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ANNE D 02-14-2005 01:52 PM

Lcfs February 14-20/05
Happy Monday Everyone & Happy Valentines Day :wave:
We had another morning of freezing rain :(
Did anyone watch the Grammies last night? I saw a few presentations

My son Michael went out on the weekend and lost both my cell phone and
digital camera. I have been busy today cancelling the phone and trying to
figure out if I will get another one or not. I am not amused :o What kills
me is He acts like I'm the bad one.

How are you guys doing.

Anybody going out for dinner tonight?


Raevyn1972 02-14-2005 02:17 PM

Gidday all!!

I didn't get to watch the Grammies last night cuz I don't have cable :( .

I did however hie my shrinking behind out to the gym with Hubby this morning and busted said behind on the Precor for 30 minutes after spending 45 minutes doing leg workouts for my circuit training :strong: :) We won't be going out for dinner, cuz we went out for breakfast this morning. I thought I was going to have to work tonight but they called and cancelled my shift for tonight so I'm going to have oven 'fried' chicken fingers and home made creamy coleslaw for dinner tonight!! And then Hubby and I are going to put the kids to bed, crack open a nice bottle of wine and watch a movie or something :) And then, well...

Tee hee, just let your imagination roaaaaaaaam..... ;) :devil:

Ooh and just because I got a new battery for my poor scale (I was wondering if it was accurate cuz the battery died in a big way last week), I decided to try weighing myself, and low and behold, another pound has come off!! :goodscale:

Well I'm off to start making dinner! Have a good Valentines Day, all!!

Rae )O( :wave:

aleka 02-14-2005 06:33 PM


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! or, what's left of it. ;) Hope you all had a great one.

I thought I would start another thread and when I got to the low carb threads, I was pleasantly surprised to find that one had already started. Thank you, Anne.

Rae, congratulations on your weight loss. :bravo: You are really doing super.

Anne, sorry about your cell phone and digital camera. Have you any idea where your son may have lost them? We're not going out to dinner. I just had company. My best friend was here for a few days and we went out to eat a lot. So, DH & I decided to stay in tonight. We usually don't do much for Valentines Day because our anniversary is the 26th of Feb. Are you and your DH going out for dinner tonight?

Hi Nikki & Lynn, :wave:

Have a good evening everyone.


ANNE D 02-15-2005 07:12 AM

Good Morning All:
Aleka, we didn't go out either. We ordered Swiss Chalet on Sunday for a
family treat. It was pretty hard with Valentines Day falling on a Monday :)
I was shocked about all the carb cravings I was having yesterday after eating
the Swiss Chalet. It doesn't take much does it?
My son lost the phone and camara in a cab. He is unclear to which cab
company it was. I suspended service on the phone and I am hoping someone
will turn it in, although I have my doubts to that one. :rolleyes:

Hi Nikki, is it pouring rain where you are? We are getting the rain today and
snow on Wednesday. 33 days till spring :)

Hi Lynn, I hope you will be back with us soon. We all miss you.

Great weight Loss Rae :cb: :cheer: what plan are you following?


aleka 02-15-2005 11:15 AM

Hello everyone,

I had a hair appt. this morning to have highlights put in and a trim. It cost me almost $30.00 more to have it done down here than it cost me in NH. I don't think I'll be having that done again anytime soon.

Anne, what is Swiss Chalet? I've never heard of it. Is it some sort of dessert?It's amazing what can trigger a craving. When I was SSizing every so often I would crave cookies and sit there and eat the whole bag. I never craved cookies before SSizing, and I haven't craved them since I stopped. That would be great if someone did turn in your cell phone.

Hope everything is going well for everyone.

Take care and have a wonderful day.


nikkic 02-15-2005 07:35 PM

Hi everybody:wave:
We just got home a few hours ago. We went to Fort Madison, which is on the Mississippi. It was a great time. We stayed in a beautiful B&B that is filled with antiques, the room was beautiful and had a nice view of the river. There were roses in the room, candles, silk flowers everywhere and beads. The jacuzzi was surrounded with flowers and candles. Then a bottle of spumanti and chocolates was brought to the room later. There is an excellent restaurant downstairs and we went there for supper. They had a great Valentines Day dinner. Salad was fried shrimp and marinated chicken screwers over a bed of mixed greens, then the entree was a choice of different meals, I chose the herb encrusted prime rib, with carmelized mushrooms and onions, green beans and some kind of potato that was just the best stuff I've ever had. It was loaded with cheese, cream and who knows what. Followed by a glass of spumanti, a chocolate cake and cinnamon cookie that was very good and then coffee amaretto that was extra delicious. In the morning, we had breakfast in the tea room (it is just so pretty in there. DH feels like he's eating in a museum and can't relax, but I love the place). They served a wonderful quiche, fruits, different kinds of cakes and breads. I have to have gained 10 lbs in the last 2 days, but it was wonderful. We walked by the river this morning, the temperature was still a nice 50 degrees and sunny. After walking about 4 miles, we stopped in a local bakery and had some delicious blueberry muffins and coffee. It was a relaxing and special way to spend our anniversay. Even so, we are glad to be home again. We were lucky, the weather was nice. Tonight, there is suppose to be freezing rain and a new cold front coming in, so it couldn't have been better timing for us.

