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dottiejon 03-11-2005 06:50 AM

LC Daily Chick Chat March 11 to March 31
I thought I'd start a new thread and bring us into March. Maybe it'll help things look more like spring and get this snow to stop. It is snowing here this morning...fourth snowfall in 2 weeks! I'M SICK OF IT!!

I'm home this morning waiting for a delivery- new frig. Then off to work for 1/2 day to do some stuff. I think this will be a quiet weekend, we have no plans. Maybe a movie?

Nothing else happening...very dull.
eating only normal, not too much, but not little enough to loose with! You know? Not really over eating- just eating a normal to a little bit too much. enough to maintain or slightly gain over time...that's the problem with me. I'm not a tremendous over-eater, but can't get down to small enough portions to really loose anything. I haven't gained anything for the past 2-3 years, but have only lost 4 lbs. lately. Have to work on this!

that's it for me...
have a good one and keep warm!

Ruthxxx 03-11-2005 07:49 AM

Good morning, Dottie.

I am so with you in being sick of this weather crud! We have another week of cold and snow for sure and I hope I survive. At the moment we have a good 1/4 inch of ice over everything which makes walking next to impossible without my Yak-Trax. I hung my kittywillow wreath ob the door March 1 and I think that pissed off Old Man Winter!

My weight is completely stalled too! It's strange because I have really been staying OP - 1200-1400 calories - and eating good stuff, i.e., no chocolate or ju-jubes. Water drinking needs lots of improvement, however. I think it's the weather. The Bear in us wants to store up fat for the cold!

Time to go and crank up the day. TGIF and stay warm.

Oh, check this out. It may help.

L144S 03-11-2005 03:17 PM

Spring break has started and the snow is falling again!

Looks like we are cought up on auction stuff as both schools are on break. It might be an easy week next week.

I plan to pull together stuff for vacation this week and see if I need anything. I can't wait to leave!
I hear you on the food thing girls...just hang in there, Spring has to make it better.

dottiejon 03-12-2005 07:06 AM

saturday am and it is SNOWING AGAIN! What is this? Aughhh...

starting the weekend with MODERATION the concept of the day. I usually do OK, but I want to do NO snacking except planned meals. And eat vegetables.

got a new refrigerator delivered yesterday(in the snow). After taking the back door off, taking the old frig doors off to get it out, bringing the new frig in with the doors off, putting the back door back up...the new frig made a horrible noise! The fan in the freezer is vibrating somehow. The delivery guys arranged for service to come today. The noise is unbelievable. I don't think it's anything serious, just the fan cover needing adjustment. But it wasn't a good start. There was also a little teeny dent(just the slightest dimple no one but me would ever see) and the delivery guys called Sears and they gave me $100 store credit immediately! I was impressed. If the noise is fixed, I'll be happy.

Not much else going on. Cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry today. Just get caught up from the last week, and get ready for the next one!

L, where is the vacation going to be? (sorry if you mentioned it and I missed it) Isn't anticipation great?

hi to all-


ps, this is not a club- all readers, lurkers, newbies, old friends and strangers welcome to post! You can even talk about diets here! :lol:

Ms Spotdog 03-12-2005 04:13 PM

LOL, Dottie, "you can even talk about diets here".

Happy Saturday! To prevent snowballs and ice chunks being hurled at me I will refrain from informing you guys of the early spring (almost summer-like?) weather we have been having this week. If it is any consolation, everything in sight is double blooming so we are all suffering from MAJOR allergies. But don't worry, the weather won't last, I'm sure. We will have mucho rain/wind before too long and will probably be worried about flooding, etc.

I got my tax money back. *sigh* It is nice not to be so horribly broke now. I needed to get a weedeater and leaf blower and Sears has just what I was looking for - and they were on sale! Got my tahoe oil changed/tires rotated/etc. this morning too. That was something I was putting off until I got some extra funds - but I was getting worried since the 'change oil' message kept coming on. I really hate worrying about car stuff.

Well, I'm going to head out to wash the car then take Bry driving some more. We've only done the drive-around-a-huge-empty-parking-lot thing and today, if all goes well and I get brave enough, he may actually do some street driving. *shudder*

Have a great weekend all! And Happy Vacation, L!


