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Morning everyone,

Kate, glad your back I've heard great things about Curves. I'm just a home body though. If I don't work out first thing in the morning, I can never find time later to do it. Too many interuptions. We walk outside on nice days too. DH and I are both walkers. He also enjoys riding his bike. I have always heard that you never forget how to ride a bike, but when I tried to do it a few years ago, I had forgotten! I am too chicken to try to learn right now. Maybe when we are camping, I might try again.

Ali, hope your results are good. That's great that you've found some recliners. DH probably can't fix the trucks problems this time. We haven't been mushroom hunting yet. It's been really muddy and now, it's cold. I doubt I will be able to drag him out in the woods for anything now, even mushrooms.

Hi Anne, Hi Lynn

Well, got to go exercise. I had to wait as DH was off last night and he likes to sleep in on his days off. That gives me a chance to do other things though, Talk to you all later, Nikki
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Happy Friday Ladies:
Nikki, wow, thats quite a clout of exercise I do 3 minutes warm up on
the gazelle and then 15 minutes where I reallyl mean business I also
walk on my lunch hour. Like you, I do my exercise in the morning or in my
case its a lost cause My energy drains after a day of this place and
dealing with

Aleka, my sister and mom haven't got the dog as of yet, they are waiting
until my sister is on her vacation. Good luck with your cholesterol results!!
I haven't seen yet today lets hope it continues

Kate, we are just about neighbours I have heard about that ferry, they
are suppose to be getting it going again soon. I have heard great things
about curves, its great when you have friends to exercise with.

Lynn, Hope to hear from you soon

Talk to you all later.
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Happy Saturday everyone!
It started out very rainy here, but now has brightened up some. I went to Curves this morning then ran a couple errands. Came home and read the paper. I'm feeling kind of lazy today Pretty soon I have to start getting ready for the banquet. We're leaving about 5. Not a very productive day!

Anne: I'm not a morning person so I do okay with exercise in the afternoon or at night. Once in a while a bunch of us walk at lunchtime. What kind of dog is your sister going to get? We have a yellow lab named Abby. She's very spoiled, but we love her dearly.

Nikki: Where do you camp and what kind of camping do you do? Every year we go for a week to the Adirondacks with some friends. It's a great spot right on a pond. We tent, but DH is thinking about getting a pop-up. We graduated from an air mattress to small cots, but it's still hard on the bones. I think we'd do more camping if we had a different set up.

Ali: How were your cholesterol numbers? Mine was done a couple weeks ago and was 166, but I'm on medication. With all the exercise that I do I thought the HDL would be high, but it wasn't. The ratio was still good though. Yes, Abby will be doing field trials again this year. The first one is in Buffalo toward the end of May. When are you getting your chairs and hottub? We do have a leather recliner, but our 75# dog isn't a worry with it. Little Lacee on the otherhand would have no trouble bounding into it I checked out the WW Core diet recipes here on 3FC and found some good recipes to try.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Take care,
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Good afternoon all ,

It's so cold here and windy. Tonight they say it will be below 30 possibly. I have all my plants covered with sheets and I think they will be fine. If not, they are easy enough to replace. The cold weather plants thrive in this stuff, so they are doing fine.

Kate, we have a camper. It's very old, a 1973, avocado green little house on wheels We use to go in a tent and sleep on an air mattress. We still have the tent and put that up when we camp. It is now our shed for extra supplies and DH's bike. Plus, we have a bed that has a frame that folds out and then an air mattress goes on top of that, for guests or DH will take a nap out there on a nice day. Anyway, the camper was really cheap and it's always been well cared for. Everything works in it, so how could we resist. We would love to step up to a newer and better one, but there are so many other things we would like or that we need. Besides, I can't justify investing that much money into something that we use so infrequently during the year. We usually camp out by the dam, it's about 20 minutes down the road. It's a nice place, lots of great trails to hike on, a nice place just to get away from it all, yet be close to home. I love to cook over a camp fire, you just can't eat a better steak than one that has been grilled over wood. OH and serve that with fried potatoes and a big pot of pork and beans that have been cooking for hours and you sure do have a great meal.
Have a wonderful time at the banquet tonight
Ali, Anne and Lynn, I'm thinking of you all
Take care everybody, Nikki
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Good morning....

Since it's Sunday, I'll start another thread.

See ya there.....

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