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  • Good morning everyone, this last weekend before school starts in my area. We still have to do the last minute school supply shopping. Wal-Mart will be a zoo!!

    Hot and sticky here, but it is the south so what do I expect.

    My hubby leaves tomorrow morning for Japan. He has a quick business trip, should be back Friday or could end up staying until the following week. He has a direct flight, it's 14 hours long, talk about sore butt Better him than me!! He leaves Atlanta at 10am Sunday and arrives in Tokyo at 1pm Monday afternoon, and must go straight to the office.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend
  • Morning all!!

    What a glorious Day here in NNY.

    The humidity is down, there is a nice breeze and the high is only in the 70's.

    As I sit here in the computer room I am keeping an eye out for our new resident. A mouse has taken up residance and apparently is quite friendle as he/she tried to climb up DH leg last night. I have not seen him/her yet, I am beginning to wonder if DH isn't seeing things LOL.

    Plan on a house wrok day, things have been let go way to long.

    Everyone enjoy your weekend


    The coffee is great
  • Good Afternoon!

    Pat, our weather here in N.J. has finally cooled off some...what a relief!!! A mouse...we have had a couple!!! Kind of a brave thing to be pulling on your dh's leg!!!

    Debkay...a 14 hour trip to Japan...sore butt is right and I hope his back does ok too. So while he is gone...SHOPPING...Did you get a copy of the lane bryant catalogue with the skinny minny in the red nightie on the cover? Take a look at the outfit on page 45...whadda ya think? Maybe in berry? I also like the sweater on pg 72 on the girl whose legs look like toothpicks!!!

    I seem to have lost Jiff! She called around 11 saying that she was having respiratory problems and that a friend of hers was taking her to the hospital...I got there around three and she was not there and none of the other area hospitals have sighted her!!!! Jiff was very specific as to which hospital. hmmmmmmm wonder what is up with this...you would think that her friend would have called me!!! I am sure she will turn up!!!

    have a good one chickies
  • See!!!! I just knew that if I typed about Jiff she would turn up! She is at the hospital and I will go over there shortly! Say a prayer and send good thoughts her way please!

  • Oh gosh, now I'm worried about Jiff. Keep us posted, will you, Peachie?
    Not much happening here. I went out and trimmed back some shrubbery that was blocking my view of the drive. I like to be able to see when DH comes home. Then it got a bit too warm to do much of anything outside. Still not as warm as you folks in the east have suffered but too warm for me.
    Then I got busy and did the entire New York Times giant crossword which appears on Saturday in our Vancouver Sun paper. That's rare for me as it usually takes me several dictionaries and a week to complete, if ever.
    Hope you're all enjoying a lovely weekend.
  • Darn, Peachie, keep us posted about Jiff. I'm very worried about her.

    Debkay - Melis (as a sophmore) and Bry (as a 7th grader) start school on Tuesday. Cody is still at the elementary in 6th (which is year round) and he is on a 4 week break until 9/5 right now. We have all school stuff (at least until they start school and the teachers are specific about particular things they'll need for classes) and some new clothes (MANY new ones for Melis!) so I will spend this weekend cleaning out dressers of old clothes and rooms of junk. I do this a couple times a year cuz if you ask the kids to do it, they decide they can't part with ANYTHING. Wow that is a quick trip to Japan! Talk about jet lag. He will be home again before his body has anytime to adjust to a different time zone.

    That brave mouse sounds cute but I worry about the little varmits carrying disease. We have them living in the wood pile outside the sliding glass door in winter and so we see them scurying around once in a while. The kids always want to catch them!

    Temp is hovering around !00 here in Cali. Not too warm for us but I need to pick some peaches so I will wait until this evening. Anything low carb I can do with peaches?

  • Good Sunday Morning everyone!

    Peachie, how is Jiff?? Is she OK? Gosh, breathing difficulties are really scary--I so know about those!

    I'm OK now myself--when anxiety attacks hit, they just knock the socks right off me. Been upping my meds as the doctor said and I'm right as rain now. In fact, yesterday I got the bedroom painted! Today my neighbour's daughter is coming over with her art brushes to help paint the designs on the wall. We're putting up Ariel, Sebastien, Scuttle, Flounder, Atlantica, and King Triton as well as various fish, sea creatures and bubbles. My girl's room will look like it just came from the Little Mermaid!

    Have a great Op day chickies, mine will be covered in paint!
  • Must be getting old! I read but did not post yesterday. I felt oddly "flat" all day - not my tummy unfortunately. Was definitely not OP - any P! - which may have been the cause. And yes, I know better.

    Peachie, you keep us all informed about Jiff or that chicken purse will be bopping you!

    Funny, I am 62, have no school age kids anymore but still get in a minor panic about school starting. I think I just want some new clothes - and maybe a pencil box? A new lunch box?