L144S 03-12-2005 08:54 PM

Hello chickies,
Lots more snow and rain mixed. It is not that cold but YUCK!
We are going to the Turks and Caicois next Saturday. My friend it there tonight and said it is a chilly 75! Oh what problems! So kel you had better duck from the ice ball coming your way!

Not much going on this weekend, I am going to start pulling together stuff for vacation tomorrow and figure out if we need anything. A trip to target is in the workd this week and the kids want to go to the movies. DH is out of town on Tuesday and Wed so with the kids out for spring break it is me me and all me.

hope you all have a good Sunday and :wave: to the lurkers.

dottiejon 03-13-2005 06:29 AM

Sunday morning-
coffee, and paying bills. need I say more?

Hi Kel, teen drivers are scary! good luck- is there a driver ed program in his school?

L, school break just finished here last week, they're all tucked back into their classrooms! I know my DS is happy to have the DN back at school- the mom, mom, and more mom days are hard on both of them I think! It's all about the play-dates!

Hi Ruth, hope the ice melts and you can get around soon. Be careful! I went down on my butt last week on my own driveway- a layer of ice so smooth and trecherous I never had a chance :lol:

laundry is finished, bills are paid, turkey breast defrosting and breadmaker going. I think if I clean the bathroom floor quick after I shower, I'm going to call it a day, work-wise. Yesterday the Sears repair guy came for our noisy freezer and it was just a piece of packing tape that got stuck on the fan blade. It's quiet as can be, and I am relieved.

that's it for me...have a good one,

b-2 pancakes, sf syrup
l-tuna salad
s-carrots, peanuts & raisins
d-chicken cacciatore, spinach
dessert-share a granny smith apple with DH.

L144S 03-13-2005 07:42 AM

Happy Sunday!
DH is out clearing the driveway so the kids can go off to religious school. older boy is going for a play date so I plan to leave little man with DH for part of the day.
I want to go to a movie and get in a few errands.
The snow is beautiful and white but I am really ready for it to go away.

I was so overwhelmed by the laundry this week. Did I mention I hurt my wrist?
Chores have been very difficult and the computer isn't helping, shoveling snow was the final push. i ended up taking the laundry to the was and fold. A real treat, but in this case I wish I had taught the kids how to fold.

Did I also mention that My BIL (DH's brother) and his wife (my friend from college) have called it quits? BIL is a total *ss and can't believe the mean things he could say. It is true that these 2 should have never gotten married. (DH tried to talk him out of it and I tried to talk her out of it) I have known for almost 6 weeks and he who is closing on a condo sometime this week has still not told his family and best friend. I have no intention of getting involved with this but for crying out loud, he is moving out! I think they were going to tell the kids yesterday, but I wouldn't be surprised if he coward out of that too.
She is just as bad, she thinks her lifestyle shouldn't change. She is crazy. She is thinking too big and thinks she deserves it all. What she isn't saying is she overspent on the CC while paying for private school they couldn’t afford, and he bought expensive stuff for himself too and what she gets in this divorce is 1/2 the debit. This is very sloppy and I want to smack them both and tell them to behave but alas that is not to be the case. She called yesterday to tell me all about the little one’s elaborate birthday party. I said she should think smaller, cupcakes at school, 2 kids bowling, she thinks it is unfair to the 5 year old not to have gifts from all of his friends.
Ok off to the shower, this is aggravating me….

Ruthxxx 03-13-2005 11:08 AM

Geez, L144, some folks are so stupid and selfish. I hope it works out without too much pain for everyone. I'm sorry about your wrist.

Dottie, I'm glad the problem was so simple and easily fixed. You need a quiet fridge! It sounds like you have put in a full day's work and deserve to relax for the rest of today.

Kel, I am trying hard not to hate you right now because we have snow right now. Grrr! :snf: <---that's for you! My poor car is badly in need of a trip through the car wash but I really don't want to cope with frozen doors. It will go to 32ºF tomorrow so maybe I'll chance it.

Church was fine this morning - three dogs in attendance! They are so well behaved and are off leash. During coffee time, they clean every crumb from the carpet as we munch our muffins! I was reminded that I have to judge a kiddies' public speaking competition today so we will have an early lunch, maybe at the Long Horn. Harry always eats a huge lunch there so it'll be an omelet and salad for dinner, I think. Gail comes tomorrow so I need to work in my tidying too this afternoon.

