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Post "Fat Free" brainwashing

Keiri said she was brainwashed by the Fat Free thinking.
I related sooo much to that! For years I have eaten low-fat or no-fat, yet I kept gaining weight!!
When I went to training before opening my club they taught us that "It's not the FAT that makes you FAT" After drilling it into my head for 5 days straight I finally "got" it!dizzy:
Although the "Curves" diet is a bit less strict than "Atkins", it does have us eat low carbs and 6 small meals a day. (Geez, I always thought 1 or 2 big meals was better than 6!! )
I now know that muscle burns fat. It takes protien to make muscle (as well as strength training of some sort) and it takes much more energy (calories) to burn protein than it does carbs (sugar).
Thanks to the person that posted the link to the lowcarb recipe site. My kids don't eat enough protein either, so all 7 of us can benefit from the "new" meals!
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Hey Mum!

Low fat, although it works for many just did not cut it for me either. It was always a battle that backfired on me and never left me satisfied. When you get a chance, would you mind posting what a typical day would be on the "curves" diet?

ps good to see you posting more Mum!
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Hi Mum,

I also thought low fat was the only way to go, but isn't this so much better? My work lunch buddies are all low fat people who stuff themselves with no fat everything & don't lose weight, all the while telling me that sugar does not make you fat, fat makes you fat. I've given up trying to convert them, but none of them can explain how I've lost 161 lbs eating all the fat I want but no sugar. Go figure. Glad we know better.

By the way, I go to Curves here in Houston & love it! Their plan is more lax than Atkins (which I currently follow), & I'm thinking of using it for maintenance.

Take care,
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161 lbs?? Seriously? It took how long? And you have how much more to lose?
I am soooo impressed! So you are in Curves 100 club? I can't wait til I have my first 100 club member!

A typical Curves diet for one day would look like this: (Keep in mind that they have you do 2 weeks of a strickter version first then move onto this until you plataeu or meet your goal)

Meal 1 protein shake (Curves...yummy)

Meal 2 Cottage cheese, 1/2 cup strawberries

Meal3 Lean steakburger (meat only of course)

Meal 4 3 peices Melba toast, tuna salad, pickles

Meal 5 Turkey breast, cheese, stir fry onion, mushrooms & spinach

Meal 6 Coldcuts, cheese, any raw vegetable

Theres lots of options and a lot of good info. Most Curves sell the book for about 5$ (It varies from franchise to franchise) If you can't find one, I'd be happy to send you one.
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