Lcfs February 14-20/05

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  • LYNN!!!! I am so glad your back And look at all those nice smiley faces. I bet your thrilled with your new computer. Sounds like you've had lots of wonderful things going on, congratulations on the new car and your sons new house, that's great. With spring coming, he will be able to sell that other house in no time.
    Did I understand you right, your not happy that you lost 15 lbs? Woman, that's a major accomplishment. I know it might not be what you think you should have lost, but look at what you did lose. You lost the equivalent of a 10 and 5 lb bag of potatoes and those are no small potatoes A big congratulations on that
    I know how you feel, but it's really better to lose it slower than too fast. Plus, your doing great, I'm so proud of you.
    We sure missed you. Will be looking forward to your email, Nikki
  • Hi !
    Since it's Sunday...I'll start another thread.