Come on Spring! (I'm getting pissed off!)

L144S 03-14-2005 08:29 AM

Good monday morning.

Flying through with lots to get done today. Just a :wave: a hello and a see you later....

Ruthxxx 03-14-2005 08:37 AM

:wave: from me too. Gail will be here in a moment. It's sunny but still cold. Sunshine certainly does cheer one up, however. I'll pop back later.

L144S 03-14-2005 11:21 AM

Packing is underway and we need to make a run to old navy for a few t shirts for older boy, I don't lnow what posesed me to put away some of the stuff I did. maybe I thought if I was in a pinch it would do. We are going back to the Turks and Caicois (600 miles south of Miami) for a week with my brother and his wife and 2 year old.

I need som summer PJ's too for the kids so that is on the list too. My holiday/birthday present is ready. i returned my gift from DH and bought a saphire band to go with the ring my grandmother left me. makes it look a little more like a wedding set and I really hated what DH got me. He truely has the worst taste in jewlery and the jewler knows I retun everything.

My car has a bad tire, slow leak and it is due for a rotation. DH tried to bring it in this morning but they could't give him a ride to work, so he will make an attemp on thursday.
DH is off to NY tomorrow and Wed. so I am making a few plans for the kids.

The sun is out and it is feeling a little warmer. it does brighten the mood but I still need the snow to go away and see some blossoms on the trees to feel like life is renewing itself.

have a good day...

dottiejon 03-15-2005 01:41 PM

Tuesday afternoon-
I was scheduled for jury duty, and the case was settled so I'm home early! hurray! So, I am puttering around, but don't really have much to do> I think I'll go over to the library for a new book. I may bake for DH. I make protein bars that are kind of like oatmeal cookies without the fun- but he eats them instead of the expensive kinds if I remember to make them!
Other than that, nothing new. Weather is sunny and that is nice. But it's still pretty chilly out there. Turks and Caicos sounds pretty good to me! My DS is headed for Aruba this weekend, she is pretty happy about that. They bought a timeshare there last year. I can't see it, but for them it might be a good thing- they like to go away and can go new places, but keep in a condo-type setting. they love to spend money and this was one more thing they can't afford, but just had to have! My DS has to spend every dime she has, and then some. they just went into retirement money for a $45K car (volvo suv). I guess if you have a spare $45K, that's one thing. But they really had to dig for it, and I can't see what that's about except showing off. I like my old Nissan and Toyota!
OOps, didn't mean to rant. it just sneaks up on you sometimes, doesn't it?

well, off to get a load of wash done. I'd better make something out of this free day off, or I'll feel bad tomorrow. Maybe DH will get lucky with a nice dinner tonight.

have a good one,

b-oatmeal, hb egg
d-shrimp and broccoli and rice
s-1/2 apple

Ruthxxx 03-15-2005 01:59 PM

"Later" never came yesterday but here I am on sunny Tuesday afternoon.

I'm just back from getting a great haircut from my friend Danny. When I went into the salon, I told him people had said they liked my hair longer. Danny gave me a big hug and told me it made me look older! Aaaarrrrgggghhh! So I told him to fix me and it truly is an "awsome" cut. Damned guy was right! Talk about queer eye for the straight gal!

Margo and her two kids (of the Hyper Pypers) will be here shortly. The kids are 11 and 13 and full of energy so I'm putting together a "help GrannyB job list for them". Maybe I can get them to shovel all the snow off the back veggie garden so I can plant! Just kidding! The sun is doing a great job of softening it all up today so I may get them to clear the walks around the house. The deck is now clear and dry which is great. I wandered out there with my coffee early this a.m. It was 20ºF but still pleasant. It's over 32 right now and the lads are getting started on tree tapping.

SPRING is springing!

L144S 03-16-2005 06:29 PM

Holly Cow there is a HUGE echo in here!

I took the kids to see the Robots movie yesterday and it would rank a pass in my book. There were som funny parts but all in all it was kind of a dud.

We went bowling with some friends for the afternoon and had a great time. I grew up with "regular" bowling but here all one can find is candlepin. i think the bumpers definately helped my game.

I am almost packed, I need to put in underware and toothpaste and such but I am ready to go!
:wave: o all those passing through

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