Newbie saying HELLO

  • I'm new and would like to join your group , I'm trying to follow a low carb and low fat way of loosing weigh , need to loose 45 pounds...
  • Welcome and a big HELLO back. Are you following a particular plan? Please feel free to jump in anywhere and join us on the Low Carb Weekly Chat.
  • no special plan just low carb and fat , because I found the atkins a bit too hard to stick with , my daughter will be getting married in 5 months so I'm hoping to loose some and maybe help my blood pressure , at 51 I figured if not know when ...
  • I am on South Beach which does allow some carbs. Be sure not to go too low on fat. We need 20-30 grams per day to be able to absorb nutrients in our food. I'm 65 and have my BP and blood sugar in normal range now - good fats and good carbs.
  • hi Luisita, and welcome-

    glad to have you join in. this is a supportive group, everybody doing their own thing. Post often and let us get to know you! there is a thread with the date that is for daily chats, updates, etc. but post anywhere!

    again, welcome,

  • Hi Luisita!! Welcome

    Im low-carbing and lower-fatting the combination works for me in the long run.

    Good to have you here!
  • Robinh , glad to hear this is working for you, hope I have as good luck as you..
    I'm 5'5 and weigh 195 hope to loose 40 or so.
  • Welcome, Luisita! Please feel free to pop over to the weekly thread and share a bit about yourself. We are all about 'whole life' support here at the LC.