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  • Good morning,
    That advertisement for abdominal pain and bloating that comes on every time I want to post is annoying. I use to pay to have it ad free, I might have to do that again. I realize it's how they pay for this place and it's the best place on the web that I've found.

    Aleka, the brownies sound great. I use to buy a lot from HSN and QVC then send a lot of it back. (Buyers regret I guess). The postage was costing me a fortune. The cost has really gone up and of course, they say next year it will go up again.
    My stove is digital and it sure is accurate. I use to have one like you have now, it just takes a little getting use to. I sure do miss my gas stove when I want to cook something on high heat for a long time or to blacken the outside of a pepper.

    I am into the next set of numbers for points. I can eat 26 a day now. This past week, I've been eating all my AP's and some of my flex and I still have lost 3 lbs. I think the reason is the amount of exercise I'm getting is a lot more than I'm use to.

    Have a good day you guys, Nikki
  • Congratulations Nikki for getting to your next range of points.

  • Thanks, Aleka

    Here's something I found that is really interesting regarding plateaus, weight loss and points.

    I think it is really true, because it has been the case with me too.
  • Hi Everyone:
    Its snowing like crazy here today. When I got up this morning there was
    a voice mail on the phone for my son Michael from those punks I was
    telling you about. The said Mike, Mike, Mike you Rabbit Road
    eh, ok and then they hung up. It sounds like they were trying to let him
    know that they know the street we live on. I don't like it one little bit but I
    am at a loss to know what the heck to do about it.

    Aleka, glad to hear the brownies turned out good this time!

    Nikki, bet you are glad you weren't charged for the computer this time.

    Do either of you folks use a digital camera? We have just bought one to
    take pictures for David's communication board. I am wondering how
    complicated it is.

  • Anne,
    That is just awful about those boys. I am so sorry this is happening to you guys.

    I don't have a digital camera. Oh, I have a freebie that I got from Gevalia coffee, it takes 10 pictures and is also a webcam, but it's just junk. Saw myself on the webcam and decided that wasn't what I wanted to show the world either. Great pictures of my nose though,
  • Anne, how awful for you and your family having those punks calling your son. I really hope they find something else to distract them. A few years ago I got DH a digital camera for some gift giving occasion, but can't remember what occasion it was. The one we have seems pretty easy to use, especially since I'm able to use it DH gave me a lesson on it last year before my cousin & I went to NYC. The pictures I took came out really good. I don't know how to put the card in though, DH usually does that. I wish you many years of enjoyment with it.

    Nikki, are you going to do the Wendie Plan? From what I've read from different posts on different websites a few people are doing it.

    Take care.
  • Aleka,
    I figure I'm losing weight this way right now, so I'm not going to mess with it. But, if I stall, especially for a few weeks, then I will do the Wendie Plan. I think it makes sense. I figure the body gets use to eating a certain way, then it stalls, so this would shake things up a bit. It reminds me of another plan. Do you remember what it was, something like eating right all week and then having a day you could eat anything. I'm not sure if I remember it at all. There are so many different diets out there, Nikki
  • Nikki, there are an awful lot of plans like that out there. There is one plan by some Dr. who runs some sort of clinic in Texas, I believe, he has a column in one of the Sunday magazines. He had this diet in Womans World that he gives to his patients, where you counted calories Mon.-Fri. then on Sat. & Sun. you ate whatever you wanted. You diet 80% of the time. I thought that was a good plan. I do believe I kept that issue, but as with everything else, I have no idea where I packed it. When I do decide to lose weight, having 1 day to eat whatever I want is the only way I can do it, I call it a cheat day.

  • Hi Everyone:
    Nikki you are really doing amazing on points. I have to do something about
    my weight through these last few weeks I haven't been careful at all and
    man it shows I really have to smarten up a.s.a.p. gaining weight is helping
    my problems.
    Our phone has been ringing all afternoon with a number I don't know so I
    just turned the ringer off. I was mentioning to my husband that perhaps
    having the number changed would be an idea for us. At least that way
    the bozo's couldn't call no matter what. I really hate to part with the
    $50.00 bucks though, not to mention the inconvieniece of giving everyone
    the new phone number
    What is the Wendies plan by the way ladies?
  • Anne, that's a good idea of shutting off the ringer on your phone, having it ringing all day would drive me Is it the same number that keeps coming up? The Wendie plan is that you don't eat the same number points everyday. Some days you eat on the low end of your points, some days the middle to high end of your points, and on one day you eat way over your points. That's good when you hit a plateau. If you go into the website Nikki posted, then near the top of the page there is something about point ranges. If you click on that you can find your personal point range and it will tell you on which day and how many points to eat.

    Have a great evening.
  • Hi,
    We had our number changed and we also had it unlisted in the book. That works, if your kids make sure that they tell their friends not to give it out to anyone. Mine gave it to their friends and their friends gave it to the wrong people and it started all over again. Of course, they were young teenage girls and didn't know any better. We had to change it again. It's still unlisted.

    Anne, I've found that WW and counting points has been really good for me. I like that nothing is off limits, but I do have to watch what I'm eating as far as portions go. The entire thing has been easy for me. I do keep a journal of what I eat and how much I exercise. I do think that exercise is really important too. I've been doing WATP 2 miles everyday and then 300 crunches. This takes about 45 minutes a day. I just started with 50 crunches and worked up. I use Tony Littles Abs tape. I got it with my Gazelle, I don't know if you got one, but it's really good at explaining ab exercises and it's easy to do. It's made a difference in my waist already. I'm now working on adding in pushups. My upper body strength is really weak, so I started with 5 girl pushups and I'm adding one a day until I get to 25, then I'm going to try doing them as guy pushups and drop back to 5. Adding one a day to this. I know you have no time and your pushing yourself as it is. Exercise does give you more energy though and I get such a high from it. Must be all those endorphines. I feel better than I have in a long time. Honestly, it took about 3 weeks before I felt like I wasn't forcing myself to exercise. Now, I can't wait to do it again.

    Speaking of eating whatever I want, last night we drank a lot of beer. I ate fairly light on the points and had supper in the crockpot, so I didn't have to use more than a few flex points to cover it. I like that I can have a day now and then when I'm able to let my hair down. I really needed that, because I've been kind of stressed out lately.

    Well, got to get some more and get on with my day, have a good one you guys, Nikki
  • Hi,

    Since it's Sunday thought I'd start another thread.

    See ya there!