    Off to Church with Hershey in 45 mins and then may do some cutting back in the garden. No rain in sight but it will look better with the dead stuff carted away. I also have two baskets of peaches to freeze and more cukes to pickle. Salsa is in my future too but am trying to leave that until during the week.

    Have a good Sunday, chickies.
  • Nothing scares me more than being beaten by Ruth's Chicken purse except, perhaps the threat of peaches being consumed or frozen...kryrogenics comes to mind!

    Just got off the phone with the nurses station. Jiff had a good night. She is receiving oxygen and did well on the Cpack. She is experiencing shortness of breath. I spent a good deal of last evening with her and will do so again today. Pray for strength of spirit for this gal please. She had a rough time getting down the steps of her house...very steep climb and was aided by the ambulance people, paramedics and the police...bless those people for their kindness. Jiff called the whole process "an event". If you have any more prayers in you...pray that they schedule her surgery soon.

    I toyed with the idea of posting a seperate thread on this, but I know that you gals who are attached to her as I am would look here...I don't know...it just seems to be a safe place! I don't mean to bring down the regular stuff that goes on in the daily...because that is what makes the daily great....the good everyday stuff of living.

    love you guys!
  • Lots more prayers left in here!
    Peach~don't really have time to post this morning but concern over Jiff has me here hoping for an update.

    There's plenty of prayer being said for our friend and your precious Sis.

    Love and Hugs to you both.


    PS~~I think a Prayer Line thread is quite appropriate....But it's up to you.
  • No time to post much, but wanted to send many hugs and LOTS of prayers to you Peach and your beloved Jiff!!!!! I am heading off to church here in a half an hour and I will add her to our church prayer list--

    Pooky, glad you are feeling better today--what an ordeal you have been through.

    Jenny, glad all of your tests came back normal. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I will try to post more later--I seem to be suffering from the "flatness" that Ruth mentioned too. No energy to do even the stuff that I want to do Take care everyone!!!!
  • peachie, prayers for Jiff, on their way!

    Keep us posted after your visit today. Is Mom able to go to the hospital with you?

    Thank God for the wonderful EMT's and police officers.

    One other thing, what is a C-pack, I have heard the term before, but can't figure out what it is.

  • OK...who is Jiff (remember, I'm new) If shes a friend of yours shes a friend of mine...my thoughts are with her.

    It's so funny reading your "to do lists"! Mine are the same pretty much today: Gotta go through clothes again (not an easy task with 5 kids ) Unplug the kitchen sink that my ds poured 3 boxes of mac & cheese down, and get prepeared for my 1st week of my new life.
    Thanks for the grins ladies!
  • Jiff is Peachie's real sister. She has another sis she calls non-Jiff!

    Jiff is on our Church prayer list now, Peachie - I used her real name in case we got the giggles over Jiffypop! Please keep us posted.
  • Another quick check in.
    Morning all. DH was insisting on going out to breakfast this morning so only had time to check up on Jiff and send prayers her way. Hopefully I have bit more time while he's gone now. He wants to spend more time with me the last couple of weeks as my moods seem a bit brighter!

    Peach~Jif is on our prayer list too. I used her real name too...Would love to send her a card or something to let her know we're with her in heart.

    Jenny~Glad your tests turned out with good news.

    DebKay~Good to see you back girlfriend! I'm still brushing off some carb dust myself....understand that feeling all too well. But being here helps me have more good OP days than bad.

    I sure learned a valuable lesson after having my first computer virus. I thought I was rid of it....ran another scan yesterday morning and 15 more files were infected....messed with it for hours and hours and got it down to two by 5:00 and by 6:30 finally had to manually delete them. Don't know what that's going to do to my Windows but guess DS can come over on his day off and check out the "innerds" of this thing. He's one of those "help" guys you call when your puter is messing up but he's not allowed personal phone calls at work to help his poor ol' puter illiterate mom! Lesson learned....keep your anti virus shield updated and scan regularly! Dumb, dumb, dumb on my part and I don't even know how I got it!

    I read ya'lls posts about playing sports in this heat and boy, do I share that with you. Youngest DS (Michael) starts back to school and football tomorrow and I'm worried sick with this darn heat! DS complained about shortness of breath during last season and thru track and was convinced he had asthma....well, I know his personality and am afraid I felt it was his pushing himself....when he expressed this to his new high school coach he was told to go to the drug store and buy an inhaler! I was not a happy mom to hear that! Now I'm a shameful mom cause the doctor visit yesterday shows he does have mild ashthma! He gave me one of those I told you so looks!
    I'm very nervous as this is his first year playing HS football and the school he's attending pushes hard as they've been #1 in the district for more years than I can count! I'll be watching these practices closely! Would love to see these coaches run up and down that football field non stop for two hours!

    Anyway, off to cook at the ice house this afternoon. The donations for the plates of food help us raise a little at a time for our St. Jude fundraising efforts.

    Hope everyone has a great day!