Ali, that sounds like a lot more for hair color. I use to go and have mine done and it was getting higher and higher. So, I started to do it myself. But, I don't highlight, that would be hard to do yourself I bet.

Anne, I am sorry to hear about your stuff getting lost. You just got that camera too. I didn't watch much tv, but I don't usually anyway. We were car shopping while we went down the highway, looking for a cheap car for my daughter. It looks like it's going to be hard to find something in our price range that is in good shape, doesn't smell (her request), mechanically sound, etc.

Rae, a big congratulations on your weight loss :bravo: :dancer: :cb: :flow2: :high: That's terrific. As you can see from what I wrote about above, I will have no weight loss to report. But, I'm getting back to my routine exercise in the morning and back on track as far as my eating goes tomorrow too. I will not let this little bit of side tracked behavior change my life or make me give up. I just decided that for this time, I was going to let loose.

Lynn, I miss you and hope your ok.

I'm beat. Talk to you all tomorrow, Nikki

aleka 02-16-2005 07:28 AM

Good morning,

Nikki, your stay in the B & B sounds like a perfect way to have spent your anniversary and Valentines Day. I am so glad you had perfect weather and had such a great time. The area really sounds lovely. Even if it resulted in a little weight gain, to me, it would be well worth it. You really deserved having a getaway like that. The way they highlight in a beauty salon would be difficult to do at home because they put a cap on you and pull your hair through with something like a crochet hook. I have seen ads on TV for some hair color kit with some sort of comb that puts color on sections of your hair. I don't think I'll be going to this girl anymore. She's just too expensive.

Anne, any word on your cell phone? Hopefully someone was honest enough to turn it in. Are you getting snow today? I really don't miss that at all.

Hi Lynn & Rae, hope you both have a good day.

Catch you all later,

nikkic 02-16-2005 08:50 PM

I have gained 3 lbs. Goodness what a couple of days of over indulging can do! But, I'm back on track today and got in my 3 mile WATP with the Core Secrets thrown in for good measure.

Ali, I use to use a highlighting kit that had that hat (looked like a rain hat with some little circles in it) with the crochet hook kind of thing to pull the hair through. I could do it pretty good, but the only problem was, I couldn't really see what I was pulling through, so eventually, I had highlighted most of my hair that way. That was when I went to coloring the whole thing one color. They have some much better home kits now, but I think it's still hard to do. I tried to highlight Crystals hair with one of the new ones that has a big brush kind of applicator a few months ago. I didn't use it on enough of her hair, she thought it wasn't highlighted enough. She got another kit and did it again and then, it was way too much. She finally had to go to a beautician to fix it.
Maybe you could shop around, call different places and compare prices. I know here you can pay from $30 to 160, depending on where you go. The gal I go to for hair cuts is really cheap, and she's good, but it took me a few years to find her. She cuts all our hair now.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Talk to you all later, Nikki

aleka 02-17-2005 07:58 AM

Hello everybody,

It was such a beautiful day here yesterday. It got to about 80 deg., the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, and for once no cool breeze. You couldn't ask for a better day.

I haven't lost anymore weight since the initial 5 lb. I gained 1 lb. while my girlfriend was here. I expected I had gained more because my exercising fell by the wayside, except for strolling in the mall:lol: I started back my WATP yesterday morning.

Nikki, it's amazing how fast a person can put on 3 lbs., but how long it takes to lose it.:mad: I will shop around for someone cheaper. I don't have much done to my hair between highlighting. Just about 1/4" off the bottom and I have the precise measurement for my bangs. That's it! At this point, I'm trying to let it grow so that I can wear it up. We'll see how long that lasts before it starts driving me crazy.;)

Anne, Lynn, Rae, how are you guys doing?

Hope your day is a good one.

ANNE D 02-17-2005 11:45 AM

Good Morning Ladies :wave:
This place has been nuts. I haven't had a second to call my own :rolleyes:

Aleka, I am so jealous of you right now, our weather is a disgrace. Its all I
can do count the days until spring :cb:

Nikki, it is so frustrating to have these ups and downs on the scales. I always
tell my DH all I have to do is smell something fattening and I am wearing it
around my waist :lol:

Lynn, we miss you!! hope you are back with us soon.

Have a great day ladies, I will talk to you later :D


nikkic 02-17-2005 06:21 PM

Good evening,
Ali, I just had to laugh when I read about your precise bang measurement. I am the same way. I've had bangs all my life and I want them cut right below the arch of my eyebrow. They have to be exact. I do them myself now, since no beautician seems to understand what I'm talking about and always cuts them way too short. Or, they want to add in some kind of feathering technique that ends up looking like I got my hair caught in a blender. :lol:
I have my hair below my shoulders and it's a great length for putting in a ponytail or putting up in a bun for summer. I've thought about cutting it short, but it's actually more versitile like this. But lately, I've wondered if I'm getting too old for long hair. What do you guys think, should a woman have short hair at a certain age?
Anne, hope work settles down some for you. I am wishing so hard that you get to retire this spring. :genie: :crossed:
Talk to you all later, Nikki

aleka 02-18-2005 07:26 AM

Happy Friday everyone,

We had another great day yesterday, but not as nice as the day before. We had more clouds that cooled things down a bit when the sun went behind them. But, I still had most of the windows opened.

