie to drink it all. all in all i did not do to bad. I manage to stay down in my weight i did not gain. I have managed to stay sort of OP even though there was times that i though that it would all crumble. I survived that and will be stronger for the next month.

I will ask for extra help this next month as it is full of birthdays for kids and family. the candy is not a big problem but the birthdays are. keep the tape handy!!!
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I do not know what to blame my lack of success on, but September was a bust for me also. I do have high hopes for October.

OP Today!

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Didn't do to bad in Sept.....lost the baby weight 40 lbs.
BUT I should have been better with losing my own lard.
OCTOBER WILL BE successful........thats for sure.

Today I started by writing down everything that enters my mouth. I have to be accountable for what I do.....this is getting sickening. I only have 4 more months before I go back to work and we all know how time flys......especially with the holidays upon us.......OH BOY! its going to be tough but I have to. I promised my husband and my little girl that by next summer I would be thinner and feeling good......BUT most of all I promised myself !!!!!!!!! I need to be happy and yes losing weight will make me happy with myself. I just need to pray everyday for Jesus to give me the strength because..lets face it girls, I don't have it by myself.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO today I;m really trying to buckle down and DO IT!!!!

You guys help me sooooooo much and I appreciate it. SMOOOOCHES and HUGGGGS to each and every one of you.

Love, Leens
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