LCFS Week of Jan. 16, 2005

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  • Lynn, I think we were posting at the same time! Today must be house cleaning day. I will go look at recipes on SB diet. They have some good ones on the Core board too. I did my Leslie earlier, now I have to find something good for lunch, then I'll work my lunch off vacuuming and washing the floors.
    Take care
  • Hi,
    Just waiting for DD to call to take her to the store.
    Lynn, you really crack me up My DH just does the snow and in the summer mows. He thinks the rest of it is my job. He seems to get worse with age too, as far as not doing anything to help once in awhile. I see men on tv that do all kinds of stuff around the house and I wonder, where do they get those guys?

    Aleka, your ring set sounds lovely and it has a lot of meaning too. I've got to find our old cd player. Last time I saw it, it was in the camper. Later, Nikki
  • Good morning,

    Got my 2 mile walk in yesterday and got the house cleaned. Plus I made some egg crepes to make SS lasagna. I'll get the rest of the ingredients today to put it all together.

    Lynn, I went into the SB website and copied a few recipes. One looks really good, pizza casserole. I do one something like it, only make it in the frying pan. That's what DH & I are having this weekend instead of our regular pizza. Did you get your DH to help with the cleaning? I had a good chuckle What I do to get away from caffeine is to start off with 1/2 and 1/2, then gradually increase the decaf coffee until it's all decaf. I don't get any headaches or anything doing it that way. That's what DH & I are doing now. I still have my tea during the day. I'll have to look for that tea.

    Anne, how did things go for you yesterday? Is it still awfully cold? It's still a bit chilly here. Finally the wind has died down here and yesterday was really delightful out in the sun.

    Nikki, did you find you CD player? We have a very old stereo system with a CD player in the living room. I may just try and do my 2 mile walk in the living room today. As I mentioned before the way we have it set up it's rather cramped for exercising, but there may be a spot I can do it in without running into very much. I think I'll pop in an ABBA tape and walk away the pounds

    DH is off today so it's off to Punta Gorda to do grocery shopping. The grocery store there has changed hands. The company that owns it, owns the supermarket we used to go to in NH. So, I'm able to buy a lot of things we used to at home, plus it's cheaper than the one we go to in town. I know when we were planning on moving to FL I was happy that the grocery store was only 10 min. away and now we're still traveling 10 miles or so to do groceries. The company is just revamping the stores and there will be one a little bit closer in a few months.

    Gotta go make breakfast, then get my walk in, take a shower, and we're off.

    Talk to you guys later,
  • Good morning,
    I found the cd player. When DD and I were shopping yesterday at Walmart, I bought a cd that is from the 80's or early 90's and it just says dance on it. I thought that would be ok. It's not anything I would normally buy or listen to. It does have a good beat though, but it doesn't go with my Leslie tape. I did listen to it while I did the 2 mile last night and the time did go by quicker, but I had to watch Leslie more to make sure I changed my movements when she did. I wasn't able to daydream, because I had to pay attention. Think I'll try it again with the 3 mile this morning. I might get the cd that says disco next time, I think disco has a great beat and might be more what I'm looking for.

    Stripe just carried in a roll of Tums from DH's bedside. I better go clean up the mess, there's Tums crumbs everywhere, Nikki
  • Good Morning All: You bet he helped me do house work. I am pretty easy going most of the time but when ticked off he knows it is best to go along. I don't listen to music for the beat, it is to zone out to pass the time quickly. You have to listen to music you like for the music to work. Nikki try something you like and the time will go better. I am sitting here drinking my Curves shake and than will go to work out. Talking about music I HATE their music.Talk about men who help out my son is the poster boy D-I-L has a secret that she should share and make a fortune He picks up the baby from the sitter feeds him and has him bathed and ready for bed when she gets home so she can have a play time with him. He does most of the house work ( she says he is anal like me and she wouldn't do it right) gets up with the baby on Sat. morning and feeds him than takes him to do the shopping for the week. He says it is his baby too. Sunday she does laundrey and bathrooms and other stuff DS doesn't like to do. NOT at all like his father That is the way it should be. I know that I have asked you before about were you got those weight-loss things at the end of your posts but I can't remember were or how. Please tell me again as Monday is the big weigh in. Ali, I woke up today without a headache so the worst is over I think. Hi Anne, still in the deep freeze. We have put our wood stove on for the second time this week. It cuts down on hydro. Well off to Curves, I sure hate to go out in the cold!!!!!!
  • Lynn, you brought your son up right. That's great he helps your DIL out with things. To get the weight tracker, click on "User CP" or go through your Private Messages. Click on edit signature. When that page comes up a sample weight tracker will be there. Click on the weight tracker and it should bring you to the directions on what to do.