Anne, that's awful you're so stressed out at work, and I'm sure the winter weather isn't helping. I'm hoping everything will get better for you soon.

Nikki, the stylist I went to in NH told me to remember that my bangs are cut 1/8" of an inch below my eyebrows just in case she ever forgot. So, everytime I went to her I'd remind her...just in case.:D Since I've moved to FL I've noticed quite a few women older than I am with long hair. One woman who looked my age, or possibly a tad bit older, had hair hanging down to her waist. So, I thought, why not me? At one time I did think that when a woman reached a "certain age" that she should cut her hair. Not anymore. When I turned 50 I cut my hair short. I absolutely hated it. Then when I reconnected with my long lost best friend, 4 yrs. ago, she had shoulder length hair, in the same exact style I used to wear mine in for years (like in my photo) Since we're the same age, I said, HMMMM, and I let my hair grow. I honestly don't think it matters anymore. Where it's so hot down here it feels a lot cooler either up or in a ponytail.

Lynn, hope you get your computer fixed soon. You can add me to the list of people who miss you.

Rae, how are things going with you?

Have a great day everyone.

ANNE D 02-18-2005 09:08 AM

ITS FRIDAY :cb: :dancer: :cheer:

When I got home yesterday I caught Oprah. She had the two British Ladies
on that do the show "What not to wear" I love that show, it makes me
laugh so much :lol: I must admit I like the American version better though,
the two hosts are quite so insulting.

Nikki, I wonder the same things about my own hair. I like keeping it on the
long side for the versatility. I wear it up, down, and very often I curl it
in the morning. My DH trims it for me about once every six weeks to 2 months
after I cover my grays :o

Aleka, Enjoy your weather and think of me out her in the great white north!!! :dizzy:

Have a great day everyone. I am going to get weighed tommorrow :faint:
I will post my results either weigh :yes: :goodscale


nikkic 02-18-2005 11:20 AM

Good morning,
Ali, that is how I'm feeling about my hair now. I've never liked it when I cut my hair short either and it seems to takes forever to grow it back out after I do. Ali, you go girl :D Let that hair grow!
I got to thinking about my aunt who had long hair all her life. When she was older, she kept it in a bun. That will probably be me some day. I know in the winter if I try to put it up, I get a lot colder than if it's down. I think for practical reasons, I'll keep my hair a little past my shoulders. See Anne, there is another reason not to cut our hair ;)

Hey, I ordered Walk Blaster from Leslie Sansone last night. I wanted to be able to do the 3 mile with no problem and I've done that now. What I"m doing now is the 3 mile everyday and then adding in the 2 core secrets tapes too. I think I'm going to add some extra exercise in the evening, maybe a little stationary bike or walking on the treadmill. Something I can watch tv with.

Anne, I think I like the American version of What Not to Wear the best. I do like to watch Extreme Makeover too. I wish I could get on that show.
Oh, are you still not eating in the evening? I caught the tail end of Oprah Monday and Bob Greene said the #1 thing to do to help with weight loss is to stop eating 3 hours before bed. I decided to stop eating after 830pm, since I never make it to bed before midnight. It's not easy, but I am able to do it.
Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow. I'm slowly taking off what I put on earlier this week. I looked at my calendar and I'm almost back to where I was at the beginning of the month. When I look at it like that, it makes me realize why going off my diet plan is very unproductive (although this time, it was worth it :D ).

Talk to you all later, Nikki

alynn 02-19-2005 02:35 PM

Hi Everyone :wave: :jig: :dance: :cb: :dancer: :cloud9: :grouphug: Why all the smilies well just because I can!!!!!!!!!! This new computer is fabulous. Nothing was retreived from the last computer so I have been puhtting stuff back in. When I downloaded the messenger and the Yahoo toolbar I was sooooo happy to see that my bookmarks came back up.I read what I could of your posts and first of all congrat's on the weight loss ladies, and Nikki your Valentines Day sounded fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were to go to lunch with our friends but we woke up to sheer ice and the car didn't move for 2 days. I am still waiting for lunch. :lol: Lots of news to tell you, so here goes. First of all my weight-loss challenge at Curves. If I did the thing right you can see I lost 15 lbs. I was so good I was dissapointed with the #. The good part was the inches lost 16.5. I guess I was a very flabby old lady :lol: I just got weighed and measured today because I won't be here next week. More about that, I will email you all. We have made so many trips to the GTA that DH went out and bought a new car!!!!!!!!!! He was afraid we were putting to many miles on and would run into problems on the road and we have had some pretty awful weather. DS and D-in-Law have bought a new house, they wanted the house so bad they bought firm and than listed their house. I sure hope it sells before they close on the new one. Well that's it for now, I will email you at yahoo later. Good to be back I REALLY missed you all.

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