  • Hi again,
    Lynn, you must be very proud of your son. I just thought men like that were a myth, or lived in New York (somewhere far from here) What a nice person he sounds like.

    This morning, I put in the cd I bought and did what you said, Lynn. I didn't try to go with the beat, if I would have, I would have had a heart attack. The thing is real fast. I do like the music though, it's just not something I would have ever boughth on my own. There are just a couple of songs that I skip through, too much rap, not enough melody. I'm not a big fan of rap, but I do like a few things I've heard on occasion. Anyway, it does make the time go much quicker and before I knew it, I was done with the 3 mile.

    Lynn, to get the weight tracker, go to the top of the page and click on User CP (it's the purple bar with different places to click on). When you get there, on the left side, it says edit signature, click on that and on the next page, click on the yellow bar with the little person on it and that will take you through the steps to make up a weight tracker of your own. When your done making it, you have to copy the url, then go back to your User CP, go back to edit signature and in that box, paste the url. It's not as hard as it sounds.

    Later, Nikki
  • Ali, we must have been posting at the same time again. Nikki
  • Nikki, I guess we were posting at the same time.

    I listened to a Mamma Mia CD I have while I was walking away the pounds. I had somewhat of a hard time following Leslie because I kept more in time with the music than what was on TV. A few times I caught myself walking to the beat of the music, and at times I was going faster than Leslie, so had to slow myself down. It's something I don't realize I'm doing until I see I'm out of sync with everyone on the tape. I really enjoyed the music. It did make the 2 miles go faster.

  • Hi Again: Thanks to you both for the help, as you see you were very helpfull. I am sure I will change it a few times and I put my absolute lowest weight down and DD said that was rediculous at my age so that might have to be changed. What the ****, who knows if the diet and exercise come together I just might get there. DD says that if I lose to much weight I might look older so what did I want!!! DS is good but I can't take the credit, I didn't do such a good job with his father. I suspect this generation is just better educated in how the division of work is in a 2 income family. Something our generation (the male) didn't realize that a working mother needs help. Well off to do dinner, talk to you tomorrow
  • Happy Friday Ladies:
    It is freezing. I absoultely hate it I was hearing a guy on the radio
    saying January 24, 2005 is the most depressing day of the year. When
    questioned why he stated by then, everyone has failed at their new
    years resoultions right away I thought not us!!

    Speaking of music that is how I cope with rush hour in Toronto on the
    subways and buses each and every day. My son James has one of these
    ipods and keeps telling me "mom get one, you need it" I am going to bye
    the Freddy Mercury Tribute concert on DVD. I love some of those performances! I especially like Roger Daltrey singing "I want it all and I want
    it now". Very powerful. That for me would be excellent exercise music. I
    also like Robert Plant on that special singing "Crazy little thing called love."

    Aleka, SS pizza! I gotta check that out. What do they use for a crust??

    Nikki, you are doing great with that exercise, Are you still doing body flex?

    Lynn, we are suppose to be getting snow again Saturday. When is it going
    to end I am always petrified I'll take a big flip.

    Have a great Friday.
  • Good morningeveryone,

    Anne, you're right about all of us by Jan. 24th. The pizza I'm making is a recipe my cousin, who is low carbing gave me. You brown 1 lb. lean ground beef in a skillet, drain the fat. Add a jar of pizza, or pasta sauce, whichever you prefer, then pat it down into the skillet. Add whatever toppings you want, sprinkle cheese over it and heat until the cheese is melted. It is so good and it's quick and easy to do. I'm making SS lasagna using egg crepes. It really is good. I've been thinking about an i pod, but have no idea of how they work. Do you record music off a personal CD or do you download music from the computer?

    Nikki, I'm got a big fan of rap either. Some of it is good though.

    Lynn, you're right about this generation of males not helping out with housework when both are working. You have a very thoughtful and caring son and I'm sure you're very proud of him.

    Haven't decided whether or not to WATP today. I woke something up in my back, it's not too..too bad, just a twinge, but I don't want to aggrivate any further, but I also don't want to give up my workout. I'll see how I feel after we have breakfast.

    Later this afternoon Lacee has her first appt. with her new Vet. She's due for shots and a heartworm test. This aught to be fun.

    Enjoy your Friday.
  • Good morning,
    That was going to be my question, what is an ipod anyway? I have no idea.
    It is nice to do the WATP with music. I was really sick of hearing Leslie say at the end of the 3 miles how great Deb looks for her age-"May I say, Debbie is 51! That's the way to age!" I mean, holy cow, she's only 51

    Lynn, about what your DD said about losing weight and looking older. I've been worried about that myself. My skin is starting to sag and I'm not liking that. I've read alot about it. If you lose about 1 lb a week, your skin has more of a chance to keep up with your weight loss. Also, it can take up to 1 year for your skin to shrink after you reach your goal weight. On the other hand, after a certain time in a persons life, your skin is going to be looser, whether you lose weight or not. I decided I'm going to just be healthy. If I don't reach my goal weight, but I feel good, that's ok. If my skin is not as firm as it was when I'm fat, then I'll accept that too. Seeing myself in pictures when I am fatter is not what I want to look like either. My eating and exercise aren't necessarilily just for weight loss. It's also to get healthy, be fitter and to be here for a longer time in the best body I can have. I think I finally realized, I'm giving my body what it needs to be well and healthy.
    Anne, I haven't done BF for 2 days now. When DH is on days off, I don't do it. I prefer to do it when I'm alone. It is something that I think helps with sagging skin though, so I will keep it up.
    Aleka, hope your back is feeling better.

    Better get my day going.
    Another ice storm is coming later in the day, Nikki
  • Hi Guys:
    This is my understanding you down load your CD's on your computer and
    from there upload them on to your ipod.

    I'm not too worried about sagging skin. In my case after I carried my twins
    to term my gut sags alright!!!

    I am listening to the radio at work right now and would guys beleive we are
    in for another winter storm on Saturday Give me a break)

    What time are you guys on line?

  • Hi Guys: Anne, watch the papers the Mivish's are bringing a Freddy Mercury Queen musical along the lines of Mama Mia this summer. I would LOVE a IPOD but I am going to wait until my kids Ipod's are out of date and they get new ones. The price is great FREE. I have friends that play games on the Go Train with their's I would listen to music. How great would it be to listen to music on walks outside in the nice weather. Maybe I will look into them this summer, I definately want one. Oh Joy Oh Bliss another storm I can hardly wait. Sorry about your back Ali, for sure slow and easy. I am tired today, I have been to Curves but if it wasn't for the contest I probabley wouldn't have gone. Everything is an effort today, I slept really well last night. Nikki when DD said that it started me thinking too. I have so far not aged to badly ( not going grey has helped) I really don't want to be old looking. Once this contest is over I will think about the healthy approach by than I shouldn't be to to bad. I guess thinking I will be my weight of my 30's is a little dumb. Oh well time will see. Well I am off to the store need a few things and if I can't get out tomorrow should go